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The Editorial No choice

Members of parliament have no choice but to vote for a law which protects life from the time of conception till natural death, and this for two reasons. The first is the feeble, nay hopeless position of the so-called pro-choice faction.  Disguised as true liberty and progress, the feminist “solution” to individual and communal concerns is nihilistic, as killing new life must necessarily be. Killing human offspring wounds the mother, coarsens those who counsel her, brutalizes doctors and nurses who assist ... (Continue reading)


Magistrates across the country are fining and jailing pro-lifers who defy court injunctions. In Vancouver, Judge John Bouck handed out sentences of six months jail on July 14. In Calgary, on September 5, Judge Ernest Hutchinson fined one pro-lifer $500 payable in 15 days, or six months in jail. In Toronto, Judge A.E. Charlton imposed a $750 fine, payable in 60 days, or fifteen days in prison. These judges and others who have sentenced pro-lifers before them have one thing ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial In jail for Jesus

Recently someone had buttons made showing prison bars and the words “In jail for Jesus.”  A priest saw the rather large button for the first time when a well-tattooed motorcycle rider came up for communion on Sunday morning.  Afterwards he mused out loud that “another nutty group like the Baysiders of New York” must be getting started in the Church. Actually, the button is worn by some pro-lifers who have participated in an Operation Rescue or who have picketed or ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial

The love of God’s law is true love of country Over the last few months Josiah Wood and other British Columbia judges have handed out harsh sentences to pro-lifers.  These range from two to four months in jail for breaking an injunction imposed to protect Vancouver’s free-standing abortuary. An added sting is the judges’ refusal to grant a reduction in time served for good behaviour, something readily granted to others convicted of a criminal offense. The men and women who are ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial Resisting Evil

This is what the Lord God asks of you: To fear Him, and to love and serve Him with all your heart and soul. For the first time in Canada since the second world war a large group of men and women who are innocent in the eyes of God but guilty in the eyes of society has voluntarily gone to jail.  Forty-four Vancouver men and women participating in Operation Rescue on Tuesday, February 7, were ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial United Church confirms stand

Despite very strong opposition among rank and file members, the United Church reiterated its acceptance of active homosexuals as ministers in November 1988. Last August the General Council of the Church formally approved ordaining practicing homosexuals as ministers, a policy which earlier appears to have been permitted on an occasional basis in some places.  Organizations such as the United Church Renewal Fellowship and the ad hoc Committee of Concern attempted to channel their strong disagreement with this decision ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial New Year’s resolutions

1989 is set to become a year of unprecedented challenge for pro-lifers. A crystal ball is not needed to predict that once again all of us will be called upon to take an active part in this battle for fundamental justice for the preborn child. As we approach the first anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in the Morgentaler’s case, the newly-elected federal MPs need to be told consistently and clearly by their pro-life constituents that it will be completely ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial – We were wrong

In the Election ’88 supplement to the November Interim it was stated that “in ridings without a pro-life  candidate, it is still possible to make distinctions for voting purposes such as “not pro-life” and is “pro-abortion.”  We were wrong.  We apologize to our readers for any confusion this statement may have caused. For the truly pro-life voter there is no distinction between ‘not pro-life’ and ‘pro-abortion.’  A legislator who does not have the defense of the pre-born child as ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial Here we go again

In September 1984, we wrote that abortion is the election issue. Nothing has happened in the past four years to make us withdraw that statement.  In fact, November 1988, the situation is even more critical. The political report card for the last four years shows that grassroots pro-life work has begun to pay off.  In June 1987, the pro-life Mitges’ motion was lost by only 27 votes.  In July 1988, the House of Commons could not agree on abortion but ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial – The Medical Profession

No group of people have benefited the physical welfare of individuals as directly and extensively as the medical profession.  Applying the technology advanced by other sciences, health care professionals have been able to lengthen lives, to shorten illness, to relieve pain, to give many people a “new lease on life,” from providing pacemakers for heart patients, to new limbs for accident victims, to the most intricate operations for the healing of every part of the human body.  Society is, ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial

The coming election Pro-lifers may face the coming election with a degree of confidence.  The voting in the House of Commons on July 28 has revealed that pro-life sentiments are far stronger than the media pundits and the pro-abortionists have made the country believe.  At the same time the voting has provided a factual record on four out of every five MPs currently in the House. The details of this record are printed elsewhere in this edition.  They should be used ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial: Standing Fast

The media are bombarding Canadians with the false idea that a new federal law must permit abortions. The government, they say, must comply with the January 28 Supreme Court decision. The solution, they claim, should be some kind of compromise. People who do not have sound fixed principles, or who believe that tolerance is the only principle, will talk this way. No matter how irrational their solution to a controversy may be, they will declare it ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial Black Thursday

Immediate reaction to the Supreme Court abortion decision was a sick feeling in the pit of the stomach.  Images of tiny babies with no more value than a diseased appendix, losing their lives in an orgy of destruction.  Images, too, of the scene at 85 Harbord Street in Toronto where as pro-lifers prayed and sang hymns, jubilant women screamed approval for the Court and hurled insults and curses at the mourners.  And Morgentaler called it “a ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial Care to Dance?

Honestly, if you didn’t know better, you might begin to wonder: just  whose side is the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops  on anyway? First, Gus Mitges gets a pro-life motion over all the hurdles and actually before the House of Commons for a vote. Next. Gus Mitges gets a pro-life motion over all the hurdles and actually before the House of Commons for a vote. Next, the two general secretaries, in the name of the Bishops, send out a little letter to ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial You can make a difference

The results of Ontario’s upcoming elections are predictable: no matter which party wins, unborn babies lose.  Despite rhetoric spouted by some hopefuls, who easy abortion is a matter of personal conscience or who protest that no action can be taken against illegal killing centers until the Supreme Court has spoken, all three mainstream parties support the status quo at the very least, and vigorously promote larger-scale killing, at the very worst. Our background information on all ... (Continue reading)

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