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The Province and the Clinics

Mr. Williams: Mr. Speaker, I have a question of the Attorney General. Legal abortions in this province can be performed only with the approval of therapeutic abortion committees at accredited hospitals. Dr. Morgentaler, the well-known abortionist, held a news conference this day indicating that next Wednesday he would be opening in this city a free-standing abortion clinic to operate in defiance of the existing law. On more than one occasion the Attorney General has publicly stated he will enforce the ... (Continue reading)

Winnipeg clinic closed … but not permanently

A joyous group of Pro-Life protesters gathered on the lawn in front of the Winnipeg Abortuary which was closed temporarily at the beginning of this month. Since then, the clinic has reopened because charges against the doctors and nurses had not been laid. The latest development, however, is that the Manitoba Provincial Government has laid down a charge of performing an illegal abortion in which nurses and doctor and Henry Morgentaler are named. For anyone wondering why charges were ... (Continue reading)

Morgantaler Abortuary opens in Toronto

On June 7, I had the opportunity to play reporter and attend a press conference that undoubtedly opened my eyes wider than they've ever been opened before. At 10:45 a.m., I walked into the Studio Place at the Carlton Inn, trying desperately to appear like I'd done this one hundred times before. How is a young, female reporter who is about to sit in on the Press Conference of abortionist Henry Morgantaler, supposed to appear, anyway? Confident (definitely not trembling ... (Continue reading)

Abortion linked to final solution

A historic decision by the West German Constitutional Court (Bundesverfass- sungsgerecht) linked the anti-life mentality with that of the Nazi regime. The Court ruled as unconstitutional an amendment to the penal code which would have permitted abortion on demand within the first twelve weeks of life, and pronounced on the Government's duty to protect the life of unborn children. In its judgement the court stated: "The Constitution protects life being developed in the mother's womb as an independent legal entity. The express inclusion ... (Continue reading)

Homemaker’s continues pro-abortion propaganda

The April 1983 issue of Homemaker's magazine includes yet another hard-line pro-abortion article. The column in this issue under the heading "Healthwise" was written by Naomi Mallovy, who tried to substantiate her pro-abortion position with wildly inaccurate and totally false statements such as "... an early abortion by a qualified medical practitioner is at least eight times safer than childbirth..." The article also supports illegal abortionist Henry Morgentaler and also states that abortion is a solution to child abuse, juvenile ... (Continue reading)

U.S decade sees steady increase in abortions — beware

The National Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, is well known for its use of selective data on the abortion issue. The Center is operated by hard-line pro-abortionists and as expected, its data over the years has been highly slanted, in favor of the pro-abortion cause. For example, the Center recently reviewed selective data from institutions that are under strict medical control and then presented this to the medical profession and the public as a true picture on abortion-related ... (Continue reading)

Conscientious objection to abortion by nurses

Canadian nurses, who do not wish to assist at abortions, are in a very difficult legal position. This is based on the fact that there is no "conscience clause" in the abortion section of the Federal Criminal Code. The Provincial Human Rights Codes, however, usually provide that no one can be discriminated against on the basis of "creed". Thus, nurses, in theory, cannot be refused employment or have their employment terminated if their "creed" prohibits abortion. However, in actual practice, ... (Continue reading)

Reflections on the NDP policy

I have received a letter dated February 8th, 1983 with a copy of the NDP Report of the Joint Caucus Party Committee on Abortion. First of all I have to say that I cannot understand its statement that the selected excerpts sent out by Campaign Life gave a "very distorted picture of the statement". That the Committee is asking for abortion on demand is perfectly clear from the Report. There was no distortion. In the second paragraph of the Report it ... (Continue reading)

Winnipeg abortion clinic opens

Morgentaler announced with great fanfare that he had officially opened his clinic in Winnipeg and that he was performing abortions there. This categorically is not true. No abortions have to date been performed in his clinic. Women have been seen going in and out of his clinic but they are members of the pro-abortion organization called "Reproductive Choice". In any case, Morgentaler has made it clear that he himself will not be performing abortions, rather other doctors would be doing ... (Continue reading)

The pro-abortionists imposing censorship

Pro-abortion ideology is dangerous, not only because of its attempts to completely deny the right to life to one part of the human family, but also, because the pro-abortionists, in order to impose this ideology, are fully prepared to curtail the civil rights of everyone and impose absolute censorship in order to obtain acceptance of the ideology. Examples of this have been rampant over the years: In 1976 the pro-life organization Valade Vitae ran an ad-campaign ... (Continue reading)

The slippery slope

From abortion to infanticide. Will Euthanasia be next? On Good Friday, April 9, 1982, a baby boy with down's syndrome was born in Bloomington Hospital, Indiana. His parents never told anyone his name because it had been decided to let him starve to death. During his six days of life the nameless child became known as "Baby Boy Doe". Our film critically examines the issues that surround the "Baby Doe" incident and their impact on human life. It also features profiles on the ... (Continue reading)

Abortion: one Presbyterian’s viewpoint

I should initially qualify my statements by explaining that I speak for Reformed Presbyterians who accept as their standard the Westminister Confession of Faith, and hold to the full, divine and infallible inspiration of Scripture. I will limit myself to a consideration of 3 main points. First of all, the anti-abortion movement is not confined to the Roman Catholic Church. Secondly, the underlying crime of abortion is that it is a direct breach of the 6th commandment, "Thou shall not ... (Continue reading)

Abortion controversy erupts in Spain

Spain's recently elected Socialist Prime Minister, Felipe Gonzalez, has proposed legislation to legalize abortion. This has prompted massive lobbying by opponents of abortion and has led to the first test of the Socialist Government's vowed determination to change that country's values and outlook. The Conservative opposition too has vowed "A fight with all possible means" against the proposed abortion law. Opposition leader, Manuel Fraga Iribarne, hopes to collect 500,000 signatures needed to bring about a referendum in an attempt to ... (Continue reading)

Morgantaler up-date – Winnipeg

It would seem that Morgentaler has decided that it would be easier to open an abortion clinic in Winnipeg owing to the fact that Manitoba at present has a NDP government which has abortion on demand as one of its policies. In addition, Manitoba's Attorney-General Roland Penner has publicly stated his own very strong personal pro-abortion views. On CBC National radio programme, "As It Happens", aired on December 2, 1982, Attorney-General Penner stated, "personally I am in favour of freedom ... (Continue reading)

Homemaker’s Magazine-Pro-Abortionists’ Propaganda Tool

The editor of Homemaker's Magazine, Jane Gale and its resident hard-line feminist columnist, Penney Kome, obviously see that the purpose of the magazine is to serve as consciousness raiser for the teeming masses of ignorant Canadian women who do not even realize that they are being oppressed. Consequently, many of the articles do not lend themselves to the "homemaker" image and the magazine has been aptly nicknamed "Homewrecker's" Magazine. This magazine is published ten times a year by Comac Communications ... (Continue reading)

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