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Here we go again

My Darling Baby: I can't believe I am sitting here once again. About two years ago, I first sat at the computer to write my first letter to your older sister, Kathryn. It is amazing to believe that we have been blessed with you so soon. It is fair to say that your arrival into our family was most definitely a surprise, but one that we are finding more exciting every day. About a month ago, I was ... (Continue reading)

Borowski for sainthood?

I met two people in my life whom I genuinely feel should be declared saints (other than my wife and my bank manager) and they are Dr. Jerome Lejeune and Joe (hold on now) ... Borowski. One, Dr. Lejeune, a genius and world-renowned scientist, and devout, pro-life Catholic, who discovered the cause of Down syndrome and the other, Joe Borowski, a former hard-rock miner, who described himself as "the guy who carries the lunch pail," a ... (Continue reading)

Faith and science inform the struggle

A humanist and a Christian were interviewed on CBC Radio recently. The humanist declared that Thomas Jefferson didn't really mean that bit about "under God" in the American constitution. Then he argued vigorously for separation of church and state - actually, for a secular state independent of religion. The Christian had very different ideas. They did agree that an individual's concerns reflect his world view. To see each human being as a redeemed child of the ... (Continue reading)

Silence in the ‘big tent’

It came as no surprise to me to hear the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Stephen Harper, proclaim during the recent federal election that those who value human life before it is born, are welcomed in his big tent. Come with me now to a recent LifeSite story regarding threats made by the Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency to churches and non-profit groups to keep quiet ... (Continue reading)

Reason is the basis of morality

Freedom presents the chief problem in moral education I have been a teacher of ethics at several institutions of higher learning over the course of the past five decades. While I cannot assess the impact I have had on my students, I can easily assess the impact they have had on me. One problem, central and challenging, remains. It is, I would say, the number one obstacle in getting anything of substance across to ... (Continue reading)

Corporate Watch

In the previous installment of Corporate Watch, we focused on some of the good things happening and how actions by pro-life and pro-family people were having an effect on corporate behaviour and the money flowing into anti-life and anti-family organizations. In this issue, we'll focus on some new and ongoing areas of concern. The Phoenix Suns basketball team - said to be owned by ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life sign vandalized in small community

Pro-lifers in Timmins, Ont. were taken by surprise after an act of pro-abortion vandalism occurred. A pro-life billboard was vandalized sometime between June 20 and 25. The words "pro-choice" were spraypainted over the billboard, which is worth $2,000. The president of Campaign Life Coalition Timmins, Eileen Meunier, said she feels "dismayed that this would happen in Timmins and sad for the people who committed ... (Continue reading)

Campaign Life co-founder remembered for dedication

A man who was instrumental in the founding of Campaign Life (a predecessor to the current Campaign Life Coalition) in 1978 is being remembered as an individual who would do whatever he could for the pro-life cause. Dr. Al Selinger passed away at Toronto's Sunnybrook Health Care Centre August 6 at the age of 78. In addition to pro-life work, he was an instructor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education before moving to the Catholic ... (Continue reading)

Nova Scotia targeted for marriage redefinition

LifeSite Daily NewsA group of same-sex "marriage" activists is planning an action to force Nova Scotia courts to decide on the status of homosexual "marriage" in that province. The group, the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project (NSRAP), bemoans that the federal government and Supreme Court of Canada are stalling on a national decision. The NSRAP is trying to force the matter by seeking a court order. "We are now ... (Continue reading)

Readers aid Africans

Thanks to the generosity of Interim readers, an orphanage and family centre run by a Catholic priest in a Rwandan village is $1,400 richer, bringing the total raised in a recent Canadian fundraising initiative for the projects to about $41,000. Peter Tassi, a Hamilton Catholic high school chaplain who helped organize the fundraising effort, which included the staging of a concert, expressed his gratitude to Interim readers on behalf of Father Hermann Schulz, who established ... (Continue reading)

Young hands (and minds) at work for The Interim

Editors Desk Each summer, the shared office space at The Interim, Campaign Life Coalition and Catholic Insight are enlivened with the presence of some (at least) half-dozen high school and university students. This year, we have been blessed with an unusual degree of help and I thought it would be nice to let you know a little bit about them and the contributions they made to this paper the last few months. Some of the ... (Continue reading)

The lady with a Dutch accent

When Joanne Dieleman answered the phone at Aid to Women one hot summer day two years ago, a woman asked to speak to "the lady with the Dutch accent." A weary Joanne replied, "That's me." Then, intuitively, the woman said, "Well, maybe you're having a bad day. I want to show you something to make you feel better." In town from Regina for a few ... (Continue reading)

Abortion issue on popular TV show

Controversy surrounded a decision by Viacom-owned cable channel N when it refused to air two episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation because of its plot about teen preganancy and abortion. The two-part show entitled Accidents Will Happen, revolved around Manny, a 14-year-old character played by Cassie Steele, as she finds out that she is preganant and is faced with the options of carrying the baby to full term ... (Continue reading)

California court nullifies S.F. gay ‘marriages’

On August 12, the Supreme Court of California voided more that 4,000 marriage licenses that were issued to same-sex couples in San Francisco earlier this year. Pro-family attorneys and organizations declared victory with the revocation of the licenses as the Supreme Court ruled 7-0 that the San Francisco officials had "no legal authority" to issue them. In addition, the Court also decided in a 5-2 split, that all licenses already issued should be voided. The case arose ... (Continue reading)

Showing the truth in Toronto

Show the Truth went to "the hearts of darkness" when a recent tour took it to the major abortuaries of Toronto. The August 9-13 engagement visited the Morgentaler, Scott and Cabbagetown abortuaries, as well as the lesser-known ones of Zarifi Markovic in north Toronto and Katherine Chu in Scarborough. As expected, the sight of large, graphic signs depicting aborted preborn humans did not sit well with abortuary-related ... (Continue reading)

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