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B.C. pro-aborts retract GAP allegations

LifeSite News The British Columbia Pro-Choice Action Network (PCAN), one of Canada's most vociferous pro-abortion groups, has publicly apologized for slandering pro-lifers. In a small retraction published in the Vancouver Sun last September (so tiny it escaped the attention of most pro-lifers at the time) the PCAN apologized to the Genocide Awareness Project and the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform for having slandered them in an article published in February, 2000. The retraction ... (Continue reading)

Reflections on the “Class of 73”

I think of 1973, during most of which I was 21, as the last year of my youth - also the last year before the gang of university-age friends I had hung with in Halifax, for what seemed at the time forever (actually only a couple of years), began to hive off into marriages, careers, and to scatter across the continent. I will turn 50 this year, a milestone that one tends to approach with an eye in ... (Continue reading)

MP’s debate pro-life motion

On March 22, Garry Breitkreuz became the latest MP to provide federal pro-life legislators the opportunity to keep the abortion issue before the consciences of those on Parliament Hill. His motion, urging the feds to redefine "human being" in the Criminal Code to include unborn babies, was addressed several weeks ago by several MPs, even though it had previously been declared "non-votable" by the committee on private members' business. Speaking in favour of the motion were Mr. Breitkreuz, ... (Continue reading)

A tempting way to go

The biggest failing in the world of politics today may be gullibility. You tell a politician with a sincere ring in your voice a whopping lie and he believes you! At one time with a pained look in their face they reached out for your neck to strangle you. Now they call in some flunkies and order them to see what they can do about implementing your wacky idea. Here's the latest one. "New Federal marijuana regulations will ... (Continue reading)

He is risen for you and me

Another Easter. Remembered by some, ignored by others or exploited as a mere few days break from work. We in the pro-life movement tend to know its real meaning. First He is interrogated, abused, threatened, both by the imperialist thugs who have raped His country and by the collaborators who have allowed the invaders to have their way. Then a group of soldiers throw Him ... (Continue reading)

A letter from the Burnaby Correctional Centre for Women

'To uphold life and say no to killing can cost you your freedom and reputation' Editor: In November last year, three young Vancouver pro-lifers were convicted of vandalism for engaging in civil disobedience at the city's Everywoman's abortuary. Jen Ziemann, Darren Holubowich and Tim Vincent, members of a group called Just Neighbours, used black paint to cover over a flower mural on the outside of the abortion facility "to tell the truth that has ... (Continue reading)

The Omnibus Bill: C-150

CLC report revisits the 1969 legalization of abortion in Canada With each federal election, the number of parliamentarians in the House of Commons who personally remember the introduction of the 1969 Omnibus Bill (C-150) that legalized abortion, dwindles. Recognizing this trend, Campaign Life Coalition national affairs director Karen Murawsky recently decided it was past time to produce a new report explaining how the Omnibus Bill reforms were instituted. Additional pressure to further ... (Continue reading)

Regina proclaims Heterosexual Family Pride Day

Mayor acts only after threat of human rights complaint After months of lobbying and the threat of a human rights complaint, the city of Regina announced it would proclaim June 18 Heterosexual Family Pride Day. After months of stonewalling the request by Christian Truth Activists to proclaim the day, the city acted quickly after CTA executive director Bill Whatcott announced he would complain to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission which had previously forced the city to recognize a "gay pride" day. Whatcott, ... (Continue reading)

Catholic Radio to offer sorely needed alternative

For Catholics and others in the Toronto area who are tired of the secularist world view peddled by the mainstream news and entertainment media, there is now an alternative on the radio. For one hour on Sunday evenings (9-10 p.m.) on 530 AM, listeners can enjoy reviews, news and analysis of current events from a Christian perspective. Fr. Marian Gil, OMI, a member of the religious order of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, told The Interim that his Catholic ... (Continue reading)

“Youth Explosion’ conference promotes life

Canada's pro-life youth continue to expand their networks and share ideas in defence of the right to life of unborn children. The latest example occurred March 4 at Notre Dame Secondary School in Burlington, Ont. Billed as a pro-life "Youth Explosion," the conference drew more than 50 high school and university students to discuss the latest developments in promoting a culture of life. This was first-ever youth pro-life conference organized by the Halton Right to Life Association. Halton president ... (Continue reading)

A tale of talented triplets

It did not happen. But it could have happened. It is a matter of historical record that Plato was born in ancient Greece, Aquinas in the Middle Ages, and Jean-Paul Sartre in the Twentieth Century. Yet it was not impossible, in the lottery of life, for all three of these talented thinkers to have been conceived by the same woman and, to strain the outer edge of imagination, to have been united as fraternal triplets during the ... (Continue reading)

Baby Love

Reflecting on the loss of a child to abortion Dear one, still missing you! Those first tears of contrition late in the night so long ago. The deep yearning then and now that can't be assuaged. How my mind grapples with the pain, imagines knowing then what I know now, reconstructs the scenario, and I see myself jumping down off the hospital gurney and fleeing out the door. Grieving too the finality of that life-betraying signature, envisioning that form I ... (Continue reading)

Pregnant due to rape, student carries on

Child placed with Jewels for Jesus Agency A slip of a girl in a lilac gown stole the show from the professional performers. Four hundred people sat in hushed silence as Kabelo told how her dream twisted into a nightmare and then floated back into the sunshine. Kabelo gave her moving testimony at a benefit concert March 24, for Jewels for Jesus Mission held at Unionville Alliance Church. At 20 ... (Continue reading)

Petition seeks to keep Latimer in jail

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of Ontario (EPCO) has launched a petition to counter a pro-Robert Latimer petition being distributed by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA). The CCLA petition seeks executive clemency for Latimer from his 10-year sentence for the second-degree murder of his daughter Tracy, and that minimum sentences be abolished to allow judges greater discretion, presumably to allow reduced sentences for so-called mercy-killings. It is claimed the petition has 300,000 signatures already. The EPCO petition wants the ... (Continue reading)

Kopp arrest used to smear pro-lifers

Extremists featured and responsible voices ignored With the arrest of shooting suspect James Kopp in France in late March, pro-abortion media personalities have typically exploited the opportunity to accuse the pro-life movement of violence. The Christian Defense Coalition in the United States cautioned the media and pro-abortion organizations not to use the murder of abortionist Barnett Slepian to attack and demonize the pro-life movement. The group also urged the U.S. Department of ... (Continue reading)

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