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Canada CTV reported that Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he will not support Rod Bruinooge’s private member’s bill to make it a crime to coerce a woman into having an abortion ... If, as expected, pro-life witness Linda Gibbons is released on June 3 after the second day of her scheduled trial, she will have been jailed exactly 500 days since her last arrest for allegedly violating the bubble zone injunction prohibiting pro-life speech near Ontario’s abortion facilities ... ... (Continue reading)

Life and Justice: 2nd annual campus pro-life student dinner

Life and Justice: 2nd annual campus pro-life student dinner

Following the National March for Life on May 13, more than 100 people, predominantly campus pro-life students, joined together for the 2nd annual Campus Pro-Life Student Dinner at the Mambo Nuevo Latino restaurant in the nation’s capital. The National Campus Life Network, together with University of Ottawa Students for Life (uOSFL) and Carleton Lifeline, co-organized the evening that brought together students from 16 Canadian campuses and three American campuses for networking and inspiration. The NCLN introduced its new executive director, Rebecca ... (Continue reading)

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Pro-abortion doulas divide birthing community

In 2007, a group of New York pro-abortion activists decided to provide doulas to women undergoing abortions. Traditionally, doulas assist women throughout the last few months of pregnancy and during labour. They do not have the same education as midwives or social workers. Rather, they provide comfort to the mother through techniques such as hand-holding, breathing, visualization or pain management. The New York City Doula Project, however, was the first to provide these services for women going through abortions. Since then, ... (Continue reading)

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Across Canada

CRTC promotes Canadian porn industry OTTAWA – The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has approved a new Canadian pay TV pornography channel that will air in Québec beginning in October. The channel, Vanessa, licensed by Sex-Shop Television in Montreal, will also air in English in the rest of the country in 2011. Under the licence, the new channel’s programming must be 20 per cent Canadian. Don Hutchinson, director of law and public policy for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, pointed out ... (Continue reading)

No blogging for the rest of the week

Our editor is away this week. There won't be any blogging although we hope to have a selection of our July stories on the website by the end of the week. (Continue reading)

Two new web exclusives

This stories did not appear in the print edition. "Obama’s SC choice raises serious concerns" by Pauline Kosalka "March for Life media coverage" by Joseph Jalsevac (Continue reading)

March for Life media coverage – thank Harper

Some critics have called Harper’s decision not to include abortion in the G8 maternal health plan inconsistent, considering Canada is one of the only countries in the world to have absolutely no legal restrictions on abortion. Why refuse abortions to third world nations, yet put up no opposition to the practice in your own country? Perhaps the critics are right, but in Harper’s eyes, he is being perfectly consistent. After all, by leaving out abortion in the maternal health plan ... (Continue reading)

Wildrose Alliance — mixed bag for Alberta socons

The Wildrose Alliance held its annual general meeting and more than 40 policies were voted on. Of special interest to social conservatives, on the good side of the ledger, they voted to adopt a measure to protect conscience rights for health care workers and defeated a resolution that would have softened the party's school choice policy. However, the party did not support axing Section 3 of the Alberta human rights code (which deals with free speech issues). (Continue reading)

Obama’s SC choice raises serious concerns

The pro-life community should be wary of Obama’s nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court say pro-life groups, as Kagan’s past record indicates that she supports abortion and perhaps same-sex marriage. In 1997, after the Republican Congress passed a ban on partial birth abortion and before Clinton vetoed the measure, Kagan, the associate White House counsel, recommended that Clinton endorse the Daschle amendment “to prevent Congress from overriding (Clinton’s) veto.” The exceptions hidden in the amendment meant that ... (Continue reading)

Good news in Calgary

The Campus Pro-Life Club has been reinstated at the University of Calgary. The club vows to continue with its Genocide Awareness Project witness this Fall. (Continue reading)

It all depends on whether the child is wanted

Over at ProWomanProLife, Andrea Mrozek suggests that the media coverage of the science of fetal development, if not the science itself, depends on the context: wanted or unwanted. Unwanted unborn children do not feel pain up to 24 weeks, but, "With wanted babies, we are told science shows us that babies are learning in the womb. That prior to birth they are listening to their mothers voices. Responding to cues in their environment." Of course, this is only the ... (Continue reading)

Faulty abortion numbers in maternal health debate

Andrea Mrozek And Rebecca Walberg, manager of research at the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada and president of the Wakefield Centre for Policy Research respectively, have a very good article in the National Posttoday on how the pro-abortion side plays fast and loose with abortion numbers in the maternal health debate. Mrozek and Walberg note the multiple assumptions that pro-abortion researchers employ in coming up with their 70,000 maternal deaths due to unsafe abortion number and find that many of ... (Continue reading)

When life begins

Patrick Lee and Robert P. George have an article at NRO entitled "Debating when life begins." My problem is with the title: when life begins is not debatable -- the beginning of life is scientific fact, as Lee and George make perfectly clear: With the fusion of the sperm and the ovum, the tail of the sperm is lost, and the membrane surrounding the head of what was the sperm joins the surface membrane of the former oocyte creating a single, ... (Continue reading)

2010 Abortion Provider Awards

Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health held an event last month to present its William K. Rashbaum, MD, Abortion Provider Award. The mind boggles at the idea. Does the PRCH honour the abortionist who eliminates the most unborn children? Or the abortionist who does so most efficiently (abortions per hour, perhaps)? Or an abortionist who contributes to some advance in technique or research-based improvements in their trade? Really, the whole idea is, as Jill Stanek notes, creepy. Actually, the PRCH says it provides the Rashbaum award ... (Continue reading)

Kagan’s hero-worship of Marshall

Bill Saunders, senior vice president of legal affairs at the Americans United for Life, writes in today's Roll Callabout Supreme Court appointee Elena Kagan: Elena Kagan has expressed a deep affection for the Supreme Court justice she clerked for, Thurgood Marshall. While personal affection of a clerk for her judge is certainly normal and understandable, it goes beyond that. She admired his judicial philosophy. This could have grave consequences should she become another agenda-driven justice on the Supreme Court. In a 1993 ... (Continue reading)

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