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Mixed bag of Conservative party conservatism

Delegates support traditional marriage, but ‘wimp-out’ on abortion In the beginning The founding convention of the Conservative Party of Canada marked the beginning of a new phase in the pro-life movement’s - specifically Campaign Life Coalition’s - political efforts on behalf of the unborn. It also most definitely ended another era. In ... (Continue reading)

A special apostolate

Grace Petrasek The Interim When Robert Hinchey first decided to carry a sign as a witness for life behind a Morgentaler abortuary in the 1980s, he thought: “Wouldn’t it be nice if, just once, I could talk to a woman and help save her baby from abortion?” He need not have worried. Since then, he’s talked to hundreds of women and ... (Continue reading)

Refugee claimant rejected for forcing abortion

Interim Staff The Vancouver Sun reported that Li Min Lai, a Chinese “family-planning manager” who forced an abortion on a worker who was seven months’ pregnant was denied refugee status in Canada. Federal Court Justice Sandra Simpson said that Li’s actions constituted a “crime against humanity,” even though she was not motivated by cruelty ... (Continue reading)

Texas woman the latest abortion victim

George ‘The Killer” Tiller earns his nickname Dina Kok The Interim Late-term abortionist George “the Killer” Tiller has once again been suspected in the death of a mother seeking the abortion of her baby. A 19-year-old disabled woman from Texas suffered a fatal medical emergency in ... (Continue reading)

University to give Morgentaler honours

Paul Tuns The Interim The University of Western Ontario announced that it would bestow an honourary doctorate to Henry Morgentaler leading pro-lifers to call for alumni to cease donationg to the institution. For two decades before the 1988 ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life developments in the U.S.

•President George W. Bush announced plans to enact stricter limits on embryonic research. •Congress will likely consider the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act later this year. If it is passed, the bill would ensure that parents have a right to know their teenage daughters are considering an abortion and make ... (Continue reading)

Nursing bodies rebuff pro-life efforts

Tony Gosgnach The Interim A Toronto registered nurse, who has been lobbying Canadian nursing associations for a number of years to reform their ethics policies to better reflect a more pro-life, Judeo-Christian perspective, has been unsuccessful in a couple of her most recent efforts in that regard. ... (Continue reading)

Surviving an earlier culture of death

Tony Gosgnach The Interim He survived not just one, but two, major threats to his life even before he was born. Partially in response to his life being spared, Tom Kelly in later years has gone about ... (Continue reading)

Doctors examine case of an unborn baby who would not die

Hillary White Special to The Interim Doctors at Hope Hospital in Salford, England are saying that a child, now two years old, is one of the most premature children to survive a late-term abortion attempt. “Doctors tried three or four different abortive drugs,” said Dr. Paul ... (Continue reading)

U.S. March for Life upbeat

Interim Staff At least 100,000 people, and perhaps as many as 250,00, from across the United States, as well as pro-lifers from around the world, took part in the annual U.S March for Life marking the ... (Continue reading)

Democrats and abortion

The Democrats have an image problem: Middle America doesn’t share their values. By values, we – and they – mostly mean their abortion position. This is nothing new. For years, the pro-abortion side has tried to rebrand itself: “We’re not pro-abortion. We’re pro-choice.” For most liberal pro-abortion Democrats who try to pass themselves off ... (Continue reading)

World Briefs

Iran closer to legalizing abortion TEHRAN – Mehrangiz Morovati, a member of the Iranian parliament, claimed that abortion is not prohibited by the Quran and that she will seek approval of a proposed law legalizing the practice. “The draft of abortion therapy ... (Continue reading)

Bits ‘n’ Pieces

Canada Justice Minister Irwin Cotler introduces Bill C-38, the government’s legislation to redefine marriage to include homosexual couples. International Trade Minister Jim Peterson co-sponsors the bill ... Conservative leader Stephen Harper puts forth a motion to amend C-38 to maintain the legal definition of ... (Continue reading)

2005 will be an exciting year to watch

As I pen these words, you probably think that, as a beginning-of-the-year column, I would be looking back at the previous year. Indeed, there were numerous glimmers of hope, showing that the abortion debate is far from over in this country. Despite the globeandmailtorontostar's view that those who oppose ... (Continue reading)

Going after a killer

Ever since I quit smoking other people's cigarettes over 30 years ago, I've been known to be dead against smoking. I think that's why I was recently offered the job of managing the new Smoke Police Department. I accepted it. A gentleman known only as Zorba, a deputy in the office of the ... (Continue reading)

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