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Pro-Life 2000: ‘The Great Conference’

Recently I attended the National Pro-Life Conference, sponsored by Alliance for Life (Ontario) and Campaign Life Coalition (Canada). It was held at the Regal Constellation Hotel, Toronto, October 26-28. The title of the conference was, "No Exceptions, No Compromises, No Apologies." I have attended many pro-life conferences during the past 20 years but I have no hesitation in saying that this was the most inspiring, the most informative, and the most enjoyable conference I have yet experienced. One of the principal reasons ... (Continue reading)


"The government, by dint of legislative fiat, could declare that a man and his dog were 'spouses,' but no power on earth could ever make it fact." Nova Scotia's Tory government has amended its Family Maintenance Act, which will now be called the Maintenance and Custody Act, to define a common-law partner as any person who has lived with another person, regardless of gender, in a "conjugal relationship" ... (Continue reading)

Deception 101

It has all the trappings of a deliberate, calculated set-up. I'm talking, of course, about the recent CTV W-Five television program dealing with pro-life crisis pregnancy centres (CPCs). You know the program. W-Five are the slobs who, many years ago, televised a Henry Morgentaler abortion on Mother's Day. Brave buffoonery at its finest. W-Five used a hidden camera and went in on false pretenses, then turned around and accused CPCs of using distortion and false information to scare women out of having abortions. The ... (Continue reading)


There is a place in Canada that you won't find on any road map. It is called Liberal Heaven. It is not to be confused with the other Heaven because the stars there shine only for the Liberal Party and are justly rewarded for outstanding service. Attaining Liberal Heaven is not an easy feat. It requires sacrificing your integrity, personal convictions, the tenets of your religion (if it gets in the way), and friends and relatives who don't agree with you. These ... (Continue reading)

Turner, Hillary and other banalities

You couldn't make it up. I mean, really, you couldn't make it up. The way various actors, media figures and fellow travellers have rallied around Al Gore and Hillary Clinton, often motivated by support for abortion and homosexuality. Ted Turner was there, of course. And he is typical of the breed. Remember Ted? In 1990 the founder of CNN and vice-chairman of Time-Warner, said Christianity was "for losers." ... (Continue reading)

North American Youth Alliance off and running

By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Officials with the new North American Youth Alliance (NAYA) are optimistic their organization can translate the natural pro-family sentiments of young people onto the international stage. The NAYA, formed in January, 2000, is the most prominent of regional youth organizations formed to combat the abortion-contraception mentality espoused by United Nations-backed youth groups. The group works in support of the World Youth Alliance (WYA), which was created in March, 1999 as a pro-life alternative to the UN's Youth Caucus. At ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life delegates face hostility at U.N. and E.U.

Pressure brought to bear on Poland and Nicaragua at international gatherings By Anna Halpine The Interim In June of this year, the pro-life community registered its greatest victory in over a decade at the "Beijing+5" conference, the five-year review of the international conference on women held by the United Nations in New York. This victory was not without its price however, and as a result of the incredible courage demonstrated by ... (Continue reading)

Angels for Life sell big

By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Angels for Life are once again set to put a much-needed financial present under the Campaign Life Coalition Christmas tree. For the fourth consecutive year, the small Toronto-area craft-making enterprise will offer its nativity angel figures for sale during the Christmas season. All proceeds from the sales are turned over to Campaign Life Coalition to assist its efforts in defence of all human life. Monica Klaming, head ... (Continue reading)

Supreme Court hears Trinity Western case

Landmark case will decide whether homosexual 'rights' trump freedom of religion By Paul Tuns The Interim On November 9, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCOC) heard oral arguments in a case that may have a profound impact on freedom of religion in Canada. The British Columbia College of Teachers (BCCT) is appealing to the country's top court for the right to discriminate against Trinity Western University (TWU) because it claims the Christian university's teaching on homosexuality would make its graduates unfit for the classroom. ... (Continue reading)

Museum depicts Latimer as example of mercy

Representatives of Canadians with disabilities decry Edmonton 'Anno Domini exhibit By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Disabled rights activists in Alberta and across Canada are again fighting attempts suggesting that Saskatchewan farmer Robert Latimer was motivated only by mercy in the 1994 murder of his handicapped daughter Tracy. The latest effort centres on the Anno Domini: Jesus Through the Centuries exhibit at the Provincial Museum of Alberta in Edmonton. The exhibit, which runs ... (Continue reading)

Alliance for Life launches TV ad campaign

Caring Foundation ads designed to appeal to feelings and concerns of abortion-minded women By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Alliance for Life Ontario is optimistic that its soon-to-conclude TV ad campaign will convince young women in crisis pregnancies that there are several readily available alternatives to abortion. The Alliance for Life Campaign 2000 featured pro-life television commercials broadcast on 19 TV stations, including the MuchMusic channel for young people. The five-week campaign, which aired between mid-October and December 18, is expected to reach up to ... (Continue reading)

W-5 expose of CPC’s was biased and unfair

CTV newsmagazine's allegations of deception and manipulation are without foundation By Tony Gosgnach The Interim One building houses a volunteer-driven crisis pregnancy centre, where mothers-to-be are given counselling and as many resources as possible in support of bringing their babies to birth. Right next door is an abortuary, in which preborn humans of five months gestation are regularly killed. Guess which of the two got to be the victim of a hidden camera "expose" by the CTV newsmagazine program W-Five? If you guessed the abortion clinic, ... (Continue reading)

New Saskatoon crisis pregnancy centre opens

Real Choices for Women and Children shares space with several pro-life organizations By Linda Wegner The Interim It took three years of planning, two years of fundraising, the cooperation of several organizations and many hours of training and preparation, but on November 6, 2000, a site housing the Campaign Life Coalition office, the Canadian Survivors of Abortion office and the Saskatoon Crisis Pregnancy Centre opened its doors to the public.... (Continue reading)

Not a chicken or a dragon in the bunch

Being a student pro-life leader on campus today takes uncommon courage and humility By Karen Stiller The Interim When I told my Gender and Health class at Dalhousie University that I was against abortion, they were shocked. I transformed, right there in the seminar room, from a benign student into a fire-breathing dragon dripping intolerance from under my scales. The late 'eighties were frantic days in Halifax. Morgentaler unpacked his tool bag on McCully Street. Pro-life groups galvanized. A university campus seemed a logical place ... (Continue reading)

Election campaign exposed anti-Christian bigotry of Canada’s political and media elite

Commentary by Tim Bloedow The Interim Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) is a Christian organization, founded to provide assistance to Christians in countries where they face persecution, largely at the hand of Muslim and Communist regimes. Recently the organization, which sends out regular email alerts, issued a statement about the hostility being faced by Christians at the hand of their government - in Canada. The animosity expressed against Christianity during the federal election campaign was not limited simply to issues such as ... (Continue reading)

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