Rory Leishman
Some encouraging signs emerge -
National affairs correspondent Rory Leishman says that although somewhat less fortunate than our neighbours to the south, Canadians still have signs of hope where life issues are concerned.

Frank Kennedy
Are they crooks?
Queen’s Park correspondent Frank Kennedy muses about the prophet margins of US Silverstone Securities.

Luc Gagnon
The revival of the real Quebec
A possible revival of fiscal and social conservatism in Quebec, in the aftermath of the March election.

Fr. Ted Colleton
The power and importance of prayer (February 1987)
A reprint of one of Fr. Ted's favourite columns on prayer.

The miracle of birth
Canada’s declining birthrate continues to alarm many, pointing toward a dismal future mimicking science fiction. here

The advent of 'gaydio'
Imbalance on the airwaves, as ‘Proud FM’ enters the scene. here

The politics of abortion extremism
US Justice controversy wells-up once more with the partial-birth abortion issue. . here

Click on the picture above for link to article - Is Canada disappearing?

Federal budget makes families a priority
Oswald Clark and Paul Tuns analyze Flaherty’s budget delivery, which was heavily criticized from both sides.

Ukrainian bishop moves quickly to address priest's political partisanship -(John-Henry Westen)
Priest’s promotion of pro-abortion federal politician Ignatieff immediately reprimanded by Toronto Ukranian bishop.

In major decision, U.S. Supreme Court upholds ban on partial-birth abortions - “In major decision, U.S. Supreme Court upholds ban on partial-birth abortions” (Paul Tuns)

Presidential hopefuls react to partial-birth abortion ban ruling

Responding to the myth about 'social peace' on abortion
Paul Tuns analyzes an attempt at artificial silence, as fallacious arguments put forth claim abortion to be a settled issue in Canada.

The I's have it: three cheers for pro-life incrememtalism
(Michael J. New) - Despite division on the incremental policies within the movement, the approach achieves several victories.

Abortion and contraception: old lies (Pete Vere)
As a canon lawyer and a pro-family journalist Peter Vere delves into the dubious history of abortion and contraception.

Committee rejects amendment to lower the age of consent for homosexual sex(Gudrun Schultz)
Homosexual activists fail to lower the age of consent from the standing 18 years in Canada.

Giant cross commemorates victims of abortion
Town near Saskatoon erects 100-foot cross in memory of those lost to abortion.

Session trained future conservative leaders - (Tony Gosgnach) - US group comes to Canada with campaign strategies for solid political leaders of the future.

FCP gears up for election - (Tony Gosgnach)
US group comes to Canada with campaign strategies for solid political leaders of the future.

Historian and journalist 'bitingly correct' in his predictions Michael Coren comments on the incredibly accurate forecasting’s of Paul Johnson, spoken in the past and lived in the present.

Peace starts by ending abortion
Father Ted Scholarship award-winner Janelle Brodner’s paper concerning the fatal effects of Abortion on peaceful society..

Q and A with: Tim Bloedow - Tony Gosgnach
The Interim’s Tony Gosgnach interviews Tim Bloedow regarding his new book concerning State vs. Church in Canada.

Organ donation bill opposed - Paul Tuns
CLC sends team of two to Queen’s Park to oppose Klees’ bill 67, which would prevent Ontarians from receiving a driver’s license or health card unless they state their organ donation intentions.

Linda Wood: 'REAL' woman, real northerner - Pete Vere
Director of ‘REAL’ women in the Northwest Territories speaks about her unique experience there, standing for life. .

Humanity of the unborn shown on TV - Hilary White
Hit television series ‘House’ depicts an unborn child reaching out from the womb to grasp a doctor’s finger, seen by many as a step forward in the media’s depiction of life issues..

McMurtry a 'friend' of Morgentaler - Tony Gosgnach
An analysis of the back-handed endorsement and actions of McMurty..

Pro-abortionists focus on New Brunswick - Doreen Beagan
The battle over the funding of private abortuaries continues, as pro-abortion support continues to grow in New Brunswick.

Bishops speak to euthanasia and assisted suicide
(Gudrun Schultz and John-Henry Westen) - Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops outline the Church’s teaching in a pastoral manner, as secular society focus on issues surrounding the end of life. .

Dr. Billings had a revolutionary impact - (Theresa Smyth)
Natural Family Planning expert John Billings is remembered for his remarkable work for the family worldwide..

The paradox posed by June Callwood - (Tony Gosgnach)
Despite the secular media’s beatified image of her, June Callwood is remembered by the Interim as a microcosm of the decline in our country.

Fr. Benedict Groesche with Bishop Collins at the Lift Jesus Higher Rally

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