Abortion Law

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Americans mark 34 years of Roe v. Wade

Americans mark 34 years of Roe v. Wade The 34th annual March for Life in Washington D.C. attracted at least 100,000 pro-lifers while the third annual Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco grew to more than ... (Continue reading)

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New Brunswick faces lawsuit over abortion funding

Seven Moncton-based women’s rights activists are preparing to take New Brunswick to the Supreme Court to force it to pay for all abortions. At present, it covers only those deemed “medically necessary” by two specialists, and those performed in a hospital by a gynecologist-obstetrician. Only two ob-gyns in the province commit abortions. The group claims to include doctors who ... (Continue reading)

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Nicaragua bans all abortions

On Nov. 17, the president of Nicaragua, Enrique Bolanos, signed into law a bill eliminating the “therapeutic abortion” exception in the country’s criminal code. The new law eliminates a loophole that allowed an unborn child to be killed if three doctors certified a woman’s “life or health” was at risk. This so-called “health” exception ... (Continue reading)

Mayor doesn’t want truth shown

Interim Staff Show the Truth, the Ontario-based pro-life organization that uses graphic photographs of aborted babies to witness to the truth of the humanity of the unborn and what happens during an abortion, raised more than its usual ruckus when it went to Fredericton, N.B. in July. Although executive member Rosemary Connell ... (Continue reading)

Youth wins alternative treatment

Strongly pro-life lawyers have successfully defended the right of a 16-year-old Virginian to pursue an alternative cancer treatment with the support of his parents, who had been adjudicated medically neglectful in a child maltreatment case before the Accomack Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. Abraham Cherrix was diagnosed last year with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, ... (Continue reading)

Opposing C-43 did not cost lives

Interim editor Paul Tuns’s article last month, “Chipping away at abortion,” explained the logic of pro-life incremental strategies in the battle against abortion. The article brings to mind constantly resurfacing, bitter and unsupportable charges by some individuals that the nation’s pro-life organizations have opposed such strategies and persistently followed a self-defeating “all-or-nothing” approach. This, they say, has resulted in the deaths of many ... (Continue reading)

Warnings have been ignored

A recent flyer depicted a nesting hen saying, “We’ll pray for you,” and a pig saying, “We love you”. It described a vegetarian diet as “compassionate, noble” and spoke of “the gruesome sacrifice of billions of our sweet domestic animals.” Each year in Canada, there’s a more gruesome sacrifice of 100,000 sweet ... (Continue reading)

B.C. pro-life advocates test the limits of ‘bubble zone’ restrictions

On May 4, the B.C. Court of Appeal heard testimony from pro-life and civil liberties intervenors in the case of Gordon Watson and Don Spratt, who were arrested in December 1998 for having stood inside a “bubble zone” in front of Everywoman’s abortion site in Vancouver. The two men ... (Continue reading)

Our chief justice should be outlawing abortion

Since the speech delivered Dec. 1, 2005 by Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin in Wellington, New Zealand, several pro-life leaders have zeroed in on her remarks about judicial activism and how, in her opinion, judges should identify unwritten constitutional principles for a ... (Continue reading)

18 years later, still no abortion law

Parliament can and must act to protect unborn life Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the June 2004 The Interim. We live with a terrible reality in Canada. Unlike any other modern democracy, there is no law regulating abortions at any stage of pregnancy. A pregnant woman can get ... (Continue reading)

Interim wins press gallery fight

Interim Staff In a surprising victory for pro-life journalism, Interim columnist Frank Kennedy has arrived at a compromise with the Queen’s Park Press Gallery in Toronto, thus maintaining his press credentials at the Ontario Legislature. Just prior to a specially called meeting, Kennedy, who has been the Queen’s Park correspondent ... (Continue reading)

‘Women On Waves’ founder drops anchor in Toronto

Interim Staff In front of a classroom full of University of Toronto law students, Rebecca Gomperts, founder and director of a mobile abortuary, declared: “An early, legal abortion is safer than using a tampon.”  Seated in the front row, Henry Morgentaler, Canada’s most infamous abortionist, nodded in agreement. ... (Continue reading)

Who wrecked Canada

A rogue’s gallery: The Interim recently invited its readers* to nominate those who have most helped lead the moral assault on Canada. Here are the results. * The preponderance of Liberals on ... (Continue reading)

Surrendering to rule by a judicial elite

On the 28th of January 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada handed down one of the most disastrous judgements in the history of Canada. The case was R. v. Morgentaler and at issue were a multitude of brazen violations of abortion restrictions in the Criminal Code by Henry Morgentaler. The duty of the judges was clear: they should have authorized the Crown to prosecute Morgentaler. Instead, a ... (Continue reading)

Controversy in Florida ends with 13-year-old given ‘right’ to abort

Dina Kok The Interim In a case that garnered international attention, a 13-year-old girl fought in Florida state court for the right to abort her unborn child. L.G. (the initials of the young girl) was a ward of the state and was discovered to be pregnant after she was found following an escape from her foster home. Police reports indicated she was impregnated, perhaps not voluntarily, by an ... (Continue reading)

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