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Silence speaks volumes

What began as a single letter questioning the tactics of a pro-life activist has developed into something larger. That activist Linda Gibbons sits week after week in a jail cell should be no surprise to regular readers of The Interim. Linda's activities in defence of unborn children, and her willful defiance of an Ontario injunction restricting pro-life witnessing in the province, have filled hundreds of column inches in these pages over the last three years. One minister described her as the ... (Continue reading)

Toplessness versus equality

Should The Interim take an editorial stand on the toplessness question? A seemingly trivial subject has generated a great deal of attention, particularly as the summer weather hits with a vengeance. Everywhere it seems, Ontario newspapers are beating the bushes for stories involving topless women and the public's reaction to this newfound expression of "equality." But what might appear a little inane on the surface has implications for anyone concerned with quality family life in this province. Is it unreasonable to assume that ... (Continue reading)

Two more examples of reduced respect for human life

Two news events, initially unrelated, send a disquieting message to those concerned with the diminished respect for human life in this country. In Quebec, a woman found guilty of killing her autistic son is given a 23-month suspended sentence, despite the Crown's insistence that a three-year sentence be served. Admittedly there were difficult circumstances which led to the woman's action, and it is proper that the justice system recognize these in imposing a sentence. Nonetheless the case represents one more example of ... (Continue reading)

Of tired Liberals and jaded voters

Pro-life supporters sometimes have a difficult time putting a positive face on what appears to be a steady diet of distressing news. A case in point is the recent federal election which saw the Chrétien Liberals returned to power for at least four more years of middle-of-the-road opportunism. Although the significance of a reduced majority won’t be lost on the government, there is little to indicate the Liberals will deviate from the values-neutral legislative path they have followed since 1993. Another ... (Continue reading)

A timely reminder: the family’s special role

Many of the delegates to the recent Second Pan-American Conference on Family and Education were struck not only by the quality of speakers and the information presented, but by the number of babies frolicking in the plenary halls and workshop rooms. This after all was a celebration of family life, and the presence of the little ones was a visual reminder of the vital nurturing role found in a healthy home life. The theme for the conference—Building a Civilization of Love—was ... (Continue reading)

Editorial – What to do about Pat?

The emergence of Pat Buchanan in this year’s U.S. Republican Party Leadership race has a special significance for pro-lifers. By the sheer force of his views, Buchanan has brought the abortion issue front and centre. Described as a rogue Republican, Buchanan is considered by some a serious threat to party unity. His success in the early primaries has befuddled many political observers, including some in the Republican Party. The candidate’s surprising win over Robert Dole, Stephen Forbes and Lamar Alexander in the ... (Continue reading)

Are you listening Mr. Harnick?

“It is time for the government of British Columbia to … stop trying to limit peaceful picketing outside abortion clinics.” Globe and Mail editorial, January 26, 1996 We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Now if only Ontario’s attorney general Charles Harnick would apply the same principle to the current injunctions banning pro-life picketing in his province. When Judge E.J. Cronin decided to strike down most of the B.C. NDP government’s offensive attempt to stifle the rights of free speech and assembly ... (Continue reading)

Editorial – 40,000 angry women

As this paper goes to press, 40,000 of the most powerful and angry women from all around the world will gather in Beijing to rant and rave about their unjust plight. There will also be a pro-family contingent but don’t expect the press to acknowledge their presence. All rational people (men included) support the just and equal treatment of women. Holding a conference to promote this seems absurd. But equality, as we understand it, is not the issue at this latest ... (Continue reading)

Elvis lives

When Kate Michelman of the U.S. National Abortion Rights Action League says a Republican plan to establish voluntary prayer in public schools is “about establishing a theocracy in this nation” her words are taken at face value.  Despite the ridiculousness of her claim, she is not accused of promoting a wild conspiracy theory. When members of a pro-life contingent say that the United States, working through the UN, has an agenda to curb the ever-burgeoning Third World population, they are ... (Continue reading)

THE EDITORIAL – The kindest of cuts

After decades of irresponsible governments frittering away billions of dollars, Canada has become one of the Western World’s most heavily indebted countries. Now we must begin paying for our fiscal sins and Finance Minister Paul Martin’s budget will be the first in a long run of penitential belt-tighteners.  The days of government largesse are gone. Current wisdom says that government cuts will greatly alter the Canadian way of life.  We will no longer be able to rely completely on the government to ... (Continue reading)

THE EDITORIAL Who needs Kevorkian?

Saskatchewan farmer Robert Latimer killed Tracy, his 12-year-old daughter, because her cerebral palsy and mental abilities distressed him. His trial and conviction on murder in late November attracted great media attention. Some people suggest he is a folk hero who does not deserve a jail sentence. Others fear this public sentiment will further feed prejudice, making it open season on the disabled. In Ontario, Cathy Wilkieson followed Robert Latimer’s example. She placed her 16-uear-old son, Ryan, who suffered from ... (Continue reading)

THE EDITORIAL The shocking mess we’re in is somehow no surprise

In early October the headlines of many press stories proudly proclaimed that in 1992, 100,497 abortions were performed in Canada.  Statistics Canada had just released its latest numbers on the industry: 275 babies are killed every day; 12 are killed every hour.  For every four babies born alive in this country, one is aborted. Perhaps a visitor from another planet might have guessed that a long sought after goal had finally been reached. buy propecia generic But ... (Continue reading)

EDITORIAL Once again, Violence still no solution

The frustration has reached a boiling point and the inevitable has happened.  Another abortionist has been shot dead in Pensacola, Florida. On July 29, Paul Hill joined Michael Griffen on the list of activists who went too far.  Hill fired shots into the car of abortionist John Bayard Britton, killing him and his bodyguard. As governments continue to crack down on peaceful and legitimate activism, it is not surprising that some have resorted to violence.  As Judie Brown ... (Continue reading)


Manning on the spot “I am opposed to state-assisted suicides.” “The initial interpretation indicates a strong constituent support for physician-assisted suicide.” “I would be obligated to support that.” The above statements were made by the leader of the Reform Party of Canada and they once and forever illustrate the shortcomings of Preston Manning’s populist approach. Over the past year, this paper has come under a great deal of fire for its perceived anti-Manning, anti-RPC stance.  To set the record straight, ... (Continue reading)


Dr. Jerome LeJeune is dead. These five simple words have shocked and saddened pro-lifers around the world; five words that mark the end of a life that contributed so much to the betterment of mankind. It Is impossible, in just a few sentences, to do justice to Jerome LeJeune, for he is truly one of the great men of our time. A physician and research scientist, he is best known for his work in genetics. Early in his ... (Continue reading)

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