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‘Phobias’ kill our freedom of expression

‘Phobias’ kill our freedom  of expression

Law Matters John Carpay Like homophobia, Islamophobia is a dangerous word. Both words are dangerous because they are ambiguous. Uncertainty about the meaning of words makes it impossible to have honest discussion and debate. Without honest debate, democracy and society function poorly. Undermining the citizen’s ability to communicate with others results in misunderstanding and fear. Dictionaries define “phobia” as “an extreme or irrational fear” and as a mild ... (Continue reading)

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Since when is Parliament our source of truth?

Law Matters John Carpay Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) tries to ban pro-life expression whenever it can. ASC is a non-government body composed of advertisers, large corporations, law firms, the CBC, Toronto Star, and Globe and Mail. ASC thinks it is qualified to determine what is “true, fair and accurate” when it comes to controversial issues like abortion. ASC rulings are technically non-binding. However, courts and municipalities refer ... (Continue reading)

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