Abortion Law

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U.S. Supreme Court to rule on late-abortion law

By Paul Tuns The Interim On April 25, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in the Stenberg v. Carhart case which will decide whether or not states have the right to ban partial-birth abortion (PBA). The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a Nebraska law that prohibited PBA when abortionist Leroy Carhart sued the state saying that such a ban impedes his right to commit whichever form of abortion he sees fit. Pro-abortion groups also claim that ... (Continue reading)

Canada’s dubious record on freedom of the press

For those who may not have heard, Wednesday, May 3 was World Press Freedom Day. Apart from professional journalists, most people would not classify the event among the more significant commemorations of the year. But we all ought to do so - not least because freedom of the press is being violated in our own fair Dominion. Yes, the right of citizens to be informed and to debate matters of public interest - an ... (Continue reading)

Scheidler puts up his home as bond to continue court fight

  By Paul Tuns The Interim The 14-year fight against a dubious lawsuit has forced a prominent American pro-lifer to put up his own home as bond while the case winds its way through the courts. Joseph Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League of Chicago, is still fighting a lawsuit launched by the National Organization of Women (NOW) in 1986. Initially NOW and two abortion providers brought an antitrust suit against Scheidler, the Pro-Life Action League, and others, charging there was ... (Continue reading)

Alberta Tory MLA introduces ‘conscience clause’ for pro-life health care workers

By Tim Bloedow The Interim Alberta has now bypassed Ontario in terms of progress on the matter of protecting the job security of health care workers who refuse to participate in abortion procedures. On March 1, Alberta Progressive Conservative MLA, Julius Yankowsky (Edmonton Beverly-Clareview), introduced in the provincial legislature a Private Member's Bill 212 that would protect health care workers who refuse to participate in abortions. Last year a group of Ontario nurses won a settlement from Markham-Stouffville Hospital, which had required them ... (Continue reading)

Pro-lifer convicted and fined for ‘causing a disturbance’

Witnesses deny Bill Whatcott interfered with abortuary clients By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Veteran pro-life activist Bill Whatcott was found guilty of causing a disturbance in an incident stemming from his participation in a demonstration outside the Scott abortuary in Toronto last August. The decision was handed down March 27 at Toronto's College Park courthouse. The Crown had sought a 15-day jail term, but the judge trying the case opted for a $100 fine. ... (Continue reading)

Chantal Daigle case was legalistic gobbledygook

Her ex-fiance's recent troubles bring to mind the infamous 1989 late-term abortion ruling By David Dooley The Interim Several newspaper stories in January and February brought to mind one of the oddest abortion decisions ever to be made in Canada. In January 1989, Chantal Daigle agreed to marry her boyfriend Jean-Guy Tremblay, with whom she had been living; in February she became pregnant. By the following summer, however, he had become abusive and violent, and ... (Continue reading)

U.S. Congress looks at sale of aborted babies

Body parts trade probed By Paul Tuns The Interim The Commerce Committee of the United States Congress has finally begun an investigation into the grisly trade in human body parts procured from aborted babies. During the partial-birth abortion debate last October, New Hampshire Republican Senator Robert Smith had been unsuccessful in his attempt to rein in the gruesome trafficking of body parts procured from abortion. On the Senate floor, Smith explained why some sort of oversight ... (Continue reading)

Courage on the streets, in court, and in jail

Delta, B.C. sidewalk counsellor Mary Wagner has grown up ‘living and breathing pro-life' By Paul Tuns The Interim Mary Wagner is an unassuming young woman who has found herself both on the front-lines of the abortion struggle and behind bars for her beliefs, but there is no sign that she is about to quit. Indeed, her fight against the injustice ... (Continue reading)

Pro-lifers see hope in Canadian Alliance

New party to keep Reform's pro-family plank, but ‘consensus' policy on life issues remains Analysis by Paul Tuns The Interim For years the only federal party which could claim the full allegiance of pro-life and pro-family voters has been the Christian Heritage Party. But now a new federal party is being given a serious look by Canadian pro-life and pro-family leaders as it attempts to unite small-"c" conservatives in hopes of defeating the federal Liberals. From ... (Continue reading)

What will you be doing when Christ returns?

I sat down to write this column and as I was thinking about what to say, I realized that it was going to be in the January, 2000 issue of The Interim. Yes indeed, this would be my first column for the new year - and for a new millennium! And then, all of a sudden, I thought, "If there is a new millennium." Just think! ... (Continue reading)

We must remember abortion anniversaries

As I pen these words an anniversary is upon us. A date in history that most of you will not remember. It's probably a meaningless date to you, in a movement that sadly has to endure many distressing anniversaries. But there's one more I need to thrust upon you: ... (Continue reading)

New partial-birth ban passed

Media showing new squeamishness in covering the issue The United States Senate voted 63-34 to end the grisly practice of partial-birth abortion (PBA) but ended up four votes short of a veto-proof majority. Since 1995, both houses of Congress have voted to ban PBA, and each time President Bill Clinton has vetoed the ban. On Oct. 20, 1999 the Senate once again debated the issue of whether or not a doctor should be allowed to deliver 70 per cent of ... (Continue reading)

Pro-lifers differ in qualifying republican presidential hopefuls

The Interim The race to become the Republican presidential nominee highlights the issue of what it means to be a pro-life politician. Five men - Texas Governor George W. Bush, Arizona Senator John McCain, publisher Steve Forbes, former head of the Family Research Council Gary Bauer, and former ambassador Alan Keyes - are vying for the GOP nod. They know that without at least some pro-life support they have no chance of winning. But some pro-lifers are ... (Continue reading)

Mary Wagner released after six weeks in jail

By Paul Tuns The Interim British Columbia pro-life activist Mary Wagner was acquitted Jan. 11 on all but one of her six counts of breaking a Vancouver bubble zone injunction on two separate occasions. Wagner, a 24-year-old graduate student at the University of Victoria, was found guilty on a one count of interference with a client of the Everywoman's abortuary, and was sentenced to 15 days in jail and fined $1,000. The first ... (Continue reading)

Judge tells Toronto pro-lifers not to expect courts to end injunction

Fighting the Ontario injunction, which prohibits pro-life activity from taking place outside the province's abortuaries, should be addressed at the political level rather than the legal one, said Judge H. Porter in the trial of Linda Gibbons, Emidio Galea, and Bernard Crawley. The three pro-life witnesses were tried on July 21 in the provincial court at College Park in Toronto. Gibbons and Galea, both of Toronto, and ... (Continue reading)

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