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A new year for life

Making predictions for the New Year is a dicey business but, even with 1993 barely begun, there are encouraging signs that it will be a good year for preborn babies and their distressed mothers. The pro-life movement is totally opposed to all abortions but a recently-released Environics poll is a step in the right direction – a first baby step. The poll, commissioned by the Citizens’ Voice Association of Richmond Hill, shows convincingly that a large majority of Canadians ... (Continue reading)

Clinton Victorious

On November 3, 1992 Bill Clinton, Governor of Arkansas was elected president of the United States. With the help of fly-by-night contender Ross Perot of Dallas, Texas, he took 363 votes of the Electoral College, well over the 270 he needed to win. President George Bush trailed with 118. Editor’s Announcement Father Alphonse de Valk – Editor Beginning with the January 1993 issue, The Interim will be under the new management of Campaign Life Coalition, Toronto. Henceforth policy will be set by ... (Continue reading)

The humanity of the unborn baby

Many readers of the Globe and Mail must have been surprised at what they found on the back page of the first section on Monday morning, October 19. In a long column, Dorothy Lipovenko asked, “Now doctors can treat a fetus as a patient, how does this affect our views on abortion?” Readers of The Interim will be familiar with this question, and with our answer to it. Nevertheless the fact that it is being asked in a mass-circulation daily ... (Continue reading)

Vote No

Campaign Life Coalition and Alliance for Life do not take a position on the Referendum. The following editorial, therefore, is the opinion of the editor. *** Since 1980 Canadians have faced half a dozen government- manufactured “crises” about taxes, trade and unity. With a gun to the head, voters are told to say “Yes” or else they are accused of destroying the country. This editor says yes to a unified Canada as much as anyone because I love it, but I will ... (Continue reading)

Law and Discrimination

The Houston convention of the Republican Party in August gave notice to the American people, however imperfectly, that family values should be treasured and that the pro-abortion pro-homosexuality anti-family syndrome is to be countered. Credit for this achievement must go to Republican presidential contender Pat Buchanan and U.S. Vice-President Dan Quayle. They outflanked the opposition of anti-lifers within the Republican ranks. They got the message across on national television. As a result of 30 years of corrupting the law, the country ... (Continue reading)

Public morality, new or old?

In a recent article entitled “Goodbye to Catholic Ireland” (Tablet, June 27) a well-known British pro-life writer, Mary Kenny, writes: “the law is shifting to reflect a preference for ‘private choice’ over the more archaic notion of the State as the guardian of public morality.” Please spot the error, one which is common to those who mistake secularism for neutrality, or tolerance, or the absence of public morality. The error is that the last two words should have read “Christian morality,” ... (Continue reading)

‘Hinc nunc praemium est, qui recta prava faciunt”

Publius Terentius Afer (190-159 B.C.) As the Roman playwright Terrence quoted above states, “There is a demand these days for people who can make wrong conduct appear right.” Today, just as 2,100 years ago, such people are swaying our nation into a path of destruction and misery.  The most prominent among them all is Henry Morgentaler.  Having – by his own estimate – extinguished between 70,000 and 100,000 unborn lives, he has turned a profession of healing into one of death. Under the ... (Continue reading)

Sunday shopping and Consumerism

Canadians should stop paying attention to self-service newspaper polls on Sunday shopping.  Ask questions such as “Would you like to work on Sundays while others go the cottage or the beach?”, and the results would be spectacularly against open Sundays. The polls, and those who support them, are appealing to the worst aspects of consumerism.  Instead of being guided by a comprehensive view of the needs of the worker as a human being—including his spiritual and mental needs—consumerism appeals to the ... (Continue reading)

Wake up, voters!

At their policy convention in Hull (Feb. 20-23, 1992) the Liberals did it again, to the applause of the media. Back in the years of 1967-1969 Pierre Trudeau “hijacked” the Liberal Party of Canada for his permissive society ideals.  Parachuted into the leadership by a party clique, he launched his career by wondering out loud in December 1967 what God could possibly have to do with Canadian politics.  After that he made divorce easy and legalized contraceptives, homosexuality and abortion. Twenty-three years ... (Continue reading)

Our tenth year begins

The purpose of The Interim is to set forth the truth about the freedom and dignity of the individual human person in the area of family, marital and sexual morality. Insofar as religion and politics, law and medicine, economics and culture impinge upon this sphere, The Interim makes these areas her own. Erring clergy, indifferent politicians, lawless magistrates, doctors of death, abusers of revenue and culture vultures of all stripes, we expose and oppose. All those who join us in this ... (Continue reading)

Nancy B

One cannot but have the greatest sympathy for Nancy B, the 25 year-old quadriplegic in a Quebec City hospital, who is paralyzed from the neck down due to Guillian-Barré syndrome.  Yet her request to be allowed to die by unplugging her respirator cannot but fill us with sadness, sadness for her and sadness for us.  For her, because she lacks the will to live.  For us, because in a pro-death society we need more heroes who treasure life as a ... (Continue reading)

He was not a “humanitarian”

Dr. Robert McClure was the first layman to serve as Moderator of the United Church of Canada (1968-1971).  He died at the age of 91 on November 10, 1991.  There were many tributes to a life of astonishing variety and achievement.  During his life he had received many honours. McClure had served as a medical missionary for 25 years in China.  He had worked with lepers in India, former headhunters in Malaysia and Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip.  He had ... (Continue reading)

Reasonableness and confrontation

This fifth editorial on the abortion mentality in Canada concerns pro-life tactics. Let us say at once that many people, including those who consider themselves opposed to abortion, are not fond of pro-lifers.  Indeed, their faces turn grim when they speak about pro-life activists, whether the political ones who confront politicians, the educational kind when they show pictures of aborted babies, or those who block abortuaries (a label considered ‘inappropriate’). A recent sample of this view appeared in Edmonton’s weekly newspaper, ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial Setting our minds to it

This fourth editorial on the anti-life, pro-death philosophy which dominates Canada concerns the law. At the start of the series, in July, we argued that the drive for full protection of the unborn cannot be obtained on a piecemeal basis. In September, we said that it can’t be done either by adopting the language and standards of secularists and feminists who reject the Christian concept of the sacredness of innocent life.  The latter has been a foundational principle of our society ... (Continue reading)

The EDITORIAL Violence against women

“Wives should regard their husbands as they regard the Lord…Husbands should love their wives just as Christ loved the Church…”  (Ephesians 5:21-24) It is no good for pro-lifers to run with the hounds in pursuit of radical change in the current society.  Our July editorial noted that the anti-life frame of mind cannot be changed piecemeal and the August editorial that there is hope for change because of the still widespread acceptance of Christian values.  But we cannot advance ... (Continue reading)

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