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U.S. Congress looks at sale of aborted babies

Body parts trade probed By Paul Tuns The Interim The Commerce Committee of the United States Congress has finally begun an investigation into the grisly trade in human body parts procured from aborted babies. During the partial-birth abortion debate last October, New Hampshire Republican Senator Robert Smith had been unsuccessful in his attempt to rein in the gruesome trafficking of body parts procured from abortion. On the Senate floor, Smith explained why some sort of oversight ... (Continue reading)

Contraception not the answer to hunger problem

I have never been an expert at anything, apart from eating and sleeping. But, since I became active in the pro-life movement some years ago, I have taken a special interest in the question of world population. The obvious reason for this is the effect which abortion and contraception must have on the number of new human beings. Having read the 19th-century predictions of Thomas Malthus, that the population growth would outrun the ... (Continue reading)

Our crazy courts!

I used to read the comics for laughs - now I read items from our courts. Just recently a juror who helped acquit Shannon Murrin of first degree murder in British Columbia was visiting him at his home in Newfoundland. Police noticed 49-year-old Kathy MacDonald smiling at the suspect during the trial. Ignoring the advice of Murrin's lawyer, because the case was still open for appeal, the thrice married MacDonald, daughter of ... (Continue reading)

Ballistic bishops

"Bishops are not intercontinental ballistic missiles, manufactured on one continent and fired into another as an act of aggression." So fumed Archbishop Michael Peers, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, in a statement quoted recently by the National Post. Archbishop Peers was referring to the January 29 consecration in Singapore of two U.S. Episcopalian (Anglican) priests - the Right Reverends John Rodgers and Chuck Murphy, as "missionary bishops," by theologically conservative Archbishops Moses ... (Continue reading)

The ‘end’ of the gay agenda is the ‘end’ of marriage

On the face of it, the federal Liberal government's Bill C-23 is about granting all the privileges and obligations of common-law couples to same-sex partners. Looking just under the surface, we see that the measure would make homosexual unions equal to marriages, since there is currently little difference between common-law partners and spouses in ... (Continue reading)

‘Who gets the last word?’ on euthanasia

Who gets the last word? New ideas about euthanasia ($10, Canadian Physicians for Life 10150 Gillanders Rd Chilliwack BC V2P 6H4 tel. (604) 794-3772, fax (604) 794-3960, e-mail: info@physiciansfor Review by Alex Schadenberg The Interim Canadian Physicians for Life have produced a timely 23-minute video to explain what euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide are and to dispel the myths surrounding these issues. Most pro-life groups have yet to become well versed in the ... (Continue reading)

Planned Parenthood hosts ‘pro-choice’ clergy

By Jane Richard The Interim Pro-choice clergy to speak at local meeting," read the headline in the Kitchener-Waterloo Record - "Four religious leaders will lend their voices to the heated abortion issue, making an argument seldom heard in local religious circles. Representing the Anglican, Catholic, Mennonite, and Unitarian faiths, the speakers will be part of Planned Parenthood's "Religious Voices for Choice" event on January 27 in Waterloo." This sounded unbelievable; I knew I had ... (Continue reading)

My son’s Pilgrimage for Life across Canada

By Catherine Fournier The Interim On March 1, our nineteen-year-old son Andrew will leave North Sydney, Nova Scotia on a pilgrimage across Canada to raise awareness and funds for pro-life. The expected 300 days it will take him to cross Canada will be a pilgrimage for the whole family, as we - his parents and five siblings - follow ... (Continue reading)

U.K. bill would outlaw euthanasia-by-starvation

By Alex Schadenberg The Interim On Jan. 28, 2000 the Medical Treatment (Prevention of Euthanasia) Bill passed through second reading in the British House of Commons by a vote of 113 to 2. The Prevention of Euthanasia Bill was introduced on Dec. 15, 1999 by Ann Winterton, member from Congleton, in order to amend the law in relation to the withdrawal or withholding of medical treatment or food and fluid from patients ... (Continue reading)

Courage on the streets, in court, and in jail

Delta, B.C. sidewalk counsellor Mary Wagner has grown up ‘living and breathing pro-life' By Paul Tuns The Interim Mary Wagner is an unassuming young woman who has found herself both on the front-lines of the abortion struggle and behind bars for her beliefs, but there is no sign that she is about to quit. Indeed, her fight against the injustice ... (Continue reading)

The ultimate game of chess

It's played between ordinary, struggling human beings and an abstract notion of a preferred lifestyle By Donald DeMarco The Interim In what many critics consider to be Ingmar Bergman's masterpiece, The Seventh Seal(1956), a disillusioned knight, returning from the Crusades, encounters Death. The two sit down to a game of chess, the stakes being the knight's life. The scene, in which the knight, while locked in a grim battle with ... (Continue reading)

Creating real choices in Ontario’s education system

By Michael Taube and Paul Tuns The Interim On November 5, 1999, the United Nations criticized Ontario's funding of Catholic elementary and high schools, claiming it was discriminatory. It gave the government 90 days to address the issue. Ontario Education Minister Janet Ecker said separate schools would continue to get equal funding. She also dismissed the idea of funding all denominations. Although the UN can do nothing more than voice ... (Continue reading)

GAP lawsuit dismissed

But UBC pro-lifers continue free speech fight By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Pro-life students at the University of British Columbia (UBC) are not giving up in their battle to win freedom of expression. As of late February, students with Lifeline, the UBC pro-life organization, hired lawyer Craig Jones of the BC Civil Liberties Association, to represent them in a lawsuit against the university's Alma Mater Society (AMS). The students claim ... (Continue reading)

World Youth Alliance raises pro-life hopes

By Anna Halpine The Interim The North American Youth Alliance (NAYA) held their first meeting in Washington D.C. at the end of January. Represented were many of the pro-life, pro-family youth leaders from across North America, as well as representatives from local and regional organizations. The meeting heralded the beginning of the NAYA, a network of youth groups and organizations in North America, and the North American branch of the World ... (Continue reading)

Pro-lifers see hope in Canadian Alliance

New party to keep Reform's pro-family plank, but ‘consensus' policy on life issues remains Analysis by Paul Tuns The Interim For years the only federal party which could claim the full allegiance of pro-life and pro-family voters has been the Christian Heritage Party. But now a new federal party is being given a serious look by Canadian pro-life and pro-family leaders as it attempts to unite small-"c" conservatives in hopes of defeating the federal Liberals. From ... (Continue reading)

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