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Former MP Gus Mitges, RIP

Gut Mitges, a pro-life former MP who passed away on Nov. 1 at the age of 90, is being mourned by the Canadian pro-life community. Mitges spent more than two decades representing the rural southwestern Ontario ridings of Grey-Simcoe and Bruce-Grey, distinguishing himself by voting against the repatriation of the Canadian Constitution because it did not protect the right to life of the ... (Continue reading)

Speaking the truth, no matter what

I accuse. The various federal and provincial human rights commissions of discrimination. Against me. Because, for years now, I have spoken out against same-sex “marriage,” the excesses of the gay community and Muslim extremism in my column as well as on my television show, watched by 250,000 people. Good Lord, I’ve even made speeches on these issues, addressing thousands of people. I know that some people have complained to certain commissions, but I also know that the commissions in question have ... (Continue reading)

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U.S. points to ways to reduce abortion

In a headline story on Nov. 8, the New York Times reported that, by voting to ban federal funding for abortion from the major health-care reform bill under consideration in the United States Congress, the House of Representatives “has energized the opponents of abortion with their biggest victory in years.” Quite so. The $1.1 trillion House health-care reform bill proposes to extend insurance coverage to 36 million uninsured Americans ... (Continue reading)

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Defending Disney

A few months ago, I found myself having to defend a major entertainment corporation while a guest on a national TV show – not the sort of position any critic relishes. A critic’s credibility is a fragile thing, but you’re always safe defaulting to the contrarian, lone wolf stance much beloved of politicians on the election trail, young rock bands with a little-heard debut album to sell (or older ones ... (Continue reading)

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Frank in the White House

How I made it into the inner recesses of the White House remains a mystery to me, but there I was in the War Room of the CIA Office of Political Disinformation. I had to hurdle a number of obstructions that would have stopped dead any spy getting in and ended up standing before a tall, imposing gentleman with dark glasses who said: “I’m Bert, the station command officer. You’re Frank ... (Continue reading)

Man in coma misdiagnosed for 23 years

A Belgian man diagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state (PVS) for 23 years after an automobile accident was found to be conscious the whole time. Rather he had a condition known as Locked-in Syndrome, in which a person is fully aware of all of their surroundings, but due to their cognitive disability are unable to respond. After being re-diagnosed by neurological expert Dr Steven Laureys, Rom Houben was able to communicate his ordeal with the assistance of a computer. ... (Continue reading)

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Across Canada

Canadian swine flu vaccine ethically produced OTTAWA – Children of God for Life, a pro-life group that provides information on vaccines, confirms that Arepanrix, the HIN1 vaccine produced by GlaxoSmithKline, is produced with chicken embryos and does not use fetal cell lines in its manufacture. Health Canada’s Arepanrix product information leaflet says the “H1N1 antigen is prepared from virus grown in the allantoic cavity of embryonated hen’s eggs.” Debi Vinnedge, executive director of Children of ... (Continue reading)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We are headed toward our Christmas vacations. There might be blogging if something catches our interest. Regular blogging will return the first week of January. The staff at The Interim wish you a joyful, safe and holy Christmas and very happy New Year. God bless all you for reading the paper both online and in dead tree. We appreciate everything you do for the cause of life. (Continue reading)

‘Advent and the pregnancy narratives’

Gerardine Luongo has a short piece at First Things entitled "Advent and the Pregnancy Narratives—a Season of Joyful Expectation" that is worth reading. (Continue reading)

The Nelson sell out

You probably know by now that Senator Ben Nelson's charade has ended has publicly endorsed the phony compromise on abortion funding put forward by Senators Robert Casey Jr. and Harry Reid (Jill Stanek has a number of links and comments) and that Obamacare will probably now pass the Senate later this week. As I have written numerous times, this is just one more  hurdle. As long as the pro-life House Democrats do not pull a Nelson once the ... (Continue reading)

MP takes up cause of green sex toys

Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett (St. Paul)  was approached by the entrepreneurs behind Red Tent Sex (which I noted earlier) to take up the cause of ridding sex toys of dangerous chemicals. Carolyn Bennett said: "Sex is a pretty common activity, and these sexual toys are certainly a growing market, and I really do feel at the moment we’ve got a bit of a double standard in terms of what we allow and don’t allow . "I wanted to help them, because they had a good ... (Continue reading)

Population offsets

Pop Offsets is a way for guilty-feeling Westerners to pay for their use of carbon dioxide (CO2s) through the modern indulgence system known as carbon offsets. In this particular scheme, you calculate your carbon footprint and make a donation to an entity run by the Optimum Population Trust which funnels the money to "family planning" programs, and from what I can see those programs typically operate in the developing world (their website lists India, Kenya and Madagascar). As Chesterton ... (Continue reading)

Eco-sex is pro-life (sort of)

Andrea Mrozek at ProWomanProLife takes note of Red Tent Sisters, a Toronto outfit that teaches people to practice environmentally friendly sex by avoiding non-contracepting sex with all its awful chemicals that are bad for women and the environment. It is effectively natural family planning with a different brand of moralizing (environmental instead of religious). But as Mrozek suggests, it would be a great way for the NFP crowd to rebrand. (Continue reading)

Assorted links (12/18)

The Washington Post reports that Senator Ben Nelson is largely responsible gumming up the Senate health care bill. While news reports focus on his attempts to ensure abortion is not subsidized, he has also expressed concerns about the government takeover of health care more generally, a fact ignored by the Post.  Susan B. Anthony List wrote to Senator Robert Casey Jr. to note this dissatisfaction with the compromise he proposed on abortion funding the Senate health care bill. The man Casey replaced in the Senate, Rick ... (Continue reading)

Casey a weasel, Nelson stands strong

Politico reports that pro-lifers are against the Casey compromise language. Jill Stanek reports that Senator Ben Nelson is rejecting Casey's compromise as insufficient. The Casey language will allow public subsidies to insurance plans that cover abortion in a fund-segregation scheme. In other words it is not compromise language in any way because money is fungible. Doug Johnson, legislative director of the National Right to Life Committee, is quoted in the Politico story saying Casey's proposal is "an exercise in cosmetics -- like putting lipstick on ... (Continue reading)

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