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What will you be doing when Christ returns?

I sat down to write this column and as I was thinking about what to say, I realized that it was going to be in the January, 2000 issue of The Interim. Yes indeed, this would be my first column for the new year - and for a new millennium! And then, all of a sudden, I thought, "If there is a new millennium." Just think! ... (Continue reading)

Mayor Mike and the Almighty Dollar

I called Premier Mike Harris recently, and was shocked when the premier himself answered the phone. "Mayor Harris here! Er ... I mean Premier Mike Harris here." "Did I hear you say 'Mayor Harris'?" "Yeah, I just fired Mel Lastman and I guess I'm now the mayor of Toronto." "Why are you doing this?" I asked. "I'm trying to save money! There are too many politicians around. The Common Sense Revolution is on a roll! I ... (Continue reading)

Assault on pro-lifer resolved

Serviceman at abortuary objected to being photographed The case of an assault against a Toronto pro-life activist and counsellor may finally be coming to a close. Last summer, Robert Hinchey was assaulted by a driver for Med-Tech, a medical waste management company. The driver shoved Hinchey's camera into his face and threatened "to rip (his) head off." The incident left Hinchey ... (Continue reading)

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The hangover from a 30-year binge

The hangover from a 30-year binge An English friend of mine commented recently that "there are some liberals over here who are starting to get a hangover from their binge." Indeed, what began with idealized hopes for the perfectibility of man has ended in a near-total cave in of public morality and civility - something even liberals are finding it a challenge to deny. Affirmation of disordered ... (Continue reading)

We must remember abortion anniversaries

As I pen these words an anniversary is upon us. A date in history that most of you will not remember. It's probably a meaningless date to you, in a movement that sadly has to endure many distressing anniversaries. But there's one more I need to thrust upon you: ... (Continue reading)

Going ‘beyond Gay’

Review by Christina Nair Beyond Gay, by David Morrison (Huntington: Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Division, 1999) The best person to witness to God's power to save and rescue in a given situation is a person who has been in that very situation and who has experienced God's saving power first-hand. David Morrison, author of Beyond Gay, was a gay activist for several years. He had a steady same-sex partner with ... (Continue reading)


Her choice To Heal: Finding spiritual and emotional peace after abortion by Sydna Masse and Joan Phillips (Chariot Victor Publishing, 1998). Softcover, 122 pages. Distributed in Canada by Cook Communications in Paris, Ont. Reviewed by Deborah James-Josipovic The Interim "We are everywhere. We are in churches. We are in shopping centers. We are in grocery stores. ... (Continue reading)

Former Interim writer in hospital after stroke

By Interim staff Former Interim contributor Rebecca Ducusin is in hospital in critical condition after suffering a series of strokes. Rebecca wrote a number of articles for the Interim over the years, including a piece on the March for Life in Washington, D.C., before joining the staff of Campaign Life Coalition's national office in Toronto as a receptionist-typist about a year ago. Friend and fellow CLC workmate Yoli Singson said ... (Continue reading)

Anita Parker worked selflessly for the unborn

  By Ted Gerk The Interim Soft-spoken Anita Parker was born to Thomas and Maureen Egan on July 13, 1934. Graduating from school in 1952, Anita began her career at a Catholic school in Cannock, Staffordshire, England. In 1954, Anita met her future husband Bill. They were married on Sept. 3, 1955. Moving to Canada in 1970, the Parkers quickly moved into a lifestyle of helps. In Canada they were involved in a variety of causes and issues, but the one most dear to ... (Continue reading)

New partial-birth ban passed

Media showing new squeamishness in covering the issue The United States Senate voted 63-34 to end the grisly practice of partial-birth abortion (PBA) but ended up four votes short of a veto-proof majority. Since 1995, both houses of Congress have voted to ban PBA, and each time President Bill Clinton has vetoed the ban. On Oct. 20, 1999 the Senate once again debated the issue of whether or not a doctor should be allowed to deliver 70 per cent of ... (Continue reading)

Pro-lifers differ in qualifying republican presidential hopefuls

The Interim The race to become the Republican presidential nominee highlights the issue of what it means to be a pro-life politician. Five men - Texas Governor George W. Bush, Arizona Senator John McCain, publisher Steve Forbes, former head of the Family Research Council Gary Bauer, and former ambassador Alan Keyes - are vying for the GOP nod. They know that without at least some pro-life support they have no chance of winning. But some pro-lifers are ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life university students meet in Toronto

  National Campus Life Network symposium draws leaders from across the country By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Canada's pro-life university students have emerged from a trying year with a renewed commitment to defending human life on campuses across the country. An optimistic tone prevailed at this year's National Campus Life Network (NCLN) symposium, January 14-16 at St. Augustine's Seminary in Toronto. More than 50 students attended this year's gathering to share experiences as university pro-lifers and to discuss new ways of promoting a culture of ... (Continue reading)

‘Illogic density’ of pro-abortion

  By Donald DeMarco The Interim John Irving is a well-known novelist and short story writer. He established his reputation in 1978 with The World According to Garp, which was made into a film in 1982. In his latest book, My Movie Business: A Memoir (Knopf, 1999), he presents his view on abortion and his attitude toward right-to-life advocates in the following passage, appearing on pages 40 and 41: "Meanwhile, a self-described right-to-lifer approached me in a bookstore where I was signing copies ... (Continue reading)

Studies indicate the Pill increases breast cancer risk

  By France Bissonnette The Interim If you have not had a full-term pregnancy and are taking the Pill - STOP. According to the research of Dr. Chris Kalenbourn, taking the Pill before a full-term pregnancy increases a woman's chance of getting breast cancer by between 40 and 220 per cent. The following is a summary of a talk given at the Human Life International conference in Toronto last April. The Pill is a combination of synthetic hormones, estrogen and progestin. It works ... (Continue reading)

Klusendorf offers advice for pro-life arguments

Pro-Life 101: A User-Friendly Guide to Making Your Case on Campus by Scott Klusendorf (San Pedro, CA, Stand to Reason Press, 1999, 37 pp, $6 in Canada)Reviewed by Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Campaign Life Coalition's effort to establish a new youth wing is especially timely with the release of Pro-Life 101, Scott Klusendorf's new book on pro-life argumentation. The director of bioethics at the California-based Stand to Reason organization, Klusendorf's primary ... (Continue reading)

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