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Will we bear the cost?

Talk Turkey Josie Luetke Dear young pro-lifer, how do you feel about becoming a plumber? A farmer? A carpenter? I ask not to imply that these careers are inferior (for they are not), but to imply, rather, that your options may be limited. It is becoming more and more difficult for a pro-lifer or a social conservative to pursue the careers one may traditionally be asked about.– ... (Continue reading)

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The problem with pro-abortion philosophy

The problem with  pro-abortion philosophy

Talk Turkey Josie Luetke In a YouTube video published on July 25, as part of a series called “Philosophy Time,” featuring actor James Franco and his friend Eliot Michaelson, Princeton University philosophy professor Liz Harman tries to justify the view that early-stage abortions are morally neutral. Her argument, in a nutshell, is this: If a fetus does not have moral status, it is not wrong to abort it. ... (Continue reading)

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