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Abortion Inc. comes to Kelowna

It isn't often that a columnist likes to talk about his own turf. Indeed, there is ample material and information on the battle to protect life in other towns, and I often would rather talk about them. Our fair city of Kelowna has managed to keep the evils of abortion out of the local hospital for some time. Back in the days when democracy actually meant something, pro-lifers ... (Continue reading)

Secularist “Neutrality” Based On A Lie

Secular humanists maintain that separation of Church and State is a fundamental precept of democracy; that Christian principles applied in politics and law "discriminate" against other religions and citizens with no religion; and that the teachings of the Bible are irrelevant to our enlightened modern era. Too many nominal Christians are inclined to agree with them these days. The unfounded but pervasive notion is that secular humanism is ... (Continue reading)

Jean Chretien to Join Ted Turner’s Religion

A wild rumour was circulating around Ottawa that Prime Minister Jean Chretien was planning to join Ted Turner's Religion. It was going to be done publicly after the recently held Millennium Peace Summit on religion and world peace at the United Nations. As The Interim'sofficial rumour investigator, I was asked by our editor in chief, David Curtin, to investigate it. I phoned the PM's office in Ottawa and said that "Maurice Strong" wanted a private meeting with Chretien immediately and could it ... (Continue reading)

Trustee silenced in gay debate

I host a nightly television show on Crossroads Television (CTS) entitled Michael Coren Live. My research team books up to 20 guests a week, who are then watched by hundreds of thousands of people. Indeed, we are averaging at 112,000 people a night in Greater Toronto alone! Sometimes there are cancellations, usually because of emergencies or illness. But only once has someone called to explain they had been told not to come, that they ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life speaking tour was filled with God’s grace

By Gaetanne Hetherington "His name is David," John proclaimed the day our son was conceived, but it took him three days to convince me we were pregnant. In my heart I knew it was true; we'd been practicing the Billings method of natural family planning and the day we conceived was a "peak day." I'd known there was a good chance the Lord would bless us with a child that day; but it didn't seem like the right timing, because we'd ... (Continue reading)

The true tale of a good king

By Donald DeMarco Agesilaus II, the king of Sparta in the fourth century B.C., compared his kingly role to that of a good father. "The king will best govern his realm who reigneth over his people as a father doth over his children." "Royalty," he added, "consists not in vain pomp, but in great virtues." This manner of understanding the exercise of kingship in relation to specific virtues was not unusual for the ancients, who regarded the king as the antithesis of ... (Continue reading)

Law professor a firm ‘no exceptions’ pro-lifer

By Tim Bloedow Pro-life activist and law professor are two descriptions that don't often describe the same person in America today, but they do identify Professor Charles E. Rice, a zealous spokesman for the dignity of human life and professor of law at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. He is also one of the two special guests topping the list of speakers at the upcoming National ... (Continue reading)

‘Christ the King, not Christ the Kitten’ Peter Kreeft: Controversial Culture Warrior

By Charles W. Moore One of the keynote speakers at the National Pro-Life Conference in Toronto this October will be Peter Kreeft, a prominent Christian apologist and a professor of philosophy at Boston College. Dr. Kreeft was brought up in the Christian Reformed Church and taught philosophy at his alma mater, Calvin College, prior to his becoming a Catholic I am a big Peter Kreeft fan. Like me, he ... (Continue reading)

U.S. pro-life group seeks to educate Bill Gates on myth of population control

By Paul Tuns An American pro-life group is declaring a partial victory against Microsoft founder Bill Gates one year after beginning an education campaign directed at the billionaire's funding of population control programs. From September to November 1999, the American Life League (ALL) ran ads, entitled Windows to the Truth, in the Eastside Journal in suburban Seattle, as part of their Educate Bill Gates campaign to urge him to end his funding of population control programs through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. According ... (Continue reading)

New pro-life advance directive available

By Alex Schadenberg Last year, Campaign Life Coalition experienced a serious shock when one of their valued employees, Rebecca Ducusin, experienced life-threatening health problems and become incapable of making medical decisions for herself. Questions arose pertaining to who would have the legal authority to make decisions on her behalf. The difficulties and stress associated with her needs and how to protect her were immense due to the fact that Rebecca did not have a power of attorney for personal care. It is ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life MPs work quietly for change

By Paul Tuns Just because you don't hear much from the Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus (PPLC), that doesn't mean they aren't doing anything. Indeed, like much caucus work, this unofficial caucus (it doesn't receive funding from Parliament) works behind the scenes. While they won't release the names of PPLC members, the number of MPs in the caucus, or even the party breakdown, the PPLC co-chairs - Canadian Alliance MP Jason Kenney, Liberal MP Tom Wappel, and Progressive Conservative MP Elsie Wayne - all ... (Continue reading)

B.C. goes to court NDP government wants same sex marriage

By Paul Tuns The British Columbia government filed a petition in the BC Supreme Court July 20 asking the federal government to allow same-sex marriages, becoming just the latest legal challenge along with the City of Toronto, six separate Ontario same-sex couples and a Montreal couple seeking societal approval of homosexuality. Although marriage is a federal responsibility, provinces and municipalities issue marriage licenses. The City of Toronto is ostensibly seeking a clarification of the legal status quo, but B.C. is actively pushing ... (Continue reading)

Clinton lifts ban on funding stem cell research

Britain, meanwhile, is poised to allow cloning of humans By Paul Tuns U.S. President Bill Clinton issued an executive order August 23 reversing a prohibition on the federal funding of research performed on human embryos, a sure boon to those that see a promise of cures for various diseases in the deaths of the tiniest unborn children. In the last few years, research into human stem cells - precursor cells that can give rise to multiple tissue types - has held great promise ... (Continue reading)

Report catalogues pro-abortion violence

John-Henry Westen A new compilation of documentation on pro-abortion violence in Canada, the U.S. and Puerto Rico reveals thousands of cases where pro-abortionists have attacked persons with guns, cars, acid, hypodermic syringes, and baseball bats, while other pro-abortion advocates applauded and supported some of these actions. Human Life International's top researchers have assembled Pro-Abortion Violence, which lists over 55 murders committed by pro-abortionists. Unlike typical pro-abortion reports that simply allege ... (Continue reading)

Chretien and the Liberals: Time for a change

Pro-lifers who've been at it for any length of time have experienced many frustrations. One of the most peculiar is the tendency of so many otherwise pro-life Canadians to vote Liberal, even when the Liberal candidate in their riding is pro-abortion. Experienced pro-life leaders say that Catholics are especially loyal to the party, even though the party hasn't been very loyal to them. But it isn't just ... (Continue reading)

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