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Rae checkmates Bishops, Knights

Ontario Premier Bob Rae has responded to a letter from the Ontario Bishops (November 1990) and from the Knights of Columbus (December 1990), both of which objected to the underwriting of free-standing abortion ‘clinics’ in Ontario. Both are reaffirmations of the NDP government’s aggressive pro-abortion policy. Two months It took almost two months for Premier Bob Rae to reply to bishop John O’Mara, president of the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops (OCCB).  Bishop O’Mara had written “that innocent life needs to be protected ... (Continue reading)

Fetal-cell transfer disappointing

The British Medical Journal reports that "More patients have probably been harmed than helped so far" by the treatment of Parkinson's disease that in­volves the transplanting of cells, including cells taken from aborted fetuses. In an article dated August 11, 1990, Adrian Williams, Professor of Clinical Neurol­ogy at the University of Bir­mingham thinks the treatment is still experimental. Technical problems When cells from aborted fetuses (babies) are used, there are technical as well as ethical problems. The cells have to be tested for ... (Continue reading)

Covenant House building cancelled

Covenant House in Toronto has abandoned attempts to build a youth hostel on part of a former school yard of St. Michael's Choir School in downtown Toronto. Des Burge, communi­cations officer with the Archdiocesan Center said that at the moment the Canadian financial climate does not allow for much successful fund-raising. Toronto City Hall did not like the original plans and had delayed approving it. Covenant House sources were not avail­able for interview. An architectural drawing shows it as a cold, fortress-like building which ... (Continue reading)

Bungling abortionists can be sued

"The new abortion law is a minefield for abortionists," claims Bev Daw, executive director of the Canadian Rights Coalition (CRC). "Doctors are not going to get away by hiding behind their lab coats," Mrs. Daw told The Interim Wherever we find evidence of a bungled abortion and somebody who feels angry about it, we're going to urge them to sue." Sloppy Mrs. Daw heads an organization concerned about the plight of women who are suffering from the after-effects of abortion. "Abortionists are notoriously sloppy," ... (Continue reading)

Morgentaler not welcome in St. John’s

City Council in St. John’s, Newfoundland recently overruled an appeal board that had declared the new Morgentaler abortuary suitable for the area it was operating in. Six out of the eight sitting councilors voted to overrule the appeal board, pro-life councilor Dorothy Wyatt told The Interim. Eviction notice Council is resisting a threatening letter from Morgentaler’s lawyers (all the way from Cambridge, Ontario!) to rescind the eviction notice. The councilors are preparing to go to court, Ms. Wyatt said, despite the view of ... (Continue reading)

IVF parents facing the wrong direction

Dr. Donald Demarco presented a brief to the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies in Toronto on November 20, 1990. Because of time restrictions on that occasion, he has been given space in The Interim to expand and clarify his remarks to two of the Commissioners, Maureen McTeer and Grace Jantzen. Disease and desire Ms. McTeer stated that one of the chief issues the Commission faces is deciding on the extent to which the state should involve itself in so personal a ... (Continue reading)

Bishop’s letter not seen, Rae’s office claims

Queen’s Park, Toronto Ontario Premier Bob Rae’s office claimed they had never seen the letter from the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops (OCCB), urging the NDP government to reconsider its new policy of providing easier access to killing of the unborn. The letter from the president of the OCCB, Bishop John O’Mara, was dated November 19, 1990. It was reported in a front-page story in the December 15 issue of the Catholic Register. Correspondence In response to an Interim enquiry of December 13, a ... (Continue reading)

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