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He was not a “humanitarian”

Dr. Robert McClure was the first layman to serve as Moderator of the United Church of Canada (1968-1971).  He died at the age of 91 on November 10, 1991.  There were many tributes to a life of astonishing variety and achievement.  During his life he had received many honours. McClure had served as a medical missionary for 25 years in China.  He had worked with lepers in India, former headhunters in Malaysia and Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip.  He had ... (Continue reading)

Reasonableness and confrontation

This fifth editorial on the abortion mentality in Canada concerns pro-life tactics. Let us say at once that many people, including those who consider themselves opposed to abortion, are not fond of pro-lifers.  Indeed, their faces turn grim when they speak about pro-life activists, whether the political ones who confront politicians, the educational kind when they show pictures of aborted babies, or those who block abortuaries (a label considered ‘inappropriate’). A recent sample of this view appeared in Edmonton’s weekly newspaper, ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial Setting our minds to it

This fourth editorial on the anti-life, pro-death philosophy which dominates Canada concerns the law. At the start of the series, in July, we argued that the drive for full protection of the unborn cannot be obtained on a piecemeal basis. In September, we said that it can’t be done either by adopting the language and standards of secularists and feminists who reject the Christian concept of the sacredness of innocent life.  The latter has been a foundational principle of our society ... (Continue reading)

The EDITORIAL Violence against women

“Wives should regard their husbands as they regard the Lord…Husbands should love their wives just as Christ loved the Church…”  (Ephesians 5:21-24) It is no good for pro-lifers to run with the hounds in pursuit of radical change in the current society.  Our July editorial noted that the anti-life frame of mind cannot be changed piecemeal and the August editorial that there is hope for change because of the still widespread acceptance of Christian values.  But we cannot advance ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial: Appointing lesbians

Appointing lesbians or homosexuals to political office precisely as representatives of their lifestyle is a perversion of politics. (See front-page story)   The initial perversion is the homosexual ‘lifestyle,’ as it is euphemistically called. An additional perversion is to lift this socially regressive, personal sexual activity to the status of an ‘ethnic minority’ group deserving special protection over and above the rights which every other citizen has. In Ontario this special protection was legislated by the Liberal government in 1986.   A further perversion ... (Continue reading)

Action Needed Now

Schools and education have always been precious to parents.  They entrust their children to teachers in good faith, confident that they will be equipped to become citizens worthy of the name. Catholic schools make an even larger claim than public schools, namely that they help the child also to grow in the knowledge of God as He revealed Himself through Jesus and His Church.  Christ is the only Saviour to whom God the Father has revealed His message of salvation ... (Continue reading)

Our weapon is truth

“Prospects called grim for groups fighting abortion,” bannered a Globe and Mail headline following the defeat of Bill-43. “They gave it the good fight, and they lost,” said Jack London, a Manitoba law professor. Fade away Professor Bernard Dickens of Toronto agreed, saying that the abortion controversy will gradually fade away.  He predicted a series of harassments of doctors performing abortions, and further court actions by husbands or boyfriends of women intending to have abortions, but “their legal prospects are grim,” he said. After ... (Continue reading)

Canada at War

Pro-life activists, like everyone else, are concerned about war. On the surface nothing is more anit-life than war. Yet ours is a different perspective from that of political commentators, be they professionals or amateurs. We are not about to bestow darts or laurels on one or other party in the Gulf. Nor are we prepared to judge whether war or sanctions is the better way to bring down tyranny. We are concerned with the total defence of humanity. We believe that without ... (Continue reading)

Working for a better society

If ill opinions cannot be quite rooted out, and you cannot cure some received vice according to your wishes, you must not therefore abandon the commonwealth.” Sir Thomas More. In the December 1990 editorial, “The spiritual battle for Canada,” we described the formidable forces arrayed against a society founded on and held together by respect for God and the Christian tradition. Within that tradition a cultural pluralism existed and survived, if not always flourished. A degree of cultural was possible because society ... (Continue reading)

We did make a difference – Editorial

There has always been the tendency, amongst pro-lifers, to underestimate their own achievements.  When this happens, the door is thrown wide open, allowing pessimism and a sense of defeat to come galloping in. The time is long overdue for us to look back at our efforts and say “By the grace of God, we did make a difference.” During the past year, Campaign Life Coalition wrote and presented two masterful briefs to the Federal Government.  Both of these briefs ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial The Spiritual battle for Canada

Almost a hundred years ago in an Encyclical letter to the American bishops, in 1895, Pope Leo XIII wrote a glowing tribute to the American people.  In it he praised “the great Washington.”  He recalled that President’s statement that religion and morality are indispensable for democracy’s survival.  Added Pole Leo: “And not without cause, for without morality the State cannot endure…But the best and strongest support of morality is religion.  She, by her very nature, guards and defends all ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial Feminists dig in

As indicated in The Interim’s October editorial, the Ontario NDP will not innovate but, rather, intensify the anti-life mentality which already prevails in the province of Ontario.  Most likely it will broaden the attack on the moral foundations of the family in such areas as schooling. For over a hundred years the socialist/materialist philosophy has called for abolition of the family.  Free love, common law marriage, divorce on demand, contraceptive practices and abortion were all promoted during the last quarter ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial Pro-life perspective

Ontario pro-lifers must look at the electoral change in the province from their own perspective; i.e., the protection of life and the family. In this light, several points are wroth mentioning. Firstly, the electoral upset was the result – so it seems agreed upon by many – of a general anti-government anger which may very well continue to grow. The NDP happened to be in the right position to benefit from this trend. In other words, the electoral vote ... (Continue reading)

‘AIDS a plague’ says editorial

The Fredericton Gleaner stirred up the anger of AIDS spokesmen at the beginning of July by declaring editorially that AIDS ought to be treated like the plague and its victims put in isolation. “A strong body of opinion,” the paper said, “believes that homosexual AIDS victims got exactly what they deserved; that if they had conducted themselves properly, according to the norms of society, they would probably be unaffected today.” The paper condemned especially AIDS carriers who knowingly spread ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial The FCP and no one else

The Liberal Government of Ontario has an overwhelming majority in the legislature (95 out of 130 seats). Fearing that adverse economic and constitutional problems on the Canadian horizon may damage its future “credibility,” it has decided to go to the polls without delay. That’s it good right. But it’s our right to reiterate again the folly of being naïve about this government or the two old parties opposing it. The three established parties – Liberals, Conservatives and New Democrats ... (Continue reading)

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