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A reaction against political correctness

Recently, election results showed in Quebec and France interesting signs of a reaction against political correctness. The Action démocratique du Québec victory April 15 in the Saguenay by-election and Jean-Marie Le Pen's surprising victory in the first round of the French presidential elections April 21 showed that people are tired of political correctness, political vacuity and old political parties which constitute an establishment blind to the real social and ... (Continue reading)

Sexual ‘freedom’ a denial of our humanity

A sure-fire way to put insecure persons on the defensive these days is to suggest that they're not "open-minded" enough about sex. Most people have been conditioned by liberal-humanist indoctrination to be utterly phobic about any sort of "repression," especially sexual repression. In a 180-degree reversal of the Christianity-informed sexuality ethic that served Western culture admirably for 2,000 years, it is now widely regarded ... (Continue reading)

An assault on the last taboo

It had to happen of course. An assault on the last taboo. New York author Judith Levine has written a book called Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children From Sex. In the volume she writes that children are sexual creatures and that in denying this we are in fact hurting them. Briefly, kids should be having sex. "What is a child, sex, consent, pleasure?" asks Levine. Pretty simple ... (Continue reading)

The biggest myth

Students, if you want a career in journalism, you should pay strict attention to what I'm going to say. It could make you another Izzy Asper or a columnist for a small pro-life newspaper. I used to think that Santa Claus was the biggest myth in the world. I was wrong; it's "freedom of the press." It is a total illusion. If Sharon's boys dropped ... (Continue reading)

Whatcott complains about possible pedophile ad

Recently Bill Whatcott, the controversial Regina-based Christian crusader for morality and ethics, added another human rights complaint to his portfolio. Over a month ago, Whatcott found an ad in Saskatchewan's leading gay magazine that he felt fell under the law of protection for children against pedophilia. The ad read: "I'm 28, 160 lbs, searching for boys/men for penpals, friendship, exchanging video, pics, magazines & ... (Continue reading)

The secular case against cloning

Charles Krauthammer is a Uruguayan-born, McGill University-educated medical doctor cum Washington D.C.-based political pundit whose work appears regularly in the American press. An ethnic Jew (it is unknown whether he practices) and confined to a wheelchair, he is a moderate conservative who has reservations about embryonic stem cell research. However, in the April 29 issue of The New Republic, he laid out the secular ... (Continue reading)

Homosexuals targeting youth

June is here, and that means it's time for the annual festival of bacchanalia and depravity known as "gay pride." In just one case, thousands of homosexuals from across North America will descend on Canada's largest city for Pride Toronto, consisting of several days of activities centred on the pleasures of the flesh - more specifically, with same sex partners. The occasion offers a good ... (Continue reading)

Lila Stanford started pro-life group for teachers and parents

I have mixed emotions today as I write in this newsletter. I am very sad to report the loss of one of my heroes, Lila Stanford. Lila fell and suffered a head injury. After lingering for about 10 days, and only after she had said her goodbyes to everyone, she quietly slipped into her final sleep. For those who knew Lila you already understand how much she will be ... (Continue reading)

Book promoting pedophilia raises concerns – and sells

Judith Levine, author and journalist, recently wrote a new and controversial book, Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Kids From Sex. Levine brought her book to several publishing companies before the University of Minnesota Press decided to take it on, which should not be surprising. The U of M Press saw the book as iffy at first, so it assigned an eight-person editorial staff ... (Continue reading)

Conservatism: natural home for people of faith?

Living in a culture that is hostile towards traditional views of faith and morals, few of us would deny the hegemonic control exercised by our opponents upon our political parties, government bureaucracy, courts, academic institutions, unions, mass media and popular culture. One need only to look at the Canadian media's hostile portrayal of a few ... (Continue reading)

Looking back to 1986 The war widens

Abortionist Robert Scott opened his own abortuary on Monday, May 25. Both Premier David Peterson and the Attorney-General promised that charges will be forthcoming. "We will prosecute under the law," said Premier Peterson. "We will use the power of the law not to allow free-standing abortion clinics." Plans for the facility were discovered when ads appeared in a Toronto newspaper on May 13, seeking nurses and counselors to help in a ... (Continue reading)

Court forces Catholic school to accept homosexuality

LifeSite News In an interim ruling May 10, Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert MacKinnon ruled that a Catholic School and the Catholic school board could not forbid a 17-year-old male student from bringing his homosexual "boyfriend" to the school prom. The prom was held that night and the injunction ruling was expedited so as to allow Marc and his "boyfriend" to attend the prom. The ... (Continue reading)

Child protection motions defeated

Handful of Liberals had joined Alliance, Tory and NDP MPs in bid to raise age of consent Are horses more important than the safety of children? That's the impression the House of Commons gave in late April when it unanimously passed a bill declaring the Canadien horse as Canada's "national" horse, but struck down by votes of 163-62, and 154-71 two Canadian Alliance-inspired motions that proposed ... (Continue reading)

Ontario pro-life group works to get message to youth

Filling a gap for pro-life youth in southern Ontario was the goal of the second annual Youth for Life Challenge held at Notre Dame High School in Burlington, Ont. on April 20. Sponsored by Halton Pro-Life, the day-long event attracted high school, college and university students from as far as St. Catharines to hear presenters including bioethics expert Father Tom Lynch, disabled rights advocate Adrian Dieleman and LifeSite News editor ... (Continue reading)

Health Canada has ‘no records’ showing abortion necessary or risky

Lifesite News Canadian Alliance MP Garry Breitkreuz (Yorkton-Melville) has been told by Health Canada that the department has no statistics on whether abortions are medically necessary or medically risky. On April 23, Breitkreuz submitted an Access to Information request asking for "Copies of documents, reports and correspondence in the department with respect to the total death risk by women having an elective abortion compared to women ... (Continue reading)

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