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Maritime reflections

'Not in the slightest contrite' in continuing to protest abortion Henry Morgentaler, Canada's most flamboyant abortionist, is an in-your-face kinda guy. That's presumably why he chose a location adjacent to a junior high school and within sight of several churches for his new Fredericton, N.B., abortuary. Of course, Henry was on hand for the grand opening, milking as much publicity as he could from the occasion. And of course the media eagerly lapped it up. Reportedly, the nine anti-abortion protesters on hand ... (Continue reading)

Christmas in Africa

One of my principal ministries at present - and the one I enjoy best - is speaking to Grade 8 students in separate schools on pro-life. I usually begin by doing a few card tricks and telling a few stories, just to make the occasion a little less formal. But, with the approach of Christmas, I take a different approach. I begin by asking the question, "Where was Alexander the Great born?" No hands go up. Then I ... (Continue reading)

International Round-up

International Round-up Mother fights birth-control law BEIJING - A 28-year-old Chinese mother is taking a courageous stand in challenging her country's birth-control policies through the court system. Sun Lili lost her job in 1996 because managers of the government-owned Workers Family Hotel, where she was employed as a maid, declared the timing of her pregnancy to be "inconvenient," and ordered her to get an abortion. When she refused, they penalized her with heavy fines and eventual dismissal. "They told me that I ... (Continue reading)

U.S. Digest

A compendium of life- and family-related news from south of the border ‘Pro-choice' politicians targeted The heady days of the "pro-choice" Catholic politician, who could speak out of both sides of his mouth, may be over. The National Conference of Catholic Bishops and the U.S. Catholic Conference, in a sharply worded statement to U.S. Catholics, have rebuked Catholic politicians who depart from their church's teaching on abortion and other sanctity-of-life issues. "No appeal to policy, procedure, majority will or pluralism ever excuses a ... (Continue reading)

Book on euthanasia ‘a clarion call’

Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide: Killing or Caring? By Michael Manning, M.D. (New York: Paulist Press, 120 pages, $14.50, ISBN: 0-8091-3804-2) For a concise and understandable summary of euthanasia, you could hardly do better than Michael Manning's Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide: Killing or Caring? This short but thorough book begins by clearly stating what the euthanasia debate is: "Is it morally, and so ought it be legally permissible, for a physician to take the life of a competent, terminally ill patient who ... (Continue reading)

Devout Christians must abandon the sinking ship of secular culture

Hands up everyone who has seen Titanic! . Hands up everyone who thought it was a great movie! . Hands up everyone who's planning to rent it now that it's out on video! . Now, let's have a show of hands from all those who think Jesus would have watched it! You know, for the life of me, I just cannot picture Jesus saying to Peter, "Hey Pete, let's go see thatTitanic movie! There are only those two scenes ... (Continue reading)

CLC Niagara president steps down

Cindi LoForti leaves 'amazing' pro-life legacy to tend to family needs Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes told The Interim that a little more than 10 years ago, "we were praying to God for someone to come and help us in the Niagara peninsula. At the same time, Cindi LoForti was praying to God for something to do as a gift to God." The result was a perfect match of needs, as Mrs. LoForti came forward to volunteer her services. ... (Continue reading)

Evangelist marks 40 years in ministry

On Friday, Oct. 23, Rev. Ken Campbell celebrated 40 years in the ministry with his family and approximately 150 friends. Canada Christian College hosted the event. On behalf of the college, Dr. Rondo Thomas praised the leading pro-life evangelist for being "a man more willing than any other to engage the enemies of the gospel." Dr. Thomas noted that over the years he was updated on Rev. Campbell's career whenever "he was taking a lot of fire from someone ... (Continue reading)

Youth seek ‘more human response’ to life issues

Students continue to make inroads to greater respect for human life and the protection of the unborn from the moment of conception. Observers at the annual Ontario Students for Life conference Oct. 23-25 at St. Mary's High School in Woodstock were struck by the enthusiasm of student pro-lifers. The event attracted nearly 300 students from North Bay, Stratford, Toronto, Windsor, London, and several other communities throughout the province. OSFL is a network of Ontario's pro-life secondary-school students. Established in ... (Continue reading)

No RU-486 in Canada. . .yet

The Canadian Abortion Rights Action League is claiming to have found a company interested in manufacturing RU-486 in Canada. Discussions are said to have already taken place between the U.S. Population Council, CARAL and the potential manufacturer. But Joanne Ford of Health Canada told the Vancouver Sun recently that there have been no submissions from drug companies interested in marketing RU-486 in Canada. "We can't consider a drug until a submission is made," she said. She did, however, confirm ... (Continue reading)

The ethics of showing Kevorkian ‘snuff films’

A few years ago, there was a popular black-market video tape called Faces of Death, showing what producers claimed was a series of actual deaths captured on tape. Some were hit by trains, some sank in quicksand, some were eaten alive by crocodiles. On Sunday, Nov. 22, the "snuff film" genre went mainstream, when 24 million Americans watched a 60 Minutes broadcast of a tape showing suicide champion Jack Kevorkian killing ... (Continue reading)

‘Massive swing’ to pro-life party is best strategy

The pro-life political strategy proposed by Mr. Marchak ("Key to politics is participation," September) is based on the outdated assumption that we still live in a responsible democracy. That hasn't been true since Lester Pearson anointed Pierre Trudeau to succeed him. Canada has become an imperial oligarchy. One man - the prime minister - controls appointments in the four principal power points of our Canadian federal government: the ... (Continue reading)

Michigan voters reject euthanasia two to one

Pro-lifers report mixed results in U.S. mid-term election Despite some setbacks for individual pro-life politicians, there were a number of victories in state-level ballot initiatives in the U.S. mid-term elections Nov. 3. The most notable was the stunning victory against doctor-assisted suicide in Michigan, where two out of three of voters rejected Proposal B, which would have allowed doctors "to prescribe medication intended to cause the death of a patient." ... (Continue reading)

Morrison appeal rejected

On Nov. 19, Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Jill Hamilton upheld an earlier decision dismissing murder charges in a suspected euthanasia case. In February, Nova Scotia Provincial Court Judge Hughes Randall granted a discharge to Dr. Nancy Morrison, who is alleged to have killed patient Paul Mills last year at the Queen Elizabeth Health Sciences Centre in Halifax. Judge Randall ruled that there was not enough evidence to warrant ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life foot soldiers quietly save lives every day

Toronto Aid to Women volunteers are a candle in the darkness for mothers and babies in crisis Tom Brown takes finger signs in stride when he's outside a downtown Toronto abortuary. "Thumbs up" is supportive, and "a finger in the air" is not. A foot soldier working on the front lines of the pro-life movement to counter the culture of death in abortuaries, he paces the sidewalk for five busy hours, one day a week, handing out about 100 ... (Continue reading)

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