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A visit to the Wild West Rehab Clinic

I read a news item recently that amazed me. Former Saskatchewan cabinet minister and convicted wife killer, Colin Thatcher, had to return his horse which he had been riding on the maximum security prison grounds when some envious person blew the whistle on him. I always thought that our judicial and prison system were heading towards the dumpster but I didn't think they ... (Continue reading)

Justice for single-income families

Well, the big news from Parliament Hill this month is that if you are a single-income family, the Liberal Party does not want your vote. The government began the month of March with a one-two punch to all stay-at-home mums - and all Canadian families which aspire to be "wealthy" enough to be able to make the choice to be single-income families.According to the best ... (Continue reading)

What’s wrong with Tyrell Dueck’s ‘belief system’?

By now, most Interim readers will have heard about young Tyrell Dueck of Saskatchewan. A judge ordered the 13-year-old bone cancer victim to undergo chemotherapy, and possibly amputation, against his and his parents' wishes. Tyrell underwent two court-ordered courses of chemotherapy, but terminated the treatments at the end of February.Tyrell's parents, Timothy and Yvonne Dueck, wanted to send him to a clinic in Tijuana, ... (Continue reading)

A few babies manage to ‘cheat’ the abortionist

In March of 1994, the decades-long legacy of Vancouver Grace Hospital ended. Grace was a proud institution, operated by a proud denomination known as the Salvation Army.My daughter Natalie was born there. But the Army was having difficulty with the brave new world now upon us. Feeling pressured into areas of "medicine" that no Christian would dare contemplate, the Army relinquished control, and on ... (Continue reading)

Has anyone written a book about people who would have been aborted if abortion had been legal, but who escaped to make a major contribution to society?

This question came from students after the news of Ruby Mercer's death. Ruby Mercer was a well-known opera singer, who sang at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. When she was semi-retired she devoted her life to opera, and to helping and encouraging young singers. She was well known on radio. Ruby Mercer had been a foundling. The story is that she was left ... (Continue reading)

Biotechnology and global food supply

The food business is far and away the most important business in the world. Everything else is luxury. Food is what you need to sustain life every day. You can't run a tractor without fuel, and you can't run a human being without it either. Food is the absolute beginning. (Dwayne Andreas, former chairman of Archer Daniels Midland Co., Reuters, ... (Continue reading)

Across Canada

Parent licences recommended Abortionist gets award Sex change on birth record Tremblay charged with assault 'Gay pride' complaint No to same-sex marriages B.C. gets first gay judge Parent licences recommendedCAPE BRETON, N.S. - A sociologist and a political scientist at the University College of Cape Breton have called for a licensing system for parents. Katherine Covell and R. Brian Howe say such a system would impose three requirements: that parents ... (Continue reading)

US Digest

Controversy over ‘pro-life' designation Hillary Clinton to face pro-life protests Charlton Heston addresses culture war Mormons oppose most abortions Oregon suicide stats released Nurses less tolerant of abortion Pro-life obstetrician loses lawsuit Robertson back at Christian Coalition Charges against abortionist stayed Controversy over ‘pro-life' designation A decision by the National Right to Life Committee, the largest U.S. pro-life organization, to certify possible presidential candidate George W. Bush as "pro-life" has ... (Continue reading)

International Report

Argentina marks Day of the Unborn Abortionist commits suicide Russian abortions down? Egyptian orphans killed for organs Israeli pro-life group active Argentina marks Day of the UnbornBUENOS AIRES - Argentina observed its first national Day of the Unborn March 25, with President Carlos Menem sending a message to all heads of state in Latin America, as well as Spain, Portugal and the Philippines, urging them to join in ... (Continue reading)

 Just who are the ‘purveyors of hate’?

In a March 27 Toronto Star column, Michele Landsberg refers to Human Life International's world conference in Toronto April 7 to 11 as "purveyors of hate and violence com(ing) to town, 2,000-strong." "This is not an innocuous event," Landsberg warns, accusing HLI of being "true fascists," preaching "the most abysmal kinds of prejudice against lesbians, gays, Muslims and Jews." In an open letter to members of Parliament from ... (Continue reading)

Mourning has Broken

Thou the pain of losing their daughter Barbara will never quite go away, Bruce and Betty Catchpole are healing, and helping other bereaved families along the way. When people ask Betty Catchpole how many children she has, she replies, "I have two children and one has died." Betty and Bruce Catchpole lost their daughter Barbara five years ago. She ... (Continue reading)

Patricia Soenen was a model of humble, capable, faith-filled pro-life service

The pro-life community in Winnipeg, and indeed throughout Manitoba, has been saddened by the death of Patricia Soenen. Pat was executive director of the Winnipeg League for Life since 1983, an organization which she helped establish in 1970. Having started her career as a nurse, she once believed that "if people simply realized what we knew about the fetus, the abortion issue would go away, because we don't kill human beings." Her ... (Continue reading)

Rally the troops for May 14

At the beginning of February, I did something I had never done before in my life - I went to school. After spending the first eight-and-a-half grades home schooled, it was, well, different. It also gave me a much clearer insight into the age group I'm part of, the one I am committed to reaching with the pro-life message. Youth are a group that wasn't there on Canada's Day of Infamy, 30 years ago. Instead, they grew up in the culture ... (Continue reading)

March for Life organizers hoping for large turnout May 13-14

The pro-life movement is gearing up for a massive March for Life in May to mark 30 years of legalized abortion in this country. Bill Mullally, public affairs co-ordinator for Campaign Life Coalition, toldThe Interim that CLC has "long held the view that pro-lifers should recognize this date in history," and that the March for Life is an obligation we have to the unborn to make everyone aware of the tragedy of more than two million babies killed by abortion since ... (Continue reading)

Canada ties aid to legal abortion

Will forgive Third World debts if 'human rights' are respected On March 25, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien announced in Winnipeg that Canada is going to offer debt relief to Third World countries, but this relief will be tied to "human rights." Canadian pro-life leaders warn that tying Third World debt relief to "human rights" could force abortion, contraception and sterilization on these countries. The provision of these ... (Continue reading)

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