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The hatred

For Canadian pro-lifers, the victory of George W. Bush is a source of joy and hope, "gaudium et spes." Two of the national leaders of the pro-life movement in Canada, Jim Hughes and Joanne Byfield, expressed their hope before the vote for a Bush victory, because it was essential for the pro-life cause in the U.S., Canada and the world.... (Continue reading)

Interested in a second-hand sub?

As I was walking in front of the Parliament Buildings recently, I was approached by a well-dressed man pulling an oversized suitcase along the sidewalk. He said, "You look like the kind of a man who would appreciate a good bargain." Hiding my inexpensive briefcase under my arm, I assured ... (Continue reading)

Jesus’s story and ours

My Darling Baby: Christmas is quickly approaching and we are preparing our house for your arrival, as well as to celebrate the arrival of baby Jesus. Throughout this pregnancy, there have been many times when I have wondered how I will make ... (Continue reading)

The kneeling Santa

For many years - probably since I began preaching - Santa Claus or Father Christmas has been a problem for me. I haven't anything against Santa himself. After all, he was ... (Continue reading)

Do not be afraid

December has come and we approach that mysterious yet glorious time of year, when we celebrate incarnation. For, yes, Word became flesh and dwelt in our midst. The biblical record tells us that an angel appeared to both Mary and Joseph. To Mary, Gabriel announced that ... (Continue reading)

Corporate Watch

One of the components that keep the Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada's sex-and-abortion machine running is the support of corporate ... (Continue reading)

A Little Person’s Prayer

My days were numbered before they ever came to be. Psalm 139 Hi there! I've just arrived, body and soul in the upper reaches of my mom's right fallopian tube. Thank God, nothing prevented my dad's sperm from swimming all the way to reach my mom's egg and no chemicals ... (Continue reading)

Graphic photos are okay, says court

Interim Staff In a rare pro-life court victory, the Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench has ruled that displays of graphic photos of aborted children are "legitimate participation in an important political and social debate in Canada." Saskatchewan activist Bill Whatcott, and members ... (Continue reading)

Newfoundland & Labrador Right to Life marks 30 years of defending life

Interim Staff Newfoundland & Labrador Right to Life celebrated its 30th year anniversary dinner in St. John's on Oct. 23, during its annual respect for life week. The organization recounted 24 years of its operating St. Elizabeth house, a place of refuge for pregnant women that it opened in 1980. ... (Continue reading)

Document protects students’ moral and spiritual values

Parents concerned about some of the questionable moral and spiritual principles imparted to their children within various school systems - especially public ones - now have a tool they can use to ensure that parental values are the ones that reign supreme in their children's education. The Hamilton-Wentworth Family Action Council, ... (Continue reading)

Eschewing ‘happy holidays’ in business

As the Christmas season nears, get ready to be inundated by politically correct attempts to downplay the true meaning of our joyous holiday. In fact, it's already started. Visiting the websites of some of our more prominent retailers, we can see the early signs. Wal-Mart's homepage greets us with "holiday cheer" and offers us "holiday trees" and "holiday stockings." The word "Christmas" appears ... (Continue reading)

What the Red Sox win teaches about fate and fatherhood

When 3.2 million people gather together, the largest public gathering in New England history, to celebrate a baseball victory, you know it cannot be just about a baseball victory. Major ... (Continue reading)

Retirement fete for Joanne Dieleman

They came from across Canada to pay tribute to the woman who gave 25 years of her life to helping save preborn human beings from death at the doorstep of abortuaries run by Henry Morgentaler and Manole Buriana ... (Continue reading)

New director takes over Aid to Women

Ann Wilson, the new director of Toronto's Aid to Women, a crisis pregnancy centre, is, while soft-spoken and gentle-mannered, nevertheless one tough cookie. In July, Wilson assumed the difficult role of persuading women "in crisis" not to seek an abortion. Her task as director is daunting, considering she's ... (Continue reading)

Student bravely challenges pro-abort funding

Being a young social conservative is not easy. Students who dare challenge the liberal orthodoxy on campuses often find themselves on the receiving end of wanton attacks and ridicule. As a result, many choose to keep their views private. Dennis Crawford, a third-year student at Queen's University, did not. A ... (Continue reading)

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