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The endangered right to speak

Michael Coren Journalist for Life Recently on my television show The Arena on Sun News I interviewed David and Jason Benham, the two brothers who were about to begin their own show on HGTV entitled Flip It Forward. The network cancelled the idea after a website called Right Wing Watch revealed that the brothers were evangelicals and opposed same-sex “marriage” and abortion. This, of course, came after ... (Continue reading)

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Justin’s authoritarian nonsense

Michael Coren Journalist for Life Author’s note: This is a slightly edited version of the monologue I delivered on my nightly television show, The Arena, on Sun News the day after Justin Trudeau’s decision to ban pro-lifers from running for the Liberal Party.  My friend Fr. Stefano Penna, a Yale philosophy Ph.D., is one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, and balanced men I know. He’s a native ... (Continue reading)

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The sads

Michael Coren Journalist for Life The last few months have been an atheist’s and an abortion activist’s nightmare. Christmas came just a couple of weeks after Pope Francis was named Time’s Man of the Year, then a couple of movies about Jesus did extremely well, then Easter and now increasing numbers of young people newly awake to the iniquities of abortion. Judging by their usual penchant ... (Continue reading)

Children’s Aid horrors

Michael Coren Journalist for Life In early March you may have read something about the Lev Tahor sect in the newspapers or seen some of the coverage of this obscure Jewish ultra-orthodox group on television. Earlier in the year I interviewed two of the group’s leaders on my television show after they were accused of marrying the community’s children off at an illegally early age and ... (Continue reading)

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Assault against the family

Michael Coren Journalist for Life Gay marriage was introduced into Britain, and it’s now been the law of the land for a year. A morbid anniversary of failure, a far from happy birthday. The Church of England has been placed in an incredibly difficult position, particularly because the Archbishop of Canterbury is an evangelical and has long been opposed to full same-sex marriage. The Muslim ... (Continue reading)

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A difference of opinion is not hate speech

Michael Coren Journalist for Life To an intelligent, open-minded person who sincerely believes in pluralism the entire Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty incident from December should have nothing at all to do with where one stands on gay issues or what one thinks of the man’s opinions, but whether we believe in freedom of speech or prefer intolerance, and censorship. Tragically, many people – especially those on ... (Continue reading)

Consumerism produces a throwaway culture

Michael Coren Journalist for Life Not all pro-lifers are Catholics, but every Catholic worthy of the name should be pro-life. As such, what the Pope says and writes is extremely important for the pro-life community, and after Evangelii Gaudium or “The Joy of the Gospel,” was issued there was enough hysteria to fill a CBC show about the achievements of Henry Morgentaler! This papal statement was ... (Continue reading)

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Moral issues and The Future of Catholicism

Moral issues and The Future of Catholicism

In my new book The Future of Catholicism (Signal Books/Random House) I devote the longest chapter to the issue of same-sex marriage, and other chapters to abortion, euthanasia, and contraception. But, some critics have argued, why spend so much time on these issues when the book is about the future of the Catholic Church? Simple. Because this is precisely the future of the Church. I discuss at some length ... (Continue reading)

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Stop the obsession

Michael Coren Journalist for Life Put simply, we have to stop obsessing about what the Pope may or may not have said about Catholics obsessing. That Papal interview now seems so long ago, but in truth it was recent, and the ripples of its landing are still being felt both inside and outside of the Church. Everybody became an expert in interpretation overnight, which was sometimes ... (Continue reading)

Be careful with whom we ally

Michael Coren Journalist for Life If we’re honest with ourselves, we will admit that allies are difficult to find. The pro-life movement is still overwhelmingly composed of serious Catholics, socially aware evangelicals, and a handful of Christians from other denominations or secular people who have grasped the fact the beginning and thus sanctity of life is a scientific and moral fact rather than a spiritual and ... (Continue reading)

Defending truth and love And John Baird

Michael Coren Journalist for Life Well, there was quite the, as my old mum used to say, “to do” in early August over REAL Women, the gay lobby, Africa, Russia, and John Baird. A “to do,” by the way, is a fuss, an event, a controversy – often over very little indeed. In this case, tried and tested friends of REAL Women, and its spokesperson and ... (Continue reading)

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Promoting perversity

Michael Coren Journalist for Life In early July the Toronto police arrested a man named Benjamin Levin, who most of us had never heard of. That was all about to change. The 61-year-old Levin was charged with seven counts of child exploitation, including charges of possessing and accessing child pornography, and was released into his brother’s custody on $100,000 bail. He has three brothers actually. One was, ... (Continue reading)

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No tears

Michael Coren Journalist for Life It’s been a while now since Morgentaler died. He was 90-years-old, and it’s always shocked me that some of the more evil people in our world live such long lives. He claimed to have been in a death camp during the Holocaust, but certainly since that time enjoyed a life composed mostly of wealth, comfort, and prestige. Tragically, hundreds of thousands ... (Continue reading)

Will the Sun always shine?

Michael Coren Journalist for Life By the time you read this column, we may know whether or not the television network Sun News, where I host a nightly show, has been awarded a must-carry license by the CRTC. It’s the license enjoyed by every other major TV outfit in Canada, and many minor and irrelevant ones. It’s really a matter of basic fairness, in that without ... (Continue reading)

The most special time of year

Michael Coren Journalist for Life I do so enjoy it. Every March 23 it comes round, and it always makes me feel so excited, so special, so spiritual. We have four children, but they’re grown now. I miss the old days, when they would be unable to sleep as soon as March came around, asking when it was coming, and would they see him? The excitement ... (Continue reading)

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