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Editorial – Freedom from pornography

At last!  The Federal Conservatives appear to have exhibited some backbone: they’ve taken steps to burg the pornography industry. Proposed legislation to ban child pornography has been rightly applauded as a measure necessary to stop the abuse and exploitation of children.  However, proposals to define and curtail so-called “adult” pornography has been greeted with derision, and called “obscene,” “censorship” and an “unwelcome” return to “Victorian values.” Justice Minister John Crosbie has already indicated that his proposed definition of pornography may ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial – Wimplash?

If any one issue ought to defeat the Ontario Liberals at the next provincial election it should be their wimpish handling of Toronto’s freestanding abortion clinics. Abortionist Robert Scott has made it perfectly clear in public interviews that he is opening his own abortuary, confident that he will be able to continue killing while “the case is in the courts.” He can expect to be protected by the law while he breaks the law just as his mentor Morgentaler is doing. ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial- No apology for civil disobedience

A new kind of activism has been evident in the Canadian pro-life movement over the past year.  Each month, The Interim has reported on the court cases of picketers, on the efforts of sidewalk counselors, on sit ins (both in the Harbord Street abortuary itself and in the Ontario legislature), and on the constant picketing of premier David Peterson – a persistent and unwelcome reminder to him of a broken political promise. Two pro-lifers have spent time in jail, ... (Continue reading)


RE: the messenger service There used to be tradition about handling messengers: the bearer of bad news was always killed on the spot, the bearer of good news was usually rewarded.  Bad news was regarded as a sort of pollution of disease. Several people have told us lately that they find The Interim depressing to read.  Why don’t we, they ask, focus more on the positive and give pro-lifers more to be cheerful about.  Why do we write about issues which, ... (Continue reading)

Editorial: Homosexuality and the Charter

        The practice of homosexuality is an offence against God and against nature.  As an offence against God it leads one further into sin, darkening the intellect and weakening the will.  Like all vices, unchecked it corrodes the moral values of its practitioners while helping to spread other evils.   As an offence against nature, the practice of homosexuality in North America has brought us AIDS, that mysterious plague which now has spread beyond the homosexual community and strikes ... (Continue reading)

The Interim: October 1985 VOL. III NO. 7: Pro-lifers demand AG resign

                On August 22,  Ontario’s Attorney General, Ian Scott, held a press conference.  He expressed his growing concern with “the conduct of many demonstrators” at the Morgentaler “clinic” on Harbord Street.   Scott produced two letters: one from Cardinal Carter, Archbishop of the Toronto Roman Catholic archdiocese, and another from Norma Scarborough, president of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League.  Both agreed, according to Scott, to limit the number of picketers at the abortuary to five ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial: Let us fight back

    Anti-family, anti-child pressures contrary to the good of our society and contrary to Christian and other religious convictions are mounting steadily.   In big cities low-income seniors, families and single parents are pushed out of affordable housing, especially in city centres, as older, low-rise buildings are demolished and converted into luxury apartments. Another trend favours “adult only” buildings, once again excluding families or single parents with children.   In the area of taxation, the federal government, in its new budget, shuffled the baby bonus, ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial: Pornography legislation

      The Fraser Report on pornography, with its assumption that pornography is a matter of inequality, rather than sexual immorality, is of great concern to those already alarmed at the erosion of traditional family values.   We can endorse fully the committee’s recommendation that child pornography is completely unacceptable. With the exception of homosexual activists, even those advocating the most liberal position generally support prohibition of child pornography. In addition, we can support the recommendation that films or videos, showing actual ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial: Whose definition of equality will prevail?

    The number of United Nations’ Conventions on human rights that have been ignored by ratifying governments when it suits is legion.  Canadians then, should be concerned with the United Nations “Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women,” explained elsewhere in this issue.   It appears that the Canadian government is, indeed, taking seriously its obligations under this Convention.  This means that the Convention, together with the equality sections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, may ... (Continue reading)

Our February Editorial

    Our February editorial was entitled “Violence, abortionist and anger.” We have received some letters of complaint about this editorial, the first part of which explained (but did not defend) why in the USA a number of abortion clinics have been bombed. The editorial ended as follows:   The pro-life movement represents people who refuse to accept this corruption of society. Their anger is the anger of the righteous. They seek ways to defend themselves, their families, their society against a ... (Continue reading)

Editorial: Bearing witness

      To picket at an abortion clinic is an unpleasant task at the best of times. Without exception the men and women who take part in these demonstrations would prefer to be elsewhere, doing what they themselves would all consider to be “something more constructive.” But they picket out of a sense of duty and with the somewhat grim realization that things have deteriorated to such an extent that physical, personal, witness is almost the last resort left to opponents ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial: Culture and Anarchy, 1984

The angel of death has a new disguise: health.  More exactly, a life-saving inoculation. The vaccines used throughout Ontario and some other provinces, to protect Canadian school children from such diseases as rubella and rabies are derived from abortion.  Human fetuses have been used by scientists to produce the cultures (WI-38 and MRC5 strains) from which the vaccines are made. We've all heard stories.  For years we've heard stories about crazed humanitarians, about mad scientists; stories that range from grave-robbing ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial: Abortion is the election issue

The paramount factor in qualifying a candidate for election to Parliament is his or her stand on abortion. Candidates disqualify themselves by advocating a right to kill unborn babies. You, the voter, have a responsibility to vote to protect the defenceless. The candidate's position on peace and environmental issues is important. The economy, inflation and unemployment are all issues at this time. However, these problems will be conquered. Last year, more Canadian unborn babies were killed than service ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial: The Case Of Pop

In June we celebrate Father's Day So conspicuous have women become of late, so much an "issue", or a focus of issues, that pop tends to be forgotten, After all, who is this election year is angling for the "man's vote"? No one has started a "masculinist movement"-the Real Man business was never more that adolescent joie de vivre. Yet behind the façade erected by all the feminist hoopla, dad has become more "with it," more involved in family and in child-rearing, ... (Continue reading)

Happy First Birthday

The Editorial Dr. Bernard Nathanson held court at a press conference organized by the Physicians for Life at the Four Seasons Hotel in Downtown Toronto on January 21, 1983. He charged the representatives of the various media with ignoring the "fetal facts." Advances in fetology (the study of the child in the womb) had forced Nathanson to admit to himself that abortion was indeed the killing of an innocent human being. So, he converted to the pro-life side. He warned the ... (Continue reading)

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