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Orwellian Canada: tenant to be evicted simply for displaying a sign defending traditional marriage Special to The Interim “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” The famous line from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, a satire on a Marxist revolution and the lies and distortions required to achieve and maintain it, is a comment on the hypocrisy of governments that proclaim the absolute equality of their citizens, but give power and privileges to a small elite. In Canada, Christians upholding the ... (Continue reading)

Police who truly serve and protect

Grace Petrasek The Interim Something unusual happened at Toronto’s downtown Aid to Women office last fall, just before Robert retired as a full-time sidewalk and office counsellor. A distraught young father was refused entrance to the next-door abortuary to say a final goodbye to his girlfriend (probably both college or university students). Fortunately, the police came to his rescue within minutes, responding to a rare call for help from Aid to Women. This ... (Continue reading)

March for Life 2005

The annual March for Life, which took place in May, was undoubtedly the most successful we have had so far. According to LifeSite News, it attracted more participants than ever before, with almost 6,000 attending the march on the Hill. But, perhaps the even better news is that it wasmostly made up of youth, who represented 60-70 per cent of the participants. A pro-life Mass was ... (Continue reading)

It’s self evident!

Rory Leishman In the morning of June 16, one of the most impressive pro-life demonstrations in the history of London occurred outside the gates of the University of Western Ontario. It was a peaceful and prayerful gathering of pro-lifers witnessing to the sanctity of all human life and deploring the shameful decision of the university to confer an honourary doctorate on Henry Morgentaler. University professors, for the ... (Continue reading)

Musician takes pro-life cause on tour

Tony Gosgnach The Interim Musician David Vogel was diligently preparing for the 2005 edition of the Festival for Life Tour – a pro-life musical event that brings together over 100 Catholic and Christian performers – when a little thing called the Terri Schiavo case got in the way. Learning that there was a plan to starve and dehydrate the disabled woman to death, Vogel immediately dropped what he was doing and made ... (Continue reading)

A diverse 9,000 gather in Toronto to protest Bill C-38

John Jalsevac The Interim This past Victoria Day Monday, a crowd of 9,000 traditional marriage supporters converged on Queen’s Park for what turned out to be a powerful and lively demonstration of the desire of Canadians of every age, race and creed to protect the institution of marriage. Begun under the threat of rain, the ominous cloud-covering soon lifted, and the summer sun shone brightly on an enthusiastic ... (Continue reading)

Western ignores protests and lost funds to award Morgentaler honourary degree

Tony Gosgnach The Interim The University of Western Ontario resembled more an armed camp under siege than a place of higher learning when Henry Morgentaler’s honourary degree roadshow rolled into London, Ont., June 16. At least five dozen police officers ringed the area around the university’s Alumni Hall as Morgentaler received the ... (Continue reading)

Protests against Morgentaler’s UWO honour hit fever pitch

Tony Gosgnach The Interim The University of Western Ontario’s intransigence in awarding an honourary doctor of law degree to notorious abortionist Henry Morgentaler may wind up costing it as much as an astounding $50 million in lost donations from alumni. Such a loss has the potential to disrupt London, Ont.’s economy as a whole. And as of this writing, 10,000 people had signed an online petition at against the award. ... (Continue reading)

Chretien honoured by gay pride activists Special to The Interim Homosexuals gathered to commemorate the world’s first gay pride parade, held in Philadelphia in 1965, and to present awards to activists and others who have advanced their cause. Among them was former Canadian prime minister Jean Chretien, who was recognized for his part in championing same-sex “marriage” in Canada. Chretien, accompanied by two Royal Canadian Mounted Police, accepted the International Role Model Award at the gala hosted by ... (Continue reading)

Conservatives reject marriage rally organizer as candidate

John-Henry Westen Special to The Interim John Pacheco, principal organizer of the largest rally in the country in defence of traditional marriage in Ottawa on April 9, has been rejected as a possible Conservative candidate for the Ottawa West riding. The stunning development has left social conservatives within the party scratching their heads. Pacheco, working with ... (Continue reading)

March for Life the biggest and best yet

The Canadian pro-life movement enjoyed its best annual March for Life ever this year, with organizers saying that some 6,000 people descended on the nation’s capital for a series of events May 11-13. Aided by a large contingent of young people, the turnout represented a large increase over last year, when about 3,500 took part. “I thought it was excellent,” said March for ... (Continue reading)

Youth Enliven March for Life 2005

More than 6,000 pro-life Canadians took part in the main March for Life in Ottawa May 12, with youth comprising at least half of that number. Dozens of schools and church youth groups organized school trips on buses to the event. The seasoned verterans of the movement reported the reinvigorating influence of their presence. Many in the crowd said they were eager to return to their communities to fight on behalf of the unborn, ... (Continue reading)

Blogging is opening doors for social conservatives

Eli Schuster The Interim In the bad old days, when communists ruled Eurasia from the Elbe to the Bering Sea, dissidents were forced to meet in clandestine situations and copy banned Samizdat literature, either by hand or on unreliable mimeograph machines. Today, individuals who dislike the Western world’s culture of ... (Continue reading)

Morgentaler degree protests intensify

Tony Gosgnach The Interim The University of Western Ontario may be coming to the realization that it is getting in over its head with regard to its planned awarding of an honorary doctor of laws degree to Canada’s most notorious abortionist, Henry Morgentaler, the morning of June 16. However, to this date, it appears to be remaining ... (Continue reading)

Thousands stand up for marriage in nation’s capital

Paul Tuns The Interim At least 15,000 Canadians attended the March for Marriage on Parliament Hill April 9 to let politicians and the public know that the definition of marriage is not to be tinkered with. Some estimates put the number as high ... (Continue reading)

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