Roy Hamel
Do not be afraid - The example of Mary and Joseph can give significant aid to us in the culture war. Like them, we must choose to fear and reverence God before all else. This good fear will trump the fear of man.

Fr. Ted Colleton
The Kneeling Santa - Fr. Ted relates the fascinating story of the Kneeling Santa

Christina Tuns
Jesus's story and ours - the trials of pregnancy and parenting can quickly be put into perspective when we consider Mary and Joseph's journey to the birth of Jesus

Frank Kennedy
Interested in a second-hand sub? - Frank ridicules the fiasco of the Canadian purchase of four very faulty submarines from Britain

Luc Gagnon
The Hatred - Quebec hatred of George Bush centres on hatred of Bush's Christianity and Christian morals

No reason to shy away from Christmas

We must not succumb to the cult of multiculturalism, intolerance and political correctness by being afraid to announce to the world what we believe here

Here's a chance to influence national policy

Delegates to the Conservative Party's upcoming policy convention will be chosen in January. This is a critical opportunity for social conservative members of the party to influence the party's direction here

Jean Chretien A legacy of Scandal by Interim Editor Paul Tuns

Will Chretien book wake up 'hereditary' Catholics here

When will Canadian leaders learn?
Commentary by Campaign Life Coalition's Jim Hughes on lessons of U.S. election for Canada's politicians

Pro-life gains in the U.S. Senate

Battle over marriage heats up in Canada

Florida voters okay parental notification amendment

UN pushes abortion on a host of countries

Europe's anti-Christian discrimination

Cotler talks of re-opening euthanasia debate after Martens acquittal

The evidence against Martens

Scott Peterson guilty

Windsor Report tries to address Anglican rift over homosexuality

RU-486 gets FDA safety warning

Proposed Canadian national daycare program decried

A deceptive fall in Canadian teen pregnancy rates

MP Jason Kenny warns against suppression of faith in public square

Two courts rule in favour of Terri Shiavo's favour

Sex ed book furor in Nova Scotia
Parents battle Nova Scotia gov't produced graphic student sex-ed manual that has moral agenda of Planned Parenthood and many factual errors

Everything you need to know about stem cell research
Text of a special homily by Toronto priest Fr. Seamus Hogan explaining the details and moral aspects of the current stem cell research controversy.

Adult stem cells prove superior for treatment

Fetal tissue transplants dangerous, unethical

Scientists nearing headless cloning farms

Queen's University student bravely challenges mandatory student fee for pro-abort organization

New director takes over Toronto's Aid to Women

Retirement fete for Joanne Dieleman

What the Red Sox win teaches about fate and fatherhood - Donald DeMarco

Eschewing 'happy holidays' in business
Businesses are making a big mistake with politically correct attempts to downplay Christmas which is celebrated by vast majority of Canadians

Document protects students' moral and spiritual values
Hamilton-Wentworth Family Action Council has drafted Declaration of Spiritual Values document which can be placed into child's scholastic file. Document is proving to be very useful to parents in convincing school's to respect family's moral and spiritual principles.

Newfoundland & Labrador Right to Life marks 30 years of defending life

Graphic photos of aborted children are okay, says Saskatchewan court

A little person's prayer by Dr. John Shea
About a newly conceived human's struggles to survive that conception and reach the birth that God intended

Corporate Watch Update
Gosnach notes more corporations and organizations that are donating to anti-people Planned Parenthood. Software companies Adobe and Symantec and Office Depot and Hilton Hotels are among the newest.

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