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A Choice Debate

The Editorial Here we go again. The current publicity surrounding Campaign Life's Homemaker's boycott shows that this kind of strategy is effective. While the magazine itself denies the boycott is having an effect on their advertising revenue, we have to wonder why, in that case, are the media suddenly so interested? Name-calling has started again - the usual uninspired litany:  "anti-choice," "right-wing nuts" (never mind the mixing of metaphors), "religious fanatics trying to impose..." etc.  It is disheartening to have an opposition with ... (Continue reading)

Let’s not fall for that one

The Editorial On Oct. 25, l983, Canada's parliament passed Bill C-169, and killed free speech in this country.  The bill concerns the Elections Act and amendments to it "in Regard to Third Party Organizations." Squirreled away in the bill, which had been pushed through all three readings in the space of one hour, were new provisions aimed directly at muzzling pro-lifers during elections, and specifically aimed at blocking the activities of Campaign Life. The new provisions are as ... (Continue reading)

Penner’s Politics

Editorial Report On December 8, 1983, Roland Penner, the NDP Attorney General of Manitoba, announced that he was withdrawing the charge of conspiracy of performing an illegal abortion against abortionist Henry Morgentaler. He then laid a new charge of performing an illegal abortion, a charge Mr. Penner knew in advance to be meaningless as Morgentaler was not in Manitoba at the time. In the last week of November, Morgentaler sought permission to be absent from Court in ... (Continue reading)

Freedom to Print

Ontario One hears rumors that the pro-life no-nonsense political strategy was having an effect on the politicians.  This became apparent during the bitter debate on the Constitution when Members of Parliament from all parties reeled under the impact of pro-life forces, which objected to a Charter of Rights that did not protect the unborn child.  When a prominent religious leader came out in support of the Charter, the efforts of the pro-life forces were greatly ... (Continue reading)

Pawley politics – Morgentaler let off the hook by Manitoba NDP government

On December 8th, Manitoba Attorney General Roland Penner, who openly admits that he completely supports the pro-abortion position, announced that he was withdrawing the charge of conspiracy of performing an illegal abortion against Morgentaler and was placing a new charge of performing an illegal abortion against him. The significance of this move is enormous.  There was ample proof that Morgentaler had in fact “conspired” or agreed to establish an illegal abortion clinic in Winnipeg.  The chances of a conviction ... (Continue reading)

Rally (editorial)

When people asked me how many I expected at the Rally for Life in Toronto on October 1, I said , “Oh, we should get around fifteen thousand.”  But, in my heart, I doubted that number and was prepared for a ten thousand total. Never in my wildest dreams did I—or anybody else for that matter—expect such a tremendous response. Some say there were forty thousand, the police said there were thirty-five thousand.  I’m prepared to settle for anything from thirty-five to ... (Continue reading)

Good news/bad news-and the long view

The magnificent rally in Toronto on October 1, featured throughout this issue, has buoyed spirits across Canada, and in the nearby US as well. It is a symbol of what we can do, if we try. According to reports, the turnout, which exceeded the most optimistic hopes of rally organizers, has had its effect in other quarters. Pro-abortionists, who during the summer rallied about 1,000 supporters in Queen’s Park, were stunned by the over-40,000 pro-lifers. At a ... (Continue reading)

Pro-abortion lawyers defeated again

In the April edition of The Interim we reported that the liaison committee of the Canadian Medical Association put forward a resolution to have the law Reform Commission of Canada study the federal legislation on abortion. The terms of reference in the study left no doubt that the liaison committee intended that the conclusion be favourable to their point of view.       This resolution was first presented to the Canadian Barr association council at it’s Banff meeting in February 1983, ... (Continue reading)

The Interim needs you!

The Interim began because we felt there was great need for a national pro-life newspaper in Canada to report honestly on the issues which affect us all. The media in this country are dominated by the pro-abortionists-with a few isolated exceptions-and it is not possible to rely on impartial reporting in any area where a pro-life view should be heard. From our first issue, the main objective of The Interim has been, and will continue to be, to keep our ... (Continue reading)

Home Sweet Phone Ma Bell’s Trojan Horse

So you thought you could protect your own family, inside your own house? Guess again. In many Canadian cities, right now, abortion counselling advertising has been quietly deposited in householders’ homes without their knowledge or permission. All your son or daughter has to do, to get free access to pro-abortion counselling, is to pick up the White Pages of your own 1983 telephone and look up “Abortion…”  There it is, in your kitchen, or hallway, or den. The following is taken directly ... (Continue reading)

The NDP – the pro-death party

The federal New Democrat party is rapidly becoming the pro-death party. With their recent over-whelming resolutions endorsing abortion on demand, support for Henry Morgentaler and censure of their own provincial government in Manitoba, the NDP is quickly losing its pro-life supporters. Following the Canadian Catholic Bishops' New Year's report on the economy, which strongly favoured socialist policies, the NDP felt certain of enlarged support from the Catholic community. These recent moves, then, to widen their pro-abortion position, have lost ... (Continue reading)

Editorial- Brian Mulroney and the abortion issue

The bands have gone, the delegates have gone, the Ottawa Civic Centre is left awash with picket signs, banners, badges and other rubble, indicating the passing of the momentous Tory Leadership Convention on June 12th. That convention elected a new leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. The new leader is bilingual, well educated and handsome - but where does he stand on pro-life? During the P.C. Leadership Convention, both Tories for Life and Campaign Life were active and persistent ... (Continue reading)

Another Man for All Seasons

Somebody has said, "I like witnesses who get killed." So do I but I have to confess that I belong to another ilk! Since history began there have been as many causes as there have been decades, and each cause produces its own heroes, its own witnesses who set no boundaries to the sacrifices demanded; men and women who are prepared to give personal proof of the perennial presence in the world of that "greater love than which no man ... (Continue reading)

Canadian media – 1983

The Canadian media in the year 1983, to an astonishing extent, has become the message. Instead of acting merely as transmitters of news, the media has now claimed the power to shape events and to mould public opinion. In no way is this more obvious than with the abortion issue. As has been so often stated, in Morgentaler's trial in Quebec, the media was used by him as a propaganda tool. The public was given only one side - his ... (Continue reading)

Welcome to The Interim

Our new coast-to-coast, pro-life newspaper will inform you of the many successes and fewer (hopefully) failures in the day to day battle to protect unborn babies. The philosophy of this monthly will always be one of no compromise on abortion. A human life, from the moment of conception represents an individual, precious gift from God. The Latin motto Semper Fidelis appears to us an appropriate description of the efforts we have been cared to provide. In the interim, until the law is changed ... (Continue reading)

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