Equal Rights

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Feminist silence deafening

The recent, disturbing news uncovered by Western Standard magazine that sex selection abortions are taking place in Canada is quite simply the inevitable result of the abortion-on-demand ideology that has taken hold in this country, thanks in large part to the agitation of feminist zealots in co-operation with certain other influential and powerful elements that have a grip on key power points here. ... (Continue reading)

Religious rights upheld

The Interim The Court of Queen's Bench has reversed the 2002 Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission decision that found a man who placed references to Bible verses on homosexuality into a newspaper ad guilty of inciting hatred. Both Hugh Owens of Regina and the Saskatoon StarPhoenix were ordered to pay $1500 to three homosexual activists ... (Continue reading)

Here’s what Sharia law really would have meant

Mainstream media didn't fully report on what some Muslims wanted “There will be no Sharia law in Ontario. There will be no religious arbitration in Ontario. There will be one law for all Ontarians.” So declared Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty on Sept. 12, 2005. Those three sentences brought ... (Continue reading)

Kerfuffle over calling the Christmas tree what it is

The Interim For years, the centerpiece of a beautiful Christmas display on Boston Common has been a majestic Christmas tree from Nova Scotia, a thank you gift for Boston’s outstanding help in the wake of the devastating Halifax Explosion in 1917. The lighting of the “official Christmas tree” on Dec. 1 has come to mark ... (Continue reading)

Conscience rights under siege

Tony Gosgnach The Interim A proposal explicitly to deny pharmacists in Ontario a right to refuse to provide services on the basis of religious belief or personal conviction has implications beyond the matters of simply abortifacient medications and birth control. Some pharmacists fear that, under such a stricture, they may eventually be called on to dispense ... (Continue reading)

Christmas and the first lady

Commentary by Donald DeMarco The Interim It is no doubt the lingering effect of original sin that has allowed the canons of political correctness to interfere with such an innocent and blessed pastime as the singing of Christmas carols. One distraught lady told me how she was sharply rebuked by her church minister for selecting Away ... (Continue reading)

UNFPA shills for feminism UN agency releases report in Toronto calling for more abortion

Tony Gosgnach The Interim The alleged importance of “sexual and reproductive health” and “gender equality” to the alleviation of world poverty was a point constantly hammered home like a mantra when the release of the annual State of the World Population Report by the United Nations Fund for Population was heralded at a press conference in Toronto Oct. 12. ... (Continue reading)

Canadian to head International Order of Alhambra

Pete Vere The Interim With the support of approximately 75 per cent of voting delegates, the International Order of Alhambra has elected Gerald K. Forster as its new supreme commander. The order is a 100-year-old Catholic fraternal organization that is devoted to serving the mentally and cognitively challenged. It ... (Continue reading)

Feds found to be funding feminist extremism

Peter Stock The Interim It’s among the smallest of federal departments with only 70 staff, nearly all of whom are women, yet it has to be considered among the most controversial. The Status of Women ministry, with its unfortunate acronym SOW, is essentially a granting agency that hands out taxpayers’ money ... (Continue reading)

Orwellian Canada: tenant to be evicted simply for displaying a sign defending traditional marriage

LifeSiteNews.com Special to The Interim “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” The famous line from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, a satire on a Marxist revolution and the lies and distortions required to achieve and maintain it, is a comment on the hypocrisy of governments that proclaim the absolute equality of their citizens, but give power and privileges to a small elite. In Canada, Christians upholding the ... (Continue reading)

Fry, Day agree: clergy will marry gay couples

LifeSiteNews.com Special to The Interim Hedy Fry, parliamentary secretary to the Canadian minister of citizenship and immigration, says same-sex “marriage,” as legalized by Bill C-38, is an issue of “equality rights.” Fry is implying that the law would be used to force religious groups to perform same-sex “weddings” within their own congregations. She referred to a meeting of representatives of “Buddhists, ... (Continue reading)

UN prohibits all cloning

Interim Staff On March 8, the United Nations General Assembly formally adopted an international declaration that calls on member states to enact legislation to “prohibit all forms of human cloning.” By a vote of 84-34, the assembly approved the measure, which serves to set an international standard that humans should not be created through cloning ... (Continue reading)

Knights of Columbus targeted for same-sex human rights complaint

Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Pro-life and pro-family groups are not optimistic that a forthcoming decision from the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal will advance the cause of freedom of religion in Canada. At issue is the rental of a Knights of Columbus hall in Port Coquitlam, B.C. for a lesbian wedding reception. The ... (Continue reading)

Don’t trust these politicians

Commentary by Kate McMillan The Interim The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal heard a case recently in which two women claimed the Knights of Columbus, a Roman Catholic men’s society, discriminated against them by refusing to permit the renting of a hall for a same-sex wedding reception. And so it begins – ... (Continue reading)

Manitoba ordered to pay for all abortions

Interim Staff Court of Queen's Bench Associate Chief Justice Jeffrey Oliphant has told the Manitoba government its refusal to cover the costs of abortions at private facilities is a "gross violation" of women's rights. In a class-action suit filed in 2001, two women who had undergone ... (Continue reading)

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