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Why do pro-life students do what they do?

September is upon us and campus pro-life clubs across Canada are gearing up for another year of activism among their peers. Every year, pro-life students balance their studies with the task of informing their campuses about the reality of abortion: it kills a human being and it harms women and society.... (Continue reading)

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How a bill legalizing assisted suicide was defeated

Head of Vermont Alliance for Ethical Health Care talks with The Interim Editor’s Note: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition executive director Alex Schadenberg interviewed Dr. Bob Orr, president of the Vermont Alliance for Ethical Health Care, for The Interim. On March 21, 2007, the Vermont Legislature rejected Bill H. 44, which if passed would have legalized assisted suicide in ... (Continue reading)

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UN report shows only a minority of countries allow unfettered abortion

A recent United Nations report on international abortion policies reveals that, while most countries worldwide allow abortion in extreme cases in order to save the life of the mother, only a minority allow abortion on demand. The July 2007 Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division, report stated that abortion on demand is only permitted in 28 per cent of the world’s countries. The percentage in ... (Continue reading)

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Nova Scotia assault case spotlights need for unborn victims legislation

In Dartmouth, across the harbour from Halifax, N.S., Charlene Marie Knapp, 28, was admitted to hospital in the early morning of August 1 after being stabbed 15 times with a sword. She was almost four months pregnant. Her sister, Stephanie Humber from Essex, Ont., later told the media that “three of the 15 stab wounds went clear through Charlene’s body. She underwent ... (Continue reading)

Canada’s dysfunctional democracy

The principle of separation of powers has been ... (Continue reading)

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FCP candidates put faith, family on the agenda

Feeling abandoned by Ontario’s four largest political parties, many voters concerned about life and family issues often believe they have no political voice. This is not the case. The Family Coalition Party (FCP) has arisen as a party that stands for three fundamental rights: “the right to life, the right to freedom and the right to own ... (Continue reading)

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The Political issue

Meet the FCP Candidates Pete Vere reviews some of the outstanding Family Coalition Party candidates running in the upcoming Ontario election. Dysfunctional Democracy Tony Gosgnach discusses Canada’s democratic failings, in light of judges, the ... (Continue reading)

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John Tory: the camel in the tent

I just found out two startling things! What saved Canada in the beginning and who the camel in the tent was. We’ll start with who was the camel in the tent, because it leads directly into what saved Canada. In Aesop’s wonderful old story, a camel freezing out in the cold is able to persuade ... (Continue reading)

Learning from atheists

Who would have imagined we would see atheists outing fellow atheists for the supposed good of the country? Well, that is the thinking behind the new Richard Dawkins “OUT Campaign.” Dawkins, one of the foremost atheists of our day and author of the best-selling book The God Delusion, recently published a provocative piece on his ... (Continue reading)

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Is polygamy next?

Time and again, the proponents of traditional marriage and the natural family warned that changing the legal definition of marriage to accommodate same-sex couples could also lead to the legalization of polygamy. Former Liberal justice minister Irwin Cotler disagreed. He insisted that the practices of polygamy, bigamy and incest were criminal offences in Canada ... (Continue reading)

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The worst Canadian ever

The Canadian history magazine The Beaver ran an online contest to determine the worst Canadian. It also asked a panel of historians to compile a similar list. The results are enlightening. About 15,000 people participated in the online poll, which ran from May to July and the “Worst Canadian,” er, honour went to the late prime minister, ... (Continue reading)

‘No’ to MMP proposal

On Oct. 10, Ontarians will be called on to vote twice. They will (or won’t) vote in the general election that decides who sits in the next provincial parliament and who governs Ontario. And, they will be called on to vote in a referendum to say “Yes” or “No” to a new electoral system for Ontario provincial elections: “mixed member proportional” representation or “MMP.”... (Continue reading)

Bits & Pieces

Canada Two weeks after Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman got “married” to his male companion, Liberal MP Scott Brison (Kings-Hants) became the first federally elected politician to “marry” his homosexual partner, Maxime St. Pierre. Ontario Progressive Conservative leader John Tory made it a point to publicly note that he sent ... (Continue reading)

Across Canada

Gay Montreal couple wins $10,000 human rights case MONTREAL – A gay couple, who live in the Montreal suburb of Pointe Claire, have been awarded $10,000 in a human rights case. The two, Theo Wouters and Roger Thibault, made headlines in 2002 when they became Quebec’s first same-sex couple to be “married” under a Civil Union Act. They claimed they had been ... (Continue reading)

Lessons from The President, the Pope, and the Prime Minister:

1. All three were shaped and grounded in a Christian faith tradition that informed how they lived and engaged human events. 2. Each was prepared to call evil by its right name, to refuse it legitimacy and to resist it. 3. Their understandings of human nature were grounded in the Imago Dei (or something very much like it) and its attendant dignity, in an understanding of human failings and of the possibility of redemption and remediation. For the pope, this translated into ... (Continue reading)

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