Paul Tuns
Sundry observations - brief observations on a variety of events, ranging from his own personal life to the life of Terri Schindler-Schiavo.

Rory Leishman
Could it happen in Canada? - Rory says the Terry Schiavo murder could also happen in Canada and he proposes ways to stop it from happening.

Rev. Roy Hamel
Waking the giant - a call to the ‘sleeping’ Church to wake up and take a stand fro the pro-life / pro-family cause.

Doreen Beagan
Some people just don’t get - lessons from life and society that most people just do not seem to learn.

Frank Kennedy
The light in the window - writes that Pope John Paul II was the light in the window and prays that the light may continue to shine for us.

Mixed bag of Conservative party conservatism: Delegates support traditional marriage but ‘wimp-out’ on abortion

The political history of the present-day Conservative party, the results of the recent party convention and the future direction of the party are discussed. here

“Sex education: How to Guide Your Child Through the Minefield”

Alex Schadenberg reviews a new book by Jan Bracken that is an excellent resource for Christians who have children experiencing sex-ed. here

“The Whole Parent: Book One: 12 Steps to Serenity for Unwed Parents, a Practical Life Guide”

Marie Dooley briefly reviews this book that provides some practical guidelines for single parents. here

Evangelicals shared John Paul II’s commitment to the Gospel of Life

Pro-life groups go into election mode
Pro-life and pro-family organizations are mobilizing to help like-minded candidates get elected as party nominees in the possible upcoming federal election.

34 Liberal MPs back vote to kill gay ‘marriage’ bill
A Conservative amendment to the Liberal bill to redefine marriage was defeated in the House of Commons, however 34 Liberal MPs also voted for the amendment to C-38.

MP Garry Breitkreuz calls for halt to full funding of abortion in Canada

Canadian Tire clarifies role in gay ‘marriage’ show – they are not sponsoring the show after all

Pope Benedict XVI: a defender of life, faith, family

Thousands stand up for marriage in the nation’s capital at the recent March for Marriage

Dryden now singing a different tune on the morality of child care
Federal Minister for social development has switched from emphasizing need for parents to spend more time with their children to now advocating massive, state-sponsored national daycare

Spanish upper house approves gay ‘marriage’ and no-fault divorce

Portugal’s socialists-led government approves abortion referendum

A Canadian along with hundreds of others from across the globe take a stand for Terri in Florida

It wasn’t just about Terri, says parents
Following the death of their eldest daughter, the Schindler family wishes to play a more permanent role with the disability and right-to-life movements.

After Terri Schiavo – reports from news sources about recent victories in the right-to-life movement

Morgentaler degree protests intensify as thousands from across Canada sign on-line petition
The University of Western Ontario’s decision to honour abortionist Henry Morgentaler at the year-end convocation is causing a growing furor.

Bank of Montreal caves in to media pressure to end the MasterCard affinity program with Life Canada

‘Morning-after’ pill wins easy distribution despite concerns from Canadians

A physician’s scientific take on ‘Plan B’
Dr. John Shea explicitly states the consequences of using the pill and disputes common media portrayals of the drug.

Blogging is opening doors for social conservatives and enabling them to get their message out to people directly without the bias of mainstream media

Recent studies report that infant euthanasia is spreading in Dutch region of Belgium

The importance of the power of attorney for personal care
Alex Schadenberg from the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition shares with Interim readers documents that will protect them from euthanasia – as it can occur via many methods.

Revised New Brunswick sex education curriculum is still unacceptable – and parents are speaking out

Family support keeps music legend rocking
George Olliver, known as the “blue-eyed prince of soul”, leads a Christian super music group

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