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LifeChain Locations October 2nd, 2011

Participation in LifeChain is a blessing for those we are praying for and for all who partake in the event.  Remember, people all over the world will be participating on October 2nd at the same time. View the locations for Canada HERE (Continue reading)

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Coren’s show starts tonight

Interim columnist Michael Coren has moved to Sun News and his show, The Arena, begins tonight (7-8 pm Eastern). Mark Steyn and Ann Coulter are reportedly guests on the first show. Having Coren, an entertaining and thoughtful social conservative voice, on national television is a great opportunity to normalize discussion about often taboo topics such as abortion, euthanasia, and gay rights. Please tune in. Don't forget that Brian Lilley's Byline and Ezra Levant's The Source are also ... (Continue reading)

Bits & Pieces

Canada On July 15, the Ontario Court of Appeal extended a stay on the ruling that struck down legal restrictions on prostitution. The court will hand down its final decision in the fall, though most legal analysts expect the case will eventually make its way to the Supreme Court of Canada … The Toronto Star reports that Rev. Brent Hawkes, who preformed same-sex “marriages” in Toronto two years before they were legal in Ontario, says that Toronto’s ... (Continue reading)

Abortion defunding rally Oct. 22

There will be a ‘Defund Abortion Rally’ in Toronto at Queens Park on Saturday, Oct. 22. The purpose of the rally is “to make defunding abortion an issue in the newly elected provincial government,” organizer and head of Campaign Life Coalition Youth Alissa Golob told The Interim. The rally will be just the beginning of a nationwide movement to defund abortion, as the group will “move on to making this an issue in each province.” Golob described the defunding strategy as ... (Continue reading)

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Free the Children promotes abortion agenda

Free the Children has denied that documents on its web site criticizing the Harper government’s maternal and child health plan for its lack of abortion funding reflect the organization’s policy. The organization posted two fact sheets about maternal and child health ahead of the G8 and G20 summits for youth, as part of its Keep the Promise campaign, encouraging youth to keep politicians accountable to their pledges. On July 5, reported that Free the Children took down the fact sheets ... (Continue reading)

Mayor Ford’s moment of pride

On June 21, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford announced that he would not be marching in the city’s Gay Pride Parade, as it fell on the same weekend as Canada Day, during which his family traditionally leaves the city to relax at the cottage. “I’ve been going to Huntsville as long as I can remember,” Ford told reporters, “since I was a little boy, we always used to go up north to our cottage, and I’m carrying on the tradition that ... (Continue reading)

Pride’s million-man farce

Once again most news sources reported that a million people were present at Toronto’s gay pride parade. But as more than one source has demonstrated, such an attendance figure would prove impossible. REAL Women of Canada did the math on this a decade ago. They calculated that the route was 3,300 meters long. Each side of the route would need to have 425,000 people on it (plus participants who march down the middle of the street). In order for that to ... (Continue reading)

Justice Centre fights for free speech rights of pro-lifers

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is an organization that, according to its website, seeks “to advance human rights and constitutional freedoms... through research, education, and litigation to safeguard individual freedom and equality before the law.” Their fight for human rights and liberty has led them to defend pro-life students facing university censorship and other cases protecting the freedom of speech of other pro-life and pro-family activists. John Carpay, a former Alberta director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and former executive ... (Continue reading)

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Pictures open a dialogue

In the August edition of The Interim, Campaign Life Coalition Youth director Alissa Golob wrote about her experience at the Calgary Stampede using graphic photos to start discussions about abortion with passers-by. As Golob notes: These conversations, along with many others, reinforced my position that whether it’s the Calgary Stampede or the Canada Day Parade, this pro-life initiative needs to be at the forefront of Canadian life. It is an outdoor classroom where education about abortion is dispensed to ... (Continue reading)

Where’s the Catholic leadership in Ontario schools?

 There has been a strong effort by the provincial government since 2009 to make sure every school board approves and begins to implement the Equity and Inclusive Education (EIE) policy by September 2011. According to the government, we need this policy because, “Racism, religious intolerance, homophobia, and gender-based violence are still evident in our communities and – unfortunately – in our schools.”  But in a Toronto Catholic District School Board Support Document for the EIE, there is a clear statement that ... (Continue reading)

Three cheers for the EPC

In the 1980s, pro-life groups intervened in the Morgentaler case, but not the Borowski case. When the Supreme Court brought down the Morgentaler decision on Canada’s abortion law it said the Borowski case on the issue of whether the unborn was a person under the Charter was rendered moot. REAL Women’s Gwen Landolt said it was a mistake to not intervene in both cases and resolved to become involved in any future case that affected life and family issues. It costs ... (Continue reading)

Education reforms threaten social and emotional development of children

Education reforms threaten social and emotional development of children

Ontario’s Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy (EIE) pushes aside child development norms in favour of an ideologically driven model of morally relativist gender-neutral citizenship. At a Pride Toronto reception on July 1, Premier Dalton McGuinty demonstrated his ongoing commitment to that mindset. He announced that the province will require that all its publicly funded schools – elementary or secondary – allow LGBT support groups. The comprehensive EIE reform, including 13 directly related initiatives, ... (Continue reading)

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Pictures open a dialogue

Pictures open a dialogue

It’s no secret to those who know me that I am a firm supporter of the use of graphic images when it comes to pro-life activism. However, when I signed up for the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform’s Summer Crash Course and was told we would be using them outside of the Calgary Stampede, I have to admit I was a little hesitant.   Every summer in Calgary, Canadians get the chance to experience an ... (Continue reading)

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Watch Out

I never could get the hang of watching paint dry. The same goes for watching grass grow. I’m no good at that either. Mind you, I’ve only watched them directly. I haven’t tried it indirectly through web cameras linked to my computer. Maybe web camera viewing makes static images dynamic. You know, the way text messaging makes trivial remarks important. This possibility, I suspect, motivated my municipal masters to focus web ... (Continue reading)

Worrying trend

A worrying trend has developed in Canada and it threatens the very basis of free speech. Certain people no longer say, “I disagree with you”, but “you shouldn’t be allowed to say that.” It occurs in all areas, but never so often as when homosexuality is discussed. One example I particularly recall concerned a stylish and elegant book entitled Divorcing Marriage. Published by McGill-Queen’s University Press, it consisted of a series of ... (Continue reading)

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