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Playing with white dice

When federal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler announced recently that the pool of potential candidates for the two vacancies on the Supreme Court of Canada was "an embarrassment of riches," he got it partly right. A total embarrassment for the Canadian people that the choices that the "pool" for judges shrunk to Louise Charron and Rosalie Abella, two left-leaning radical feminists who favour the oxymoron same-sex "marriage" farce. Both were anti-family judges who have written ... (Continue reading)

It’s obvious I’m pregnant

My Darling Baby: I can't believe it has been a month since we found out about you. Throughout the past month, we have been sharing the news with our family and friends, dreaming about you, planning for your arrival next April, considering how things will change in our house and marvelling at the changes in my body. As everyone can see, I am growing quickly. I know that with each pregnancy, your body changes more quickly than in ... (Continue reading)

The future of the PQ

The delegates at the last general council of the PQ voted Aug. 29, largely against the launching of a new leadership race in which Bernard Landry would be challenged as the PQ leader. That is not necessarily good news for the separatist party and its renewal. Bernard Landry, 67, was close to René Lévesque at the foundation of the PQ more than 35 years ago. He was a minister in countless cabinets and premier. He ... (Continue reading)

Judgement is coming

"But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers … shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone" (Rev. 21:8). It was an unsettling conversation, and quite unlooked for. I brightly greeted the Tim Hortons cashier with a cheery, "Good morning, how are you"? We had many times exchanged such pleasantries, so I was surprised by her response. With sad eyes, and a pained look she said, "Not so good. How can anyone feel good ... (Continue reading)

She was Aid to Women!

When I heard that Joanne Dieleman had retired from Aid to Women, I wanted to write an article about her wonderful, 20-year contribution to pro-life. But as I sat down to write, I realized that I was not familiar enough with the everyday inside workings of Aid to Women, so I asked Joanne's colleague at the crisis pregnancy counselling centre, Robert Hinchey, to take my place in this column for this month only. He kindly ... (Continue reading)

Band’s comeback CD features pro-life themes

Critical Mass, a Kitchener, Ont.-based Catholic rock band, has released a third CD with a definite jump into the rock/alternative genre. There is no doubt that from the beginning, Critical Mass has supported the pro-life cause. They were one of the first Catholic rock bands to be a part of Rock For Life ( and are also an integral part of David Wang, songwriter and lead singer of ... (Continue reading)

Conference hopes to motivate Christians to greater action

Interim Staff Organizers of a one-day conference in Burlington hope to spur Christians to practical action in the culture wars. Equipping Christians for the Public Square will hold its first annual Ignite Our Culture conference at the Crossroads Centre on Nov. 13 from 9 5 p.m. in hopes of motivating people to become more involved in the political realm and in their communities to make a stand for traditional values. Rev. Tristan Emmanuel of the EPC Centre told ... (Continue reading)

Men and abortion: the forgotten victims

As the chaplain of Teen Challenge of Central Canada and executive director of the Lighthouse Mission in Calgary Alta., 45-year-old Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada minister Rev. Scott Miller found that many of the men he counsels were, what could ... (Continue reading)

Volunteers and Summer students at Campaign Life Coalition, Catholic Insight, and The Interim.

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Critic founds website to tackle the feminist agenda

Henry Makow is not an individual likely to receive much approval from the feminist lobby. "Women were designed to find identity and self-fulfillment in their husband and family. This is positive. Ultimately, women do not get satisfaction in worldly achievement. They find fulfillment from giving and receiving love. They are creatures of love, God's creatures. … In order for union to take place, a woman must identify her self-interest with her husband's. She ... (Continue reading)

McCorvey case dismissed

Interim Staff The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed a motion by Norma McCorvey, known to legal history as "Roe" of Roe v. Wade infamy, to overturn the landmark 1973 decision that legalized abortion in America. More than 5,000 pages of evidence including affidavits from more than 1,000 women damaged by abortion were submitted by McCorvey who said that Roe should be reconsidered in light ... (Continue reading)

Seizing the potential of the internet

One of the factors credited for the conservative and pro-life revival in the U.S. - along with talk radio and the presence of numerous, supporting institutions and foundations - is the internet. This medium of communication has been seized upon to circumvent the liberal, filtering function of more traditional forms of mainstream media and has allowed common citizens access to closer versions of the truth, as well as the ability to get ... (Continue reading)

Ontario PCs choose liberal leader

In September, the Ontario Progressive Conservative party chose socially liberal John Tory over two self-described pro-lifers, to be its new leader. But small-c conservatives say that Tory's social liberalism and unimpressive track record could be liabilities in Ontario's October 2007 provincial election. Tory narrowly defeated former finance minister and Whitby-Ajax MPP Jim Flaherty 54 per cent to ... (Continue reading)

‘Exit Protocol’ in Schiavo case

Right-to-life and disability advocates were shocked this past September, as a new document surfaced in the battle to save Terri Schindler-Schiavo from her husband and the Florida state judiciary. The reported document appears on "Hospice of the Florida Suncoast" stationary under the title, "Exit Protocol." It lays out, in chilling detail, the anticipated physical and medical deterioration Terri would suffer should her husband ... (Continue reading)

Abortion boat may be in rough legal water

After being unable to enter Portuguese waters, the Dutch abortion boat Women on Waves has returned home, only to be met with accusations of criminal activity. Women on Waves, founded by abortionist Rebecca Gomperts, attempted to reach an agreement with Portuguese officials when the government would not allow it to dock and threatened the floating abortuary with naval intervention if it tried to reach land. ... (Continue reading)

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