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A deafening silence – Editorial

The Interim was founded because the mainstream media ignored the pro-life message of former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson while he was in Toronto. Twenty years later, the mainstream media is still ignoring life issues. Two recent examples illustrate this journalistic black hole. On March 28, Statistics Canada released the national abortion numbers, not including those committed in private abortuaries in Ontario. Campaign Life Coalition sent out a ... (Continue reading)

Why doesn’t this woman have an Order of Canada? Editorial

The Globe and Mail newspaper abandoned all pretenses of objectivity in a recent 3,000-plus word feature on Canada's abortion pioneer Henry Morgentaler in a story entitled, "Why doesn't this man have an Order of Canada?" Columnist Heather Mallick, in space outside her usual 750-word column allotment, failed to even acknowledge that another side in the abortion debate exists. Tony Gosgnach examines the journalistic ... (Continue reading)

The Interim at 20 – Editorial

The Interim began publishing 20 years ago and there were many then who said it would not last. In some ways, we wish it hadn't, for the primary reason The Interim exists is to report and comment on the many offences against human dignity our society has experienced: abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, contraception, sexual promiscuity, the decline of the traditional family, and the rise of radical environmentalism and animal rights agendas that ... (Continue reading)

Stop cloning now

It is quite often said that those scientists, doctors and others who are most interested in producing a human clone are part of the slums of medicine, the scientific underworld. The likes of Raelian research corporation Clonaid, American cloning advocate Panos Zavos, and Italian gynecologist Severino Antinori are the Jack Kevorkians of reproductive medicine. But as Kelly Torrance notes on page 15 ("Stanford ... (Continue reading)

Editorials The media and James Kopp

When word emerged that James Kopp had confessed to being the trigger man in the shooting of Buffalo, N.Y. abortionist Barnett Slepian, pro-lifers throughout North America doubtlessly braced themselves for another flogging at the hands of the mainstream media. In a surprising development, however, that media onslaught never really emerged. The Buffalo News newspaper, whose reporters interviewed Kopp for the confession, followed up on the happening with ... (Continue reading)

Why the U.S. vote matters

With Republicans regaining control of the U.S. Senate, the pro-abortion lib-left will no longer be able to thwart pro-life legislation or hold up or defeat President George W. Bush's pro-life judicial nominees. Since Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords bolted the Republican Party 18 months ... (Continue reading)

Do we need a sex museum?

On Oct. 5, the Museum of Sex opened in New York City. Sponsored by private funds (reportedly not from the misnamed "adult entertainment industry"), MoSex, as the museum is called, has a rather narrow view of what constitutes sex. Missing from its first exhibit, NYC Sex: How New York City Transformed Sex in America, is any hint of heterosexuality. Instead the focus is on lesbian comic book characters and homosexual sado-masochism. ... (Continue reading)

Abortion is not a cure

The now routine use of integrated prenatal screening - the diagnostic testing of children in utero - has had disastrous, even fatal consequences. Doctors are able to identify more than 500 genetic diseases and illness; unfortunately, many of these ailments are not treatable. Many jurisdictions in Europe, the United States and Canada are reporting either a slight decline in abortion numbers or that they are holding the line. This ... (Continue reading)

Rhetorical extremism

Commenting on the U.S.'s refusal to accept abortion as a fundamental human right, and its insistence on language in the final document of the World Summit on Sustainable Development that respects national laws and cultural and religious values, Zonibel Woods of Action Canada for Population and Development resorted to the last refuge of the hopelessly desperate: rhetorical extremism. Woods compared Bush and pro-lifers to the Taliban. In Afghanistan, she ... (Continue reading)

Fertility: the American advantage

The Aug. 24 Economist magazine discussed in both the lead editorial and a three-page cover story the central issue of Western politics: the changing demographic reality. Western societies are aging, and fast. Well, not quite all Western countries. The U.S. has, in recent years, experienced a growth in its fertility rate, which now stands just below the replacement level of 2.1 children per woman. It had fallen as low as 1.8 children ... (Continue reading)

Importance of marriage

Few conflicts are as bitter, and few subjects as contentious, as homosexual unions. Included in this debate are the familiar questions that our morally squeamish society avoids answering: what is marriage? What is the state's role in it? And how far, as a society, should we allow this sacred institution to be compromised? Marriage has existed from time immemorial as a religious entity recognized by the state, but now, the ... (Continue reading)

Animal rights and such

Princeton University ethicist Peter Singer recently told a Washington, D.C. audience that Judeo-Christian teaching promotes "speciesism" because it creates "a very negative influence on the way in which we think about animals." It should hardly be surprising that Singer has spouted this idiocy, because this particular university professor is known to support killing certain infants for a short period after birth (until a child is "aware of himself in ... (Continue reading)

What you can do for life

As pro-life, pro-family advocates, too often we have a tendency to engage in hand-wringing over the lamentable social, moral, ethical and spiritual state of Canadian society. The avalanche of negative - and downright evil - developments has the potential to leave even the most committed and hardy soul downcast, discouraged and - worst of all - prone to inaction on a range of important issues. However, there are two current opportunities for Canadians to participate in actions that ... (Continue reading)

Canadians growing leery of gay agenda

A prominent sociologist says despite growing public acceptance of homosexuality, Canadians are showing an increasing reluctance to extend equal rights to homosexuals. Reginald Bibby, a University of Lethbridge sociologist who has been surveying social trends for 25 years, said Canadians who agree that sexual relations between same-sex adults are "not wrong at all" has tripled from 14 per cent in 1975 to 44 per cent in 2000. However, the number ... (Continue reading)

Pro-lifers and politics

Politics should be more than a spectator sport so although some people may delight in the happenings in the Liberal Party following the Prime Minister's sacking of his popular and effective Finance Minister Paul Martin, the possible leadership race raises serious issues for pro-lifers. The question for those of us who respect the sanctity of life and understand that the unborn deserve legal protection is not just who to support per se, but what strategy or strategies ... (Continue reading)

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