Friends of Life Sponsorship Program

Print publications are beset with challenges and operational pressures. Thankfully, our paper has its share of special friends who appreciate the fact that The Interim for 28 years has been the pro-life paper of record, covering life issues and the negative consequences that flow from policies and actions that disrespect the human person.

Faithful readers take to heart The Interim’s role. They have generously sponsored ads in the full page devoted to Friends of Life. The messages and visual images that grace the page celebrate life and family.

Of course, the reality is that monthly production costs for The Interim could not be met without the dedicated Friends of Life sponsors. On that page appear the names of the many individual and institutional supporters of our paper.

Because of this concentration of sponsor space, the paper can offer more commentary, more reporting and continue to call for cultural and legal change that is respectful of life, marriage and family. It can also highlight the inspiring aspects of pro-life work and the effectiveness of pro-life activism.

Sponsoring the Friends of Life page is a simple and very effective way for the committed pro-life supporter to act on their convictions and help spread the pro-life message. So, whether a single individual, a church, an organization, or a business – you can contribute to the culture of life with a sponsoring of that special page.

Choose the sponsor package that matches your desire and means. Your name or organizations’ name will be listed on the Friends of Life for Life page each year with the following frequency:

12  times with a donation of $600
6  times with a donation of $360
4  times with a donation of $280
2  times with a donation of $160
1  time   with a donation of $120

France Bissonnette   416-204-1687 or email at


(for British Columbia, Ontario, PEI, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, and the districts and territories)



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