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Book Review: Dr. Bernard Nathanson, The Abortion Papers: Inside the Abortion Mentality

In the prologue to this book, there is a moving tribute to Sir William Liley, who, Nathanson says, recognized the irreconcilable opposition between fetology and the abortion ethic before anyone else. He quotes a comment by Liley concerning the bitter irony of recent events. Our generation, Liley said, is the first ever to have a reasonably complete picture of the development of the human being: ”In 1930s the liberation of a human egg from the ovary was observed. ... (Continue reading)

“By far the best pro-life song I’ve heard”– Dr. Bernard Nathanson

      This year’s U.S National Right To Life Convention, held in Washington, D.C, saw Dr. Bernard Nathanson honour a young married couple from Toronto for composing what he called “by far the best pro-life song I’ve heard in my years as a pro-life advocate.” The song in question, entitled “Where the Miracle Takes Place” was performed live at the Convention to surprise and delight the pro-life leaders from across the United States.   Written and performed by Barry and Annette McLoughlin, “Where The ... (Continue reading)

Studio D does not serve the interests of women

        Film Studio D, the Women’s Studio of the National Film Board has done it again.  Their latest project, viewed for the first time, in Toronto on December 1, 1984, is called “Behind the Veil.”   Willing participants who provided fuel from within the ranks for this attack upon the “Male, Patriarchal, Sexist” Catholic Church were Sisters Ann Carr, Beth Daddio and Sue Seeker.  “We are angry, angry women” said one of them, indicating the tone and gist of this two ... (Continue reading)

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