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Toronto Muslims protest gay agenda in schools

By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Traditional family supporters, including thousands from Toronto's Islamic community, are not giving up in their opposition to the Toronto District School Board's equity policy, which lends legitimacy to the homosexual lifestyle. More than 300 people took part in a Sept. 27 rally and march at Queen's Park to draw attention to the policy and to voice their ... (Continue reading)

Mary Wagner faces new bubble-zone charges

By Ted Gerk The Interim The young woman in the photograph demands that no attention be focused on herself. Instead, Mary Wagner's challenge and focus is the Christian community. On Tuesday, Aug. 29, Mary was again arrested at the notorious Everywoman's Health Centre in Vancouver. Her crime? Once again Mary was offering roses to women arriving for their abortion. Four appearances in court later, she will have spent 50 days in maximum security by the time her trial is heard on Oct. 16 - ... (Continue reading)

Bat-wielding ARA protestors beat assault, obstruction rap

Charges against Anti-Racist Action members stayed due to unusual 'institutional delay' Interim staff A recent court decision to drop all charges against 11 Anti-Racist Action (ARA) members who violently disrupted a Show the Truth demonstration in Toronto two years ago has left pro-life supporters again wondering about the capricious nature of Ontario's legal system. Mr. Justice Robert Bigelow of the Ontario court ruled September 14 that the Charter rights of the accused to be tried in a reasonable period of time had been ... (Continue reading)

Former pro-abortion militant returns to Morgentaler’s, this time with a pro-life plea

By Michael Coren The Interim Merle Terlesky used to kick people. And push them, scream at them and tread on their hands. Why? Because she was a pro-choice activist and for five years was at the centre of the Canadian campaign to defend and extend abortion. His victims were pro-lifers. But after an encounter with cancer and a radical change of life this young man from ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life speaking tour was filled with God’s grace

By Gaetanne Hetherington "His name is David," John proclaimed the day our son was conceived, but it took him three days to convince me we were pregnant. In my heart I knew it was true; we'd been practicing the Billings method of natural family planning and the day we conceived was a "peak day." I'd known there was a good chance the Lord would bless us with a child that day; but it didn't seem like the right timing, because we'd ... (Continue reading)

Report catalogues pro-abortion violence

John-Henry Westen A new compilation of documentation on pro-abortion violence in Canada, the U.S. and Puerto Rico reveals thousands of cases where pro-abortionists have attacked persons with guns, cars, acid, hypodermic syringes, and baseball bats, while other pro-abortion advocates applauded and supported some of these actions. Human Life International's top researchers have assembled Pro-Abortion Violence, which lists over 55 murders committed by pro-abortionists. Unlike typical pro-abortion reports that simply allege ... (Continue reading)

Embracing the notion of Pilgrimage

By Catherine Fournier The Interim Pilgrimage is not a North American word. It's not a concept that fits the history of the continent. North Americans understand emigration - getting there.. We came over the oceans by ship or plane, moved through the plains by wagon, train and car, scaled the mountains, all in search of a better future. The destination was the point and the journey itself best forgotten, especially if you had any thoughts to go home again. Europe and Asia, on the ... (Continue reading)

What makes Linda tick

Alone: A Grandmother's Struggle for Life, by Gord Truscott, with foreword by Fr. Ted Colleton. Softcover, 109 pages, $10. Available from Campaign Life Coalition Canada 104 Bond St. Toronto ON M5B 1X9 tel. (416) 204-9749 fax (416) 204-1027. Review by Cathrina Keet The Interim My dream in life is to make a difference. With love, strength and determination, Linda Gibbons has made her dream a ... (Continue reading)

UBC vandals may face suspension for GAP incident

By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Pro-life students at the University of British Columbia (UBC) believe that the university has suspended three members of the Alma Mater Society (AMS) for their role in destroying a pro-life display on campus last November. According to information obtained by members of the UBC's Lifeline group, AMS members Erin Kaiser, Jon Chandler and Lesley Washington could be suspended for four months for trashing ... (Continue reading)

Rash of arrests threatens freedom of the press

The cases of three pro-life freelance journalists - Interim contributor Sue Careless, LifeSite managing director Steve Jalsevac, and Linda Gibbons biographer Gord Truscott - arrested last October for covering a pro-life demonstration, appear not to be unique. Recent events indicate that freedom of the press is in peril in this country. At least 10 journalists and photographers have been arrested in Canada since August 10, 1999. On August 10, 1999, Chris Bolin, a freelance photographer carrying three cameras and commissioned by the National ... (Continue reading)

Charges against Careless dropped

Interim board member endured nine month ordeal just for doing her job By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Toronto journalist Sue Careless has finally found relief after a nine-month ordeal at the hands of police and Crown prosecutors. Careless, who was arrested October 15, 1999 for covering a pro-life demonstration by long-time activist Linda Gibbons, learned July 28 that charges of obstructing a peace officer have finally been dropped. A veteran journalist with hundreds ... (Continue reading)

RU-486 trials begin

Pro-life youth protest in Toronto, Vancouver By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Pro-life students refused to let insinuations of "anti-abortion violence" prevent them from staging protests against the introduction of the RU-486 abortion chemical. Students in Toronto and Vancouver were out in force July 27 to draw attention to RU-486, which recently gained approval for clinical testing in Toronto ... (Continue reading)

Leo beecher’s gentle resolve inspired all who knew him

By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Leo Patrick Beecher, one of Toronto's quietest, but most inspirational pro-life, pro-family supporters died June 22, 2000 at the age of 80. A familiar sight at Campaign Life Coalition's Toronto offices for many years, Leo Beecher was an unassuming pro-lifer whose gentle resolve in defence of unborn children inspired hundreds of people. A native of southwestern ... (Continue reading)

Pilgrim for Life learns that the Lord will provide

After a frustrating month of shin splints, flu, and mega-blisters, Andrew Fournier carries on By Catherine Fournier The Interim It's been a difficult month for Andrew and for the Pilgrimage for Life. Instead of the smooth sailing Andrew experienced through the Maritimes and Quebec, injury, illness, constantly changing plans, and frustration have been the norm this month. After a good rest at home and great experiences at the March for Life in Ottawa, Andrew set off ... (Continue reading)

Alberta judge adds to bubble-zone restrictions

Calgary pro-lifer says prohibition of words ‘killing' and ‘murder' may lead to courthouse protests By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Pro-life supporters in Alberta have expressed concern that the court system may be turning to libel laws to further restrict right-to-life activity near abortion clinics. In June, Judge Blair Mason of the Alberta court ruled that pro-life signs carried by long-time activist Michael O'Malley of Calgary are libelous to abortion providers. O'Malley has ... (Continue reading)

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