Abortion statistics

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Abortion survey findings questioned

Pro-life groups question the recommendations of a survey, which found an increasing number of Ontario hospitals no longer offer abortion. The survey, released in April by the Institute of Clinical and Evaluative Sciences, reported that more than half the hospitals in the province no longer commit abortions. The main reason given for the trend is personal choice by physicians, followed by concerns over harassment from pro-life pickets. The survey was distributed to 163 Ontario hospitals of which 158 responded. Some ... (Continue reading)

Campaign shrouded in misinformation

Janice Mawhinney reported in the Toronto Star February 4, 1997, that the Toronto Public Health Department has established birth control clinics in five Toronto high schools and that these clinics provide what she called ECP (Emergency Contraceptive Prevention). Children from the age of 14 upwards are accepted at these clinics. The Department of Health is contemplating the opening of further such clinics in other high schools. This is their response to an increasing teen pregnancy rate in Toronto, which has ... (Continue reading)

Abortion’s impact widespread

Campaign Life Coalition official shave reiterated the need for social policies which emphasize childbirth and strengthen the family unit as a prelude to safeguarding the rights of the unborn in Canada. The call comes in light of a study published in the U.S. Family Planning Perspectives showing a rising abortion rate in Canada. The study, using data collected by Statistics Canada, indicates that over the next generations, up to 34 per cent of Canadian women will have had an abortion ... (Continue reading)

Abortions hit record levels

The failure of liberal sex education programs and their affiliated organizations has been reiterated once again with the disturbing news that Canadian abortions figures have reached another record high while the teenage pregnancy rate has soared 20 per cent. A total of 106,225 hospital and clinic abortions were reported in 1994, the latest year for which figures are available. That is up 1.8 per cent from 1993. Small increase As recently as 1987, the year before Canada’s ... (Continue reading)

StatsCan Move could limit abortion data

Campaign Life Coalition has criticized the federal government’s decision to limit access to abortion information from Statistics Canada record keeping. The federal agency announced that abortion data will no longer be collected by Statistics Canada, but by the privately run Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). The CIHI was established in 1994 by merging two non-profit, non-governmental organizations. StatsCan is soon to release its 1994 abortion information, but all future data on the subject will be collected by the new institute. Information ... (Continue reading)

New data about abortion’s true costs

Book review by Mike Mastromatteo If anyone needed a dollars and cents argument to deflate the claims of pro-abortion blustering, the need look no further than Lawrence Roberge’s new book, The Cost of Abortion (Four Winds Press, 1995). A specialist in biomedical science and technology, Roberge provides a concise but troubling insight into the impact of 22 years of abortion on American society. Using the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision as a starting point, Roberge cites demographic, economic and ... (Continue reading)

Polish abortion figures down sharply

Government reports 782 abortions in 1994 Latest figures out of Poland have given pro-lifers reason to rejoice but also realize that the battle is not yet over. The U.S. Catholic paper The Wanderer, says that Poland’s Ministry of Health and Public Welfare reports that for the entire year of 1994, 782 abortions were performed in the nation of 40 million—down from last year’s total of 1,208 and the all-time high 123,534 in 1987. Latest Canadian figures show that over 100,000 abortions are ... (Continue reading)

Sharp rise in abortion numbers

104,403 abortions in 1993 brings the total number of deaths to 1.62 million since 1969 When abortion was first legalized in Canada in 1969, then Justice Minister John Turner promised that the number of women seeking abortions would not increase. Almost 25 years later Turner’s predictions have proven wildly incorrect as Canadians are now killing over 100,000 of their pre-born children per year and the numbers continue to rise. The latest figures from Statistics Canada show that in 1993 104,403 abortions were reported ... (Continue reading)

No quick fix for A-generation

In spite of the best efforts of the social engineers, Canada’s A-generation of children, born in the era of legalized abortion, is not turning out as officially expected. Artificial contraception, abortion and other trappings of the “sexual revolution” have seriously undermined the traditional family and destroyed the major source of unconditional love and acceptance necessary for healthy development. Thrust unprepared and defenceless into a world more dangerous tan anything their parents knew, the children of the A-generation have grown up in a ... (Continue reading)


The essential question in determining whether the Ontario Government has the legal right to de-insure abortion is a straightforward one: Who defines what is medically “necessary” under the Canada Health Act? IT’S A FACT: Section 3 of the Canada Health Act states that…”The primary objective of Canadian health care policy is to protect, promote and restore the physical and mental well being of residents of Canada…” IT’S A FACT: The Act provides that provincial health insurance plans must cover “insured health services” ... (Continue reading)

Refusal to face facts hurts women

Mother Jones Magazine is not usually on my must read list but a colleague gave me the March/April issue which contains a surprisingly fair article on abortion and breast cancer. Writer Michael Castleman concludes that there is enough evidence in studies to date to show a connection. He does not demand an end to abortion, but he does ask for some informed counseling and decision-making. “Pro-choice groups should not fall into the trap of defending abortion as absolutely ... (Continue reading)

In Canada, 1 in 5 aborted

Halifax – On September 22, nine protestors accused of mischief for blocking access to the Morgentaler clinic in October of 1992, received suspended sentences. The nine included Kenneth Biso, Paul Cheverie, Ellan Chesal, Paul Morre, Noreen Mosher, Pauline Mullen, Sharon Keddy, Anne Ashford-Hall and Anne Marie Tomlins. They were also placed on probation for a year and ordered to refrain from blocking access to and exit from the clinic and to stay off its property. Herm Wills of Campaign Life Coalition N.S. ... (Continue reading)

MPs square off on euthanasia MPs introduce opposing items on assisted suicide

At his earliest opportunity following the death of Sue Rodriguez.  MP Svemd Robinson introduced a bill in the House of Commons to legalize physician assisted suicide.  Bill C-215 would amend s.241 of the Criminal code to read:  “No qualified medical practitioner commits an offence where the practitioner aids a terminally ill person to commit suicide a) at the request of and with the approval of at least one other qualified medical practitioner.” In response to Mr. Robinson’s bill, MP ... (Continue reading)

Ontario Abortion Statistics for 1992

Number of abortions performed : 43,113 Average number of abortions per day: 118 Number of abortions performed on girls 16 years or younger: 1,769 Facility which performs most abortions: Toronto Morgentaler Clinic (5,854) Number of abortions performed at the four Toronto clinics: 12,806 (Continue reading)

Physicians: a need for honesty

The 1989 abortion statistics, made public April 3, were the worst ever – over 79,000 abortions in Canada. This figure includes the thousands performed in’ clinics’ inside Quebec, but not in those of the rest of Canada, not those done in U.S. border cities. When will the plague stop? One simple answer is, “When doctors stop performing abortions!” When will that be? When they realize they are killing babies. Don’t they know that now Of course.  But they try to put it out of their minds. Obstetricians The ... (Continue reading)

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