Equal Rights

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The next threat to civilization and family: the ‘trans-gender’ movement gains steam

Tony Gosgnach The Interim One of the fundamental directives driving instructors give their students early on is, "Check your blind spot." That might also be good advice for pro-family Canadians currently embroiled in the battle to save the institution of marriage as it's always been known. ... (Continue reading)

The fight has just begun, say pro-family groups

Response to Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex 'marriage' referencePeter Stock The Interim Pro-family leaders received a Christmas surprise from the Supreme Court again this past year in the form of answers to the federal government's reference questions on marriage. In recent years, the courts have taken to releasing controversial decisions before major Christian holidays in a cynical attempt ... (Continue reading)

Student wins free speech case

A judge has ordered Ann Arbor Public Schools in Detroit, Mi. to pay over $100,000 in attorney fees and costs to the Thomas More Law Centre, because the school community there refused a student, Betsy Hansen, the right to express her religious views against homosexuality during her school's annual Diversity Week in 2002. ... (Continue reading)

Critic founds website to tackle the feminist agenda

Henry Makow is not an individual likely to receive much approval from the feminist lobby. "Women were designed to find identity and self-fulfillment in their husband and family. This is positive. Ultimately, women do not get satisfaction in worldly achievement. They find fulfillment from giving and receiving love. They are creatures of love, God's creatures. … In order for union to take place, a woman must identify her self-interest with her husband's. She ... (Continue reading)

Gays cry foul over bathhouse raid

Interim Staff Hamilton's "gay community" is up in arms after a multi-agency task force inspected a bathhouse in the city in August - even though the facility was just one of 14 businesses visited by the force that same night. The reverberations are being felt in Toronto, where gays there pledged to get involved and sympathetic media outlets ran coverage. A team of police, public health, building/licensing, fire and alcohol/gaming personnel visited the businesses, ... (Continue reading)

Nova Scotia targeted for marriage redefinition

LifeSite Daily NewsA group of same-sex "marriage" activists is planning an action to force Nova Scotia courts to decide on the status of homosexual "marriage" in that province. The group, the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project (NSRAP), bemoans that the federal government and Supreme Court of Canada are stalling on a national decision. The NSRAP is trying to force the matter by seeking a court order. "We are now ... (Continue reading)

Show the Truth tour successful despite a small altercation

Show the Truth completed a successful presentation at an intersection in Brooklin, Ont. despite an altercation caused by two angry passersby on July 12. Rosemary Connell, Show the Truth president, explained that the problem began when an irate woman tore apart two Show the Truth signs and another man threatened to do so as well. When Show the Truth personnel called the police to diffuse the situation, they were dismayed to find the police exhibiting hostility ... (Continue reading)

Gay ‘marriage’ discriminates

Judges in three of Canada's most populous provinces have decreed that it is discriminatory to bar same-sex couples from getting "married." It is now legal in British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario for homosexuals to marry. It is significant that the decision was largely reached on the basis of according the same rights to homosexual pairs as are presently enjoyed by heterosexuals. The mantra of the justices has been, "Discrimination must be abolished." But ... (Continue reading)

Hamilton school bans noon-hour Christian club

A situation in Hamilton has seen dozens of students meeting outside their public high school once a week in bitter cold over the winter because they formed a Christian-oriented discussion group. They continue to do so and have drawn nation-wide media attention as a result. The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and Westmount Secondary School kicked the students out of the school last November over their noon-hour meetings. The ... (Continue reading)

Freedoms under attack

Full, frontal attacks on freedoms of speech and religion in Canada continue unabated. On Nov. 8, Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell, a Toronto homosexual couple who sued the Ontario government seeking legal approval of same-sex marriage, spoke to an audience of Dalhousie University law students in Halifax about their legal battle. ... (Continue reading)

Trustee silenced in gay debate

I host a nightly television show on Crossroads Television (CTS) entitled Michael Coren Live. My research team books up to 20 guests a week, who are then watched by hundreds of thousands of people. Indeed, we are averaging at 112,000 people a night in Greater Toronto alone! Sometimes there are cancellations, usually because of emergencies or illness. But only once has someone called to explain they had been told not to come, that they ... (Continue reading)

Participation in PrepCom was eye-opener on feminism

‘I thought feminists were pro-woman, not angry, hurt people whose logic I can't understand' By Cathrina Keet The Interim A battle over women's rights was fought at the United Nation Headquarters in New York. My concept of justice, democracy, and reality was shattered during the portion of the Beijing+5 PrepCom which I recently attended. I expected the United Nations to attack violence against women, hunger, war disease, and a lack of education, water, and medicine. Instead I ... (Continue reading)

Hate crimes against Christians don’t count

On March 7 Montréal's Roman Catholic cathedral, Mary Queen of the World, was attacked by a band of feminist pro-abortionists taking part in International Women's Day festivities. They screamed obscenities at worshippers, spray-painted anti-Christian slogans on the high altar, ripped hymn books, turned over flowerpots, stuck tampons and sanitary napkins - some soiled - ... (Continue reading)

Pro-lifers speak up at UN’s Beijing+5 PrepCom

Delegates to follow-up women's conference fail to agree on abortion and homosexuality By Tim Bloedow The Interim Last month, from March 3-16, feminists from Western countries took another stab at advancing their pro-abortion and homosexual agenda at the United Nations during the so-called Beijing+5 PrepCom. Once again, however, they were beaten back by aggressive pro-family forces and resisted by developing countries, organized at the UN as the G-77. The UN is reviewing the compliance of ... (Continue reading)

Creating real choices in Ontario’s education system

By Michael Taube and Paul Tuns The Interim On November 5, 1999, the United Nations criticized Ontario's funding of Catholic elementary and high schools, claiming it was discriminatory. It gave the government 90 days to address the issue. Ontario Education Minister Janet Ecker said separate schools would continue to get equal funding. She also dismissed the idea of funding all denominations. Although the UN can do nothing more than voice ... (Continue reading)

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