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What is marriage?

A version of this article orginally appeared as our August 2003 editorial. Marriage is the sacrament of love that precedes the institution of life – the family. If the family is the microcosm of society, marriage is both secular constitution and sacred covenant. It is the habitat of the family, and it ... (Continue reading)

Why exclude Oedipus?

The incoherent statism of same-sex ‘marriage’ Shortly after the Americans liberated Iraq, they changed the Iraqi traffic code, because it was enforced by Baathist-appointed traffic police who would pocket fines as often as they would properly enforce the code. But “cleaning up” the ... (Continue reading)

Happiness lies not in sexual stimulation

A visiting celestial wanderer might easily conclude that we earthlings think happiness is utterly dependent on constant sexual stimulation and condomized activity from the time we cut our teeth. Very few of the activities that preoccupy us today are without sexual overtones. (Except maybe war.) So if that is the standard by which we measure happiness, our world ... (Continue reading)

Fair comment or hate speech?

The same-sex “marriage” controversy is once again heating up newspaper columns. And once again, some in the liberal press are mocking people of faith. Columnists have led the charge, for it would seem that on the whole, editors show more restraint. A recent striking ... (Continue reading)

Don’t count on freedom of religion

In an advisory ruling on Dec. 9, 2004, the Supreme Court of Canada decreed that same-sex couples have an unequivocal equality right to marry under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Ontario government followed up on Feb. 22, 2005 with Bill 171, an omnibus act to eliminate all references to traditional ... (Continue reading)

Facing death, choosing to live

Chasing Daylight: How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My Life By Eugene O’Kelly and Corinne O’Kelly with Andrew Postman McGraw-Hill, 2006, 179 pages; $25.95 Chasing Daylight opens with the startling words, “I was blessed. I was told I had three ... (Continue reading)

Abortion harms adolescent girls’ health

Adolescent women experience far graver risks of mental and emotional health problems from abortion than they do by carrying their “unintended pregnancies” to term, according to a new U.S. study. The study, published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescents, proves ... (Continue reading)

Life Chain: a public pro-life witness

As the leaves change color to herald the onset of fall, it’s also a signal that the annual Life Chain event is just around the corner across Canada. Scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, Oct. 1, normally between 2 and 3 p.m. (specific times vary according to individual location), Canadian Life Chains are expected to ... (Continue reading)

Census tells more than just stats

“I don’t have a daddy,” said the young boy or girl at the door. “And my mommy’s still sleeping.” I would not feel comfortable writing about this experience if it had only happened to me once. Like every other enumerator with the 2006 Census, I swore an oath not to divulge any of the private information I collected. Yet, this incident happened to me ... (Continue reading)

Campus pro-life clubs must often contend with hostile environments

Sometimes, you can stop something and begin it again very easily … like riding a bicycle. Unfortunately, this is not the case when restarting a campus pro-life club. The challenges of restarting a club that had previously held official club status and was very active can be difficult and sometimes frustrating. This happened ... (Continue reading)

Spreading the message at McMaster University

McMaster LifeLine is a campus club that began in October 2004. The current president and vice-president are Johanna Miller and Elaine Zettel, respectively. They, along with other enthusiastic pro-life students, started the club. What has followed has been a spectacular group that has brought life issues to the forefront at the McMaster campus community. They have built up their club membership ... (Continue reading)

The nature of a gift

Special to The Interim This was my gift, my gift to him and my gift to the family that adopted him. The true essence of a gift is that it is given freely. Nothing can be expected in return. There can be no strings attached. Neither he nor his parents would be beholden to me. ... (Continue reading)

Adoption turns negative experience into positive one

Like many teenagers, Jen Geenen (pictured centre here) found herself pregnant from a high school relationship that had gone too far.  Sensing a growing distance between herself and her boyfriend, she faced a difficult choice.  Should the teenager drop out of high school and raise the baby as a ... (Continue reading)

How to talk to children about abortion

As families of faith prepare their children to return to school this month, parents and grandparents may be worried about what is taught in classrooms. Adults frequently consider the messages kids should receive about sex, guns, drugs and strangers – but do we prepare children for the messages they may be given on abortion? And is the totality of the ... (Continue reading)

Teachers for Life makes comeback

Numerous professions have formed specialized groups to address the pro-life struggle within their respective spheres of influence – Physicians for Life perhaps most prominently comes to mind – but one area that still needs to be focused on is the realm of teaching. ... (Continue reading)

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