Equal Rights

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Openly gay athlete hailed as a hero

Openly gay athlete hailed as a hero

Jason Collins Last year, center Jason Collins was by, some basketball metrics, one of the worst players in the National Basketball Association. He was benched for 24 of the final 29 games of the season after the Washington Wizards acquired him. A free agent, he was not expected to find a new employer and would probably retire. Then he came out of the closet as North America’s first openly ... (Continue reading)

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Saskatchewan marriage commissioners denied freedom of conscience

On Jan. 10, the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal declared in the Marriage Act Reference that legislation proposed by the provincial government allowing individual marriage commissioners to refuse marrying homosexual couples if it violated their conscience is unconstitutional. The court rejected two proposed draft bills: one allowing commissioners to refuse to perform same-sex “marriages” and the other granting this exemption only to those commissioners who already held the job when the federal government legalized same-sex “marriage” in November 2004. According to ... (Continue reading)

U Sask ratifies campus pro-life club after delay

U Sask ratifies campus pro-life club after delay

In mid-November 2009, University of Saskatchewan Students for Life (USSL) was granted official club status at the U of S. According to university policy, all campus clubs must renew ratification on a yearly basis. USSL president Christine Ulrich submitted the club’s ratification papers to the U of S Student Union (USSU) in early September, hoping to be ratified and operational a week ... (Continue reading)

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Ottawa funds Toronto ‘Pride’ event

On June 15, one week before Toronto Pride Week, Diane Ablonczy, minister of state for small business and tourism, announced  the federal government of Canada was funding the homosexual event with a $400,000 grant under a new Marquis Tourism Events Program. The program is designed to assist major Canadian tourist events and the grant money will be used to improve the Pride event’s website and access for the disabled. In making the announcement, Ablonczy pointed to the supposed economic benefits of ... (Continue reading)

Unborn victims bill passes Second Reading

Opponents continue to claim C-484 will jeopardize abortion While quick to note that C-484 is not strictly a pro-life bill, pro-life leaders were pleased to see it pass Second Reading on March 5 by a margin of 147-132. C-484 is Conservative MP Ken Epp’s private member’s bill, the Unborn Victims of Crime ... (Continue reading)

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No room for dissent in U.K.’s ‘Equality Act’

The United Kingdom has seen the passage of a series of new laws and implementation documents under the Labour government that have created a state of unease about the future of religious freedom in Britain. Many have commented on the slide towards a heavy-handed state intolerance of religious dissent from the secularist ideologies, particularly as they relate to homosexuality, and some ... (Continue reading)

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France continues to hold the line against gay ‘marriage’

France’s highest court upheld the decision of a lower court and rejected the 2004 “marriage” of two homosexual men. The court declared the marriage annulled, finding that “under French law, marriage is a union between a man and a woman.” In 2004, Noel Mamére, mayor of the Bordeaux suburb of Begles, illegally “married” the two men, despite a prior warning ... (Continue reading)

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Freedom of religion is imperiled

A Manitoba marriage commissioner who lost his licence last year when he refused to perform homosexual “marriages,” has taken his fight for religious freedom to the Court of Queen’s Bench. The province ordered Kevin Kisilowsky, 36, to conduct “marriage” ceremonies for same-sex couples or hand in his licence, under a 2004 policy adopted by the province following the legalization of homosexual “marriage.” An evangelical Christian, Kisilowsky said his right to freedom of religion under the Charter was violated by the ... (Continue reading)

Why don’t disabilities groups embrace life?

The contemporary disability rights movement shows a remarkable lack of coherence on life and family issues. Historically, people with disabilities (PWD) have been disproportionately vulnerable to physical abuse and sexual exploitation. They are also at risk from eugenics – through forced sterilization, genetic engineering, selective abortion and targeting for assisted suicide and euthanasia. For that reason, some disability rights groups participate in the defence of life at its natural ... (Continue reading)

U of T pro-lifers encounter discrimination from student union

Every year, thousands of students begin their university experiences at the University of Toronto with Frosh Week during the first week of September. Each student receives a frosh kit. Campus clubs are given the opportunity to participate in these kits by submitting their materials. University ... (Continue reading)

Feminist agency fights attempt at scrutiny of its ideological bias

Status of Women, Canada’s federal agency promoting feminism in Parliament for over 30 years, is under scrutiny and fighting back, all at taxpayers’ expense, says REAL Women of Canada, a national pro-marriage, pro-family women’s rights organization. Status of Women, established by the Trudeau Liberals in 1973 to promote “gender equity” in Canadian politics, has engineered a “counter offensive” ... (Continue reading)

Canadian sex-selection abortions exposed

The Canadian disgrace of sex-selection abortion is receiving less attention than pollution, though both may cause skewed boy-girl ratios in particular communities and both are matters of public health and justice. The normal birth ratio is 105 males to 100 females and large deviations are cause for concern. ... (Continue reading)

Feminist silence deafening

The recent, disturbing news uncovered by Western Standard magazine that sex selection abortions are taking place in Canada is quite simply the inevitable result of the abortion-on-demand ideology that has taken hold in this country, thanks in large part to the agitation of feminist zealots in co-operation with certain other influential and powerful elements that have a grip on key power points here. ... (Continue reading)

Religious rights upheld

The Interim The Court of Queen's Bench has reversed the 2002 Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission decision that found a man who placed references to Bible verses on homosexuality into a newspaper ad guilty of inciting hatred. Both Hugh Owens of Regina and the Saskatoon StarPhoenix were ordered to pay $1500 to three homosexual activists ... (Continue reading)

Here’s what Sharia law really would have meant

Mainstream media didn't fully report on what some Muslims wanted “There will be no Sharia law in Ontario. There will be no religious arbitration in Ontario. There will be one law for all Ontarians.” So declared Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty on Sept. 12, 2005. Those three sentences brought ... (Continue reading)

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