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A weird, wacky world

There was a report in the National Post recently about U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan who are going into battle with a new camouflage face paint makeup conceived by Bobbie Weiner, who has a contract with the U.S. military. She is the Hollywood makeup artist who did the makeup for the floating bodies in Titanic. The results she achieves are frightening enough to make any ... (Continue reading)

Multiculturalism vs. Christianity

The chaplain general's office has issued a directive to Canadian Armed Forces Christian chaplains to purge all specifically Christian references from prayers and invocations at general ceremonies and functions, although they are still permitted to mention Christ at "voluntary" Christian worship services in chapel, in the field or onboard ship. The rationale for this edict is of course the great Canadian political correctness obsession, multiculturalism and inclusivity, as well ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life: not just a Catholic issue

I sometimes think, perhaps incorrectly, that many people have the impression pro-life is mostly a Catholic issue. It is true that the Pope is probably the strongest anti-abortion voice in the world, but he is not the only one. I have a particular reason for writing this article, which I shall explain later. But first, I would like to pay tribute to the many non-Catholic Christians who, over the years, ... (Continue reading)

Helen Burnie R.I.P.

Toronto pro-lifers are mourning the loss of one of their most stalwart and longstanding compatriots. Helen Burnie passed away on Dec. 3 at the age of 80. She was a prominent fixture on the Toronto pro-life scene ever since Henry Morgentaler opened his first freestanding abortuary on Harbord Street in 1984. "There weren't many like Helen," said fellow Toronto pro-life activist Dan ... (Continue reading)

Survey lets us know our readers

More than 100 of 489 Interim-reading household that were sent a readership survey this past summer replied, the latest step in our constant quest to improve the newspaper. The purpose of the survey was to obtain our readers' impressions of what this newspaper does or doesn't do well and to solicit their ideas about the future direction of The Interim. Although The Interim's staff and editorial advisory and business boards are ... (Continue reading)

Promise Keepers movement alive and well in Canada

The Promise Keepers men's ministry movement is alive and well, as almost 4,000 men from southern Ontario and parts of northern New York state attended Hamilton's Copps Coliseum this past fall for a two-day Draw the Line men's conference. A cast of speakers including media personality Michael Coren, former Toronto Maple Leafs hockey player and Hall of Fame inductee Mike Gartner, as well as counsellor Chuck Borsellino, spoke on topics ... (Continue reading)

Regina’s Whatcott facing jail over pro-life pamphlets

Bill Whatcott once again faces the prospect of spending time in jail. The Regina pro-life activist was found guilty of distributing graphic anti-abortion leaflets on the campus of that city's university last May. University of Regina security officers ticketed Whatcott under the university's traffic and parking bylaw. When asked to remove the flyers, Whatcott refused and charges were laid. Justice of the ... (Continue reading)

B.C. abortionist sentenced for sex assault

LifeSite News On Nov. 30, former abortionist Dr. Mark Walter Stewart, 57, was sentenced to four years in prison after being found guilty of having "violated the sexual integrity" of nine of his former female patients. The Naniamo Daily News reports that Stewart received four years for twice raping a vulnerable and emotionally fragile woman. He was also sentenced to three years and two years on the other nine counts ... (Continue reading)

Defending marriage incites hatred says Liberal senator

LifeSite News In comments made in the Senate on November 22, British Columbia Senator Mobina Jaffer said defending the existing definition of marriage is tantamount to "giving comfort to those who hate." Focus on the Family reported that Jaffer's comments came in a debate around a bill seeking to affirm in law that marriage is exclusively "between a man and a woman," introduced last January by Senator Anne Cools. Jaffer said ... (Continue reading)

Peace on earth, goodwill to those of goodwill

This Christmas season, it is instructive to note the divergent translations of a key phrase in the New Testament story of Christmas - often said to express the essence of the real meaning of the season - basically between "peace on Earth, goodwill to those of goodwill" and "peace on Earth, goodwill towards all". The latter translation, derived from the King James Bible, is actually a mistranslation of a ... (Continue reading)

Anti-globalization protesters trash Ottawa pro-life sign

A handful of anti-globalization protesters trashed a pro-life sign during the G-20 meetings in Ottawa in November, an incident largely ignored by the Canadian media. News of the violent G-20 protests which took place in Ottawa in November was seen around the globe with coverage mainly by the wire service Agence France Press. The Canadian Press coverage and the AFP coverage both mentioned that along with smashing windows at two ... (Continue reading)

Latimer petitions presented

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition presented its petition, Protecting People With Disabilities - The Supreme Court of Canada Latimer Decision to Parliamentary Pro-life Caucus co-chair Paul Steckle (Lib, Bruce). The petition, signed by over 31,500 Canadians, supports the needs of people with disabilities and other vulnerable Canadians by rejecting the use of the Royal Prerogative of Mercy for Robert Latimer whose conviction ... (Continue reading)

Committee endorses embryo research

Pro-life and religious groups and opposition parties generally praised the House of Commons Health Committee's recommendations on reproductive and experimental technologies, but condemned its support for the destruction of human embryos for research purposes. The committee, while opposed to the creation of embryos for the purpose of research, would permit licensed researchers to use so-called surplus embryos from fertility treatment (in vitro fertilization) "subject to the consent of the donors." Campaign ... (Continue reading)

Human cloning a reality, political debate begins

Douglas Johnson, the legislative director of the Washington D.C.-based National Right to Life Committee, would likely agree with the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius, who said that when words lose their meaning, people lose their liberty. Johnson told The Interim he is upset by the "smokescreen of euphemisms," created by the powerful, well-funded biotech lobby to justify the cloning of human embryos for the purpose of killing them and extracting ... (Continue reading)

US Briefs

Adult stem cells cure sickle cell patient PITTSBURGH, Pa. - Keone Penn was diagnosed with sickle cell, a genetic blood disease, at six months of age. He suffered a stroke at five and was in and out of hospitals until he was 11 to receive blood transfusions; doctors expected him to die by 20. When he was 15, the University of Pittsburgh's Dr. Andrew Yeager tried a new procedure involving stem cells taken from umbilical cord blood and planting them in ... (Continue reading)

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