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Group tries to put happy face on abortion

As part of a 'loving act,' girls write letters to the babies they are about to abort As pro-lifers, we have long been bemused by our lack of success in convincing the general population of the reasonableness of our position. The September 2003 issue of Glamour magazine features an article about a group of 12 abortionists and abortion "counsellors," who call themselves "the November Gang." The article entitled, "Are you ready ... (Continue reading)

New report details unicef support for abortion, radical politics

A major new study just released by the New York-based International Organizations Research Group (IORG) reports in great detail the gradual change of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) from a child survival agency to one that promotes aspects of radical feminism. Produced by the International Organization Research Group, an arm of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), the study is entitled "UNICEF, Women or Children First?" The paper establishes that ... (Continue reading)

Ottawa funds Planned Parenthood with grants making up more than half of budget

The Interim has discovered that the federal government has given nearly $5 million to the Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada over the past five years. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood has seen its federal grants increase in each of the past five years. According to documents obtained by The Interim, specifically the Registered Charity Information Return that all charities must complete for Revenue Canada each year, in 1998, Planned Parenthood received $441,171 in ... (Continue reading)

Newspaper pledges fairer abortion-related coverage

Last month, The Interim reported that a news story with a strong bias against pro-life had led the Los Angeles Times to examine the way it covers abortion. In late June, another American newspaper announced that it would set new guidelines for stories about partial-birth abortion. Reacting to concerns raised by Douglas Johnson, legislative director of ... (Continue reading)

Poll reveals pro-life trends among U.S. women

A recent study by the Centre for the Advancement of Women shows that a majority of women in America would support abortion only in extreme cases or would have it banned outright. The study noted that 30 per cent of women support abortion on demand, 17 per cent advocate moderate limitations, 34 per cent believe that abortion is only acceptable in cases of rape or incest, while 17 per cent believe that ... (Continue reading)

Happy birthday Fr. Ted

For Father Ted, intorductions are unnecessary, and superlatives are inadequate: we can only offer our gratitude. His courageous deeds, inspiring words and unparalleled acts of bravery and selflessness, have invigorated a generation of pro-life Canadians. He has prayed, protested, and been arrested many times, and still he remains an undaunted champion for the unborn. His conviction is rivaled only by his compassion. He is someone whom ... (Continue reading)

Editor wants better abortion coverage

It has been revealed that Los Angeles Times editor John Carroll sent a memo to all section editors of his paper calling upon them to ensure that the pro-abortion and liberal bias evident in a recent Times story would not be repeated. The May 22 memo, which was leaked and posted on several websites including LA Observed, National Review and WorldNetDaily, was described ... (Continue reading)

Abortion does not occur in a vacuum says pro-life speaker

Angelina Steenstra speaks on abortion, contraception and forgiveness in N.B., PEI On June 16-17, spellbound audiences in Moncton and Charlottetown listened to a gripping and profound presentation by Angelina Steenstra. Mother of three children, spiritual mother of many, she is the co-founder of Second Chance Ministries, a post abortion outreach for both men and woman, in Scarborough, Ont. "Abortion does not occur in ... (Continue reading)

Chretien flouts Catholic teaching: ‘I am a Catholic and for abortion’

Cardinal Ambrozic 'Sorry, disappointed and upset' with PM's abortion stand In widely reported comments, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, said "I am a Catholic and for abortion." The prime minister's remarks were made en route to Athens recently during a frank discussion with reporters in which he boasted that he was superior to U.S. President Bush on fiscal and social matters. Through a spokesman, Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic commented to LifeSite News on ... (Continue reading)

U.S. House approves partial-birth abortion ban

The U.S. House of Representatives, by a two-thirds vote (282-139), joined the Senate in approving a bill to ban partial-birth abortions. The bill (H.R. 760) legally defines a partial-birth abortion as any abortion in which the baby is delivered alive until "in the case of breech presentation, any part of the fetal trunk past the navel is outside the body of the mother," or if the baby is delivered head first, "the ... (Continue reading)

Tories elect social liberal as leader

The media focused on a deal between anti-free trade activist David Orchard and Nova Scotia MP Peter MacKay (Pictou-Antigonish-Guysborough) that secured the latter's election as leader for the federal Progressive Conservative Party but brought into question the party's commitment to fiscal conservative issues. But pro-lifers lamented the lack of social conservative ideas among the leadership candidates. The race in which MacKay eventually ... (Continue reading)

Shame on you, Mr. Chretien

Shame on Prime Minister Jean Chretien, who recently told a Liberal Party fundraising event in Montreal that among the reasons Canada is a better country than the United States is the fact that we have legal abortion. It is sick to suggest that the slaughter of approximately 115,000 unborn babies in the womb is virtuous and a sign of superiority over our southern neighbours. It is also the mark of a ... (Continue reading)

Mum’s the word on investigation into abortion-pill death

When the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League recently released its report detailing the status of abortion "rights" in Canada, missing from it was an extensive analysis of the situation in British Columbia. The reason? In the dying days of the NDP regime, the government passed draconian "protection of privacy" legislation that meant that even Canada's foremost pro-abortion organization could not lift the curtain on the status of ... (Continue reading)

Bone fragments from aborted babies found to cause infertility

Researchers Kimberly Elford and Paul Claman at the University of Ottawa have revealed a gruesome circumstance explaining one reason why some otherwise healthy women are left infertile after abortions. In a case study published in the April issue of the journal Fertility and Sterility, the researchers note that fetal bone fragments can lodge into the muscular tissue in the uterus, concealing them from hysteroscopes (tube cameras) which are normally used to detect ... (Continue reading)

Bits ‘n’ Pieces

President George W. Bush calls on Congress to pass the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which would allow for the prosecution of individuals who hurt the unborn child during the commission of criminal acts. Both the Senate and House of Representatives are considering the bill ... Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R) orders state lawyers to have a legal guardian declared for an unborn child, the result of a rape of a mentally disabled ... (Continue reading)

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