Abortion Law

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Thirteen year-old has ‘right’ to abortion

On July 26, 1991, Judge James Karswick of the Ontario Provincial Court overruled the wishes of the parents of a pregnant 12-year-old girls and said that she could have an abortion – to protect her health, Toronto papers revealed at the end of October. The parents who belong to the Pentecostal Congregation believe that abortion is equivalent to murder. CARAL Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL), spokeswoman Jane Holmes said – as expected – “this is a positive thing for the ... (Continue reading)

Christianity threatened with extinction, says lawyer

Humphrey Waldock is a B.C. lawyer who has defended pro-lifers who have disobeyed injunctions and broken trespassing laws out of the belief that justice should be done for the pre-born. In Toronto for a week in early July, Mr. Waldock dropped into The Interim offices long enough to discuss the gathering secular assault on Christianity. Everywoman’s Health Centre “I’ve been dealing with three charges arising out of the Everywoman’s injunction…In one of the cases I was prepared to present ... (Continue reading)

Cecilia Moore: The long haul for justice

In 1986, B.C., public health nurse Cecilia Moore was fired for refusing to sign an abortion referral. Since then, The Interim has followed Miss Moore’s dogged efforts to win justice for the pre-born child and for herself. She has taken her case to the British Columbia Government Employees’ Union, the British Columbia Supreme Court , the British Columbia Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of Canada, the Industrial Relations Council, the Ombudsman, and the Human Rights Council. Miss Moore ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial

With this issue, The Interim concludes the series of six editorials on what to do about the anti-life philosophy in Canada.  What have we said so far? We pointed out that pro-lifers cannot hope to change the current calamitous attitude towards the unborn by pursuing reform placement, step by step, asking for some marginal restrictions on the current death program, while hoping for more concessions later on. A nation, we said, cannot survive without shared values. Secularism is the death knell ... (Continue reading)

Ontarians to pay for abortuaries

The funding was communicated privately by telephone to the four Toronto independent abortuaries on June 13.  It might never have been made public if it weren’t for the fact that Henry Morgentaler and CARAL (Canadian Abortion Rights Action League) decided to honour, with a press conference on June 18, what they thought was “a historic occasion.” Ontario then learned that the NDP government is underwriting each clinic’s operating costs at a minimum of $300 to $1,000).  This is in addition to ... (Continue reading)

Vatican rejects abortion laws

Vatican City – On June 21, Pope John Paul II released a letter to all the bishops of the world (over 4,000), asking them to toughen their stand against abortion. He told the bishops not to allow legislators to enact laws which permit the crime of abortion and to stand firm until existing laws permitting abortions are withdrawn. Said the Pope: When legislative bodies enact laws that authorize putting innocent people to death and states allow their resources and structures to be ... (Continue reading)

Bill C-43 Sign of the times

The following was extracted from a Burnaby, B.C. parish bulletin, written by Canon E. Gale of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada.  It concerns Bill C-43, the government’s abortion legislation. Someone who has actually studied the bill and subsequent pronouncements by government officials has told me: “The effect of this bill is to legalise the killing of unborn children, to make abortion a woman’s entitlement (the word Hitler used in his abortion and euthanasia laws), to prevent third-party litigation (by the father ... (Continue reading)

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