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Latimer refused parole privileges

The Regina Leader-Post reports that the National Parole Board has refused to grant convicted child murderer Robert Latimer expanded parole privileges. Latimer won his parole release in 2008, seven years after beginning his prison sentence for the 1993 gassing death of his daughter Tracy, who had cerebral palsy. Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, says of the news that he won't be able to leave his halfway house for five days at a time: I had some concerns ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life MOMENTum

Our lead editorial for the August issue is now online. An excerpt: This series of events heralds a new day for the pro-life movement. The recent legislative victories demonstrate that being publicly pro-life is no longer beyond the pale, but is, instead, a politically viable position. This change in the political landscape corresponds with a shift in the public’s perception of the pro-life cause. In a news release entitled, “The New Normal,” Gallup reported that, for second year straight, “more ... (Continue reading)

An insignificant constituency?

Democrats for Life has three followers on Twitter. Just saying. (Continue reading)

Maternal health, abortion and the Millennium goals

The debate we have had about maternal health and abortion here in Canada is taking place at the United Nations where U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (R, NJ) told a UN committee on the the Millennium Development Goals that promoting legal abortion will not reduce maternal and infant mortality. LifeSiteNews has the story about how the "Outcome Document for the High-Level Summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), in which pro-abortion advocates are trying to include 'reproductive health services' – language that ... (Continue reading)

Bits & Pieces

Canada The B.C. Office of Information and Privacy rejected an attempt by pro-life activists to gain access to information on abortions at the province’s hospitals. Senior adjudicator Celia Francis rejected applications from Campaign Life Coalition B.C. president John Hof and pro-life researcher Ted Gerk for information on the abortions conducted at Vancouver General Hospital and Kelowna General Hospital. Hof and Gerk have pledged to continue making freedom of information requests, educating BC politicians on the implications of censorship in ... (Continue reading)

Reprimanded Canadian doctor may only perform abortions

An abortionist at Henry Morgentaler’s Ottawa abortuary has agreed to restrict his practice following allegations that he failed to maintain an adequate standard of care. Dr. Krzysztof J. Fabisiak was scheduled to appear June 17 before the disciplinary committee of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons owing to allegations against him from 25 patients. His record, publicly available on the College website, says that he was accused of having “failed to maintain the standard of practice of the profession and is ... (Continue reading)

Gibbons case may be headed to Supreme Court

Gibbons case may be headed  to Supreme Court

Constitutional arguments and an application for a change in bail conditions consumed an entire day of Provincial Court time on June 2, when Linda Gibbons appeared for her latest hearings as part of an increasingly complex web of legal issues surrounding her more recent pro-life demonstrations outside a Toronto abortion site. Gibbons has been imprisoned continuously since Jan. 20, 2009, when she was arrested outside the downtown “Scott Clinic,” which is protected by ... (Continue reading)

More on The Armageddon Factor

Last month I reviewed Marci McDonald’s hideous book The Armageddon Factor. I chose to focus on the numerous errors throughout the book – author Denyse O’Leary has coined the term ‘marcis’ to describe “errors of fact that fact-checking would have prevented.” On TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paiken, McDonald pointed out that her critics have merely pointed out the factual errors in her screed and have not criticized her argument. She ... (Continue reading)

Majority of Americans oppose abortion

Gallup released new statistics about American support for abortion and other morally controversial issues. As part of the polling organization’s annual Values and Beliefs Survey, 1,029 randomly selected Americans took part in telephone interviews from May 3-6. In the poll, 50 per cent of respondents indicated that abortion was “morally wrong,” while only 38 per cent found it “morally acceptable.” It is the first time that a majority of Americans said abortion was morally wrong since 1995, although a plurality of ... (Continue reading)

Belittling abortion

I understand that those who support abortion are not all of one mind. (That is true for those who oppose abortion, also.) There are abortion supporters who say they want abortion safe, legal and rare which implies that there is something wrong, or at least problematic, about the procedure. But there are other abortion advocates who think that abortion isn't very different than a tonsillectomy. Someone who bills herself as "Not Guilty" at Finding My Feminism says abortion is no big deal ... (Continue reading)

Another reason Gov. Christie is looking good to conservatives

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would have given $7.5 million to family planning facilities (read: Planned Parenthood). Socially conservative ends to fulfill fiscal conservative promises. (Continue reading)

Blogging will resume next week

It has been busy here in the office this week. Production week. A funeral. Meetings. Blogging will continue next week. (Continue reading)

Cardinal Ouellet and Archbishop Prendergast: “The Abortion debate is on”

Cardinal Ouellet and Archbishop Prendergast: “The Abortion debate is on”

On May 26, Quebec City Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the Primate of Canada, said in a press conference jointly hosted with Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, that “the abortion debate is on and we must not be afraid of it.” The press conference came less than two weeks after hostile reaction from the Quebec media and feminist groups over the Cardinal’s comments at a pro-life conference hosted by Campagne Quebec Vie on May 15 in ... (Continue reading)

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Aid to Women saving babies every week

In the fight against abortion, there is a need to go beyond the legal dimensions and help those who are most vulnerable. Aid to Women, a pro-life crisis pregnancy centre in downtown Toronto, is an example of a successful organization that reaches out to individual women who are considering having abortions. Opened in the late 1980s, the organization has saved over 2,000 babies from abortion and continues to rescue an average of two to three babies per week. Aid to Women ... (Continue reading)

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The price of fear-mongering

Getting whipped up about the rising tide of “crime” appears to be all the rage in Canada these days. The media is filled with stories and opinion pieces which are intended to convince us that our streets have become a brewing cauldron of violence. There are now major newspaper and radio and television stations for whom news broadcasts have become little more than crime reports. Apparently, it isn’t an umbrella you should remember to take with you, but a bullet-proof ... (Continue reading)

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