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The Interim and you

The Interim is the pro-life, pro-family paper of record in Canada. We cover news that many other media want to ignore and give a perspective that is not found elsewhere. We are convinced, as we are sure you are, that the paper fills an important niche in Canadian publishing and the pro-life movement. Last year, due to circumstances beyond our control, we were well short of breaking even. We are taking care of ... (Continue reading)

What science tells us about same-sex unions

Our immune system, certainly one of the great marvels of nature, equips us with 100 billion (100,000,000,000) immunological receptors. Each of these tiny receptors has the uncanny natural capacity to distinguish the self from the non-self. Consequently, they are able to immunize or protect our bodies against the invasion of foreign substances that could be harmful to us. Marvelous as nature is, it is never extremist. From ... (Continue reading)

Moral versus immoral stem cell research

In its March 3, 2004 issue, LifeSite Daily News made the following statement, "The Senate's social affairs, science and technology committee has unanimously approved Bill C-6, an Act Respecting Assisted Human Reproduction and Related Research." The bill will now go to the third and final reading in the Senate and be given a final vote directly thereafter. "The legislation allows destructive research on human embryos 'leftover' from fertility clinics; it allows the specific ... (Continue reading)

The Claude Ryan dilemma

French Canadians have the habit of easy and quick canonization. After Claude Ryan's death on Feb. 9, the whole nation praised the journalist and politician, from Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte of Montreal to Quebec Premier Jean Charest. Many journalists participated, particularly from Le Devoir. Even the PQ leader, Bernard Landry, and the former PQ leader, Lucien Bouchard, were at the funeral. There was complete unanimity, with the exception of the radical separatist film-maker ... (Continue reading)

Paul Martin’s goof factory

I answered the door and there was Prime Minister Paul Martin standing there. I expected him to be on time. "Are you the wise old sage I've been told can help me with the political disasters I'm facing?" "Wise old sage?" I laughed. "I've been called worse things than that. I give advice to politicians and sometimes they act on it and sometimes they put it in the vertical file and often they ... (Continue reading)

One nation under God: The US is powerful and religious; Canada and the EU are weak and secular. Any coincidence?

The other day, the guy on my local radio station mentioned that The Passion of The Christ was the number one movie in America. "So congrats to Mel Gibson," he said. "And it'll probably hold on to the number one slot until the new Starsky & Hutch opens." It's always useful to keep things in proportion. But, in fact, Starsky & Hutch opened and The Passion cleaned ... (Continue reading)

Fr. John Mole: a Canadian pro-life leader for decades

A Catholic priest who was a prominent figure on the Canadian pro-life scene since even before abortion was legalized in this country has passed away at the age of 93. Father John Mole, a Missionary Oblate of Mary Immaculate, died peacefully at the Oblate residence in Ottawa on Feb. 14. Born in England and ordained a priest in 1947, he soon developed an interest in media communications, especially in their written form, and ... (Continue reading)

A loving alternative to abortion

Pregnant? Alone? Scared? Require unconditional support? Birthright provides advocacy in a non-judgmental, compassionate, and active listening environment. It is a confidential crisis pregnancy service in Canada, which provides free counselling, resources and referrals to women seeking an alternative to abortion. Birthright's objective: "It is the right of every pregnant woman to give birth, the right of every child to be born." Birthright was founded in 1968 by Louise Summerhill, a Toronto housewife with ... (Continue reading)

Racy sex ed book appears

Nova Scotia's Department of Health is aiming to put a new sex ed book in the hands of all students in Grades 7-12. It is not to be a take-home text. Although still in the draft stage, Sex? has already caused some commotion in the province. One paper called it a sex manual. Through the Depart-ment of Education, the Department of Health has asked all 22 school boards in the province to facilitate ... (Continue reading)

Political slogans you’ll never hear

With a federal election just around the corner, Canada's political parties are busy churning out new slogans. If past elections are any indication, we'll soon be called to "Make Our Voice Heard" "For A Positive Future" since now is "A Time For Change." While the slogans will all be different, you can be sure they'll all be similarly meaningless. But what if parties had to say what they were thinking? What if ... (Continue reading)

Press council rejects pro-life complaint

By Interim staffAfter dragging the matter on for a year, the Ontario Press Council has decided to not even a consider a complaint into an article and two columns by the Globe and Mail's Heather Mallick, which, among other things, urged that Henry Morgentaler be given the Order of Canada, incorrectly described a 12-week-old fetus as a "dot," labelled pro-life members of Parliament in good standing as ... (Continue reading)

Sex ‘n’ lies at women’s health forum

Editor's note: This article contains some graphic descriptions of a sexual education session. It was another Women's Health Matters Forum and Expo - and another opportunity for Planned Parenthood and the Bay Centre for Birth Control to impart their immoral and dangerous views on sexual health to impressionable high school-aged girls. The two joined in staging a multi-media "What's Your Sexual Health IQ?" session on Jan. 16, as part of the forum and expo ... (Continue reading)

Ob-gyn backtracks after truth outed

By Tony Gosgnach The InterimA talk given by an obstetrician-gynecologist from St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, a Catholic institution, at this year's Women's Health Matters Forum and Expo - and subsequent reporting on the event by Interim and LifeSite news service personnel - has prompted the hospital to correct its internal processes on how its physicians represent the hospital's mission and values. Dr. Sari Kives gave ... (Continue reading)

Radical Canadian judicial activist heads to UN

By Interim StaffA Canadian Supreme Court justice will now have the whole world as a stage for her brand of radical judicial activism. On Feb. 25, the General Assembly ratified Secretary General Kofi Annan's appointment of Justice Louise Arbour as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. In June, Arbour will be retiring from the Supreme Court of Canada, to which she was appointed in 1999, to accept ... (Continue reading)

Private school students give warm reception to pro-life position

Interim StaffPro-lifers got a dose of encouragement recently in Toronto. Speaking at a prestigious private school conference with anti-life activists, pro-life speakers found that students, on the whole, favoured the pro-life position. The World Affairs Conference in Toronto, a symposium sponsored by Upper Canada College and Branksome Hall, two local private schools, featured several life issues as part of its 2004 event: "Taking the Pulse: Ethics and Health in the 21st Century."... (Continue reading)

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