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Science is liable to politics

Commentary by Donald DeMarco The Interim We like to think that scientists are people of unswerving integrity who report what they find without being unduly influenced by current fashions. Politicians, journalists, educators, religious leaders, businessmen, and sales personnel of every stripe may blow in the wind, but scientists, so we want to believe, are pillars of professional integrity. Unfortunately, though it should not be surprising, this is not the case. Perhaps Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes ... (Continue reading)

Let’s face the truth

For more than a year the daily newspapers have been giving accounts of the death of people in Iraq. The number of military casualties due to the war are not available, or at least not accurately, but one website suggests the total number of combatants and non-combatants as somewhere between 11,000 and 15,000. This is certainly tragic news and the members of their families - wives, parents, ... (Continue reading)

What’s good for the goose …

In 2002, the head of the Pro-Choice Action Network, Joyce Arthur, sent a presentation to the head of the Charities Directorate at the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, attacking the Pro-Life Society of B.C. Among the many charges directed to B.C. Pro-Life were false statements in tax returns, unethical fundraising and the list went on. To say that Joyce doesn't like the pro-life movement is an understatement. Her recent essay on all ... (Continue reading)

Parents must battle the Planned Parenthood mentality

Many people believe that increased sex education in schools will reduce teen pregnancies. But Robert Ruff says in Aborting Planned Parenthood, "The net effect is to aggravate the teen pregnancy problem by increasing the number of teens who are sexually active." He notes that contraceptive-oriented sex-ed courses are correlated with an astounding 50 per cent higher rate of teen promiscuity. More sexual activity inevitably leads to increases in unmarried pregnancy, abortion, and ... (Continue reading)

No crooks here!

I can't see the point of putting rich Martha Stewart in jail. I have a list of people that could go around the block who should go there first. I like to think of Martha ending up in jail as "lawyer failure." So she acted on a tip and lied about it under oath. Yes, she should have humbly confessed. Juries are impressed by good acting. Martha is in jail for lying, ... (Continue reading)

Gay ‘marriage’ discriminates

Judges in three of Canada's most populous provinces have decreed that it is discriminatory to bar same-sex couples from getting "married." It is now legal in British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario for homosexuals to marry. It is significant that the decision was largely reached on the basis of according the same rights to homosexual pairs as are presently enjoyed by heterosexuals. The mantra of the justices has been, "Discrimination must be abolished." But ... (Continue reading)

Thanking the Friends of Life

In December, The Interim editorial advisory board, The Interim business board and invited guests gathered for a meeting to examine the paper's future - how to improve our product, increase our revenues and expand our circulation. One participant in this process suggested we move to a Supporters of The Interim type feature in which donors were listed on a page recognizing the friends of life. It was suggested that churches that ... (Continue reading)

Shanghai modifies one-child policy

By Interim staffShanghai, China's most populous city and one of the first to adopt the country's coercive one-child policy 31 years ago, has announced an exception to the rule. The city has declared that if two divorced individuals remarry and they are both only children, they may have a child together, even if they had children in their previous marriage. Previously, such couples could only have a child if one of the ... (Continue reading)

Sculpture serves as a reminder of China’s one-child policyc

Interim Staff Jiang Jie was born in Beijing, China in 1963. She was educated at the Arts and Crafts School of Beijing and at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, where she is currently an associate professor in the Department of Sculpture. The Toronto Sculpture Garden is on King Street, just east of Church Street, and is ... (Continue reading)

Toronto school board includes Aid to Women as part of pro-life week

Interim StaffThis year, the Toronto Catholic District School Board welcomed Aid to Women, a crisis pregnancy agency adjacent to a Toronto abortuary, into their 33 secondary and 168 elementary schools for Respect for Life Week. Respect for Life Week takes place in the second week of May for educational purposes. Aid to Women hopes to raise its profile, educate students, faculty and public and fundraise during the week of pro-life activities after the ... (Continue reading)

Hamilton school bans noon-hour Christian club

A situation in Hamilton has seen dozens of students meeting outside their public high school once a week in bitter cold over the winter because they formed a Christian-oriented discussion group. They continue to do so and have drawn nation-wide media attention as a result. The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and Westmount Secondary School kicked the students out of the school last November over their noon-hour meetings. The ... (Continue reading)

Med student failed for opposition to abortion

By Interim StaffA medical student in his last year at the University of Manitoba Medical School will be denied his degree, because of his unwillingness to partake in any abortion-related activities. The Christian student, who wishes to remain unnamed, received a failing grade in the obstetrics and gynecology portion of his program, for refusing to perform or refer for any abortive procedure. Three separate appeals to the medical school all failed to correct ... (Continue reading)

Persecution of Christians has been ‘ramping up’ in Canada

Persecution of Christians for their faith continues to ramp up in Canadian society. LifeSite News reports that a Christian medical student in his senior year at the University of Manitoba Medical School won't be permitted to graduate, because he refuses to participate in abortion-related activities. The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, was failed in the obstetrics and gynecology portion of his program for refusing to perform or ... (Continue reading)

Why all of the sudden fuss over morality?

Jean Chretien was a scandalous prime minister. Adscam (the sponsorship scandal) has abundantly bore that out. He was everything Brian Mulroney was - and worse. Is Paul Martin any better? He's less brazen, but in my estimation, he is a party man - a Liberal, and that's enough. Yes, it is a case of guilt by association, and with good cause. Neither the Liberal ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life groups denied intervenor status in N.B. case

LifeSite Daily NewsThe request by the Coalition for Life and Health to intervene in the case of Morgentaler vs. New Brunswick has been denied by Mr. Justice David Russell in his ruling of April 2. The Coalition was formed in response to the launching of a lawsuit by abortionist Morgentaler against the province of New Brunswick because of its refusal to subsidize his private abortion clinics with provincial tax dollars. Coalition members include the ... (Continue reading)

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