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How to find family-friendly movies

With the approach of summer comes an increase in leisure time for young people. Despite the prevalence of computer games and the lure of outdoor activity, popular films and videos remain a popular pastime for many. Many parents, however, have noted a distinct lack of choice when it comes to finding positive, family-oriented themes in today's movies. And while the values of Hollywood film producers do not often coincide with pro-life, pro-family North Americans, there are always a ... (Continue reading)

EWTN not giving up on CRTC application

As many people know, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) late last year rejected an application from Mother Angelica to bring her Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) to Canada through the sponsorship of cable companies. What particularly disturbed many was the fact that while EWTN was rejected, the CRTC at the same time gave its approval to Playboy TV as one of ... (Continue reading)

CLC dinner speaker stresses faith element to pro-life commitment

Rebecca Pontisso remembers cringing when a parent told her that she decided to send her child to a Catholic school mainly because there was less of a chance he would get beaten up there, versus in the public school system. "I thought: has it really come to this?" says the principal and co-founder of Mary, Mother of God elementary school in the Parkdale section of Toronto. The exchange was one of the factors that motivated Pontisso to look ... (Continue reading)

Family Lesson for Latimer

A Saskatchewan family has not let hardship and loss get in the way of their longstanding commitment to pro-life ideals. Ken and Rita Wolfe of Saskatoon are the parents of four children, the oldest of whom suffers from Nieman-Pick Type C disease, an extremely rare disorder that obstructs the body's ability to break down cholesterol. Eventually, the individual affected loses control of most of his or her muscle movements. There ... (Continue reading)

Computers and the Internet – getting set for the Net

Last month, the subject was buying a new computer. Amazingly, some of that advice is already obsolete, although you will not have gone wrong following it. The price of computers is dropping like a rock. New and faster processors are coming out at a furious pace. I would now raise the minimum processor for a new computer purchase to a 266 MMX or even the new Pentium II's which are very reasonably priced. Now you're wondering how to get ... (Continue reading)

Abortuary move could backfire on Morgentaler

FREDERICTON - New Brunswick pro-lifers are ready for higher-profile picketing following news that Henry Morgentaler's Fredericton abortuary will be relocating next to a junior high school. Pro-lifers learned in mid-May that Morgentaler's Ferry Street location will close down to make room for expansion of a shopping centre in suburban Fredericton. Dead-end Abortuary operators have purchased property on Barracks Lane, a dead-end street in downtown Fredericton. As many as 50 unborn children are destroyed each month at Morgentaler's Fredericton franchise. Local pro-lifers are ... (Continue reading)

Civil rights then and now

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling which found Joe Scheidler and two other pro-lifers guilty under federal anti-racketeering laws holds a lesson for those concerned with the progress of civil rights. Scheidler, head of the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League, was found guilty of extortion April 20 in a 12-year-old court action initiated by the National Organization for Women (NOW). The verdict opens the door for other abortion clinic operators to sue pro-life groups ... (Continue reading)

Tom Wappel selected as 1998 recipient of Borowski Award

Staunch pro-life MP Tom Wappel has been named this year's winner of the Joseph P. Borowski Award, which honors pro-life and pro-family advocates in the political sphere. Since he was first elected to the House of Commons in 1988 following a career in law, Wappel, 48, has been consistently in favor of protection for unborn children from the time of conception with no exceptions. He has described his position ... (Continue reading)

International news

British doctors coerced green paper denounced LONDON - The British medical newspaper Hospital Doctor says young British doctors are being coerced by their superiors into performing abortions. Junior doctors told a British Medical Association conference they were harassed by senior staff who said abortion was part of their training. Conference delegates responded by urging hospitals to discipline senior doctors who force juniors into performing abortions, and to develop policies to stop harassment. Meanwhile, British pro-life activists are launching a campaign to alert ... (Continue reading)

Dobson’s challenge to Republicans

James Dobson is sick and tired of empty promises. Fed up with what he sees as the U.S. Republican party's failure to act conservatively on vital social and moral issues during the last few years (despite having a majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives), the respected founder and head of the influential Focus on the Family organization has served notice that Republican politicians had better start delivering, or some of their key supporters will ... (Continue reading)

Cash for sterilization

A recent press report has disturbing inplications for all concerned with the sanctity of human life. The report described efforts by health officials in California to pay crack cocaine-addicted women to undergo sterilizations. According to the report, the program is a privately run enterprise involving Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union. The program is known by the provocative name CRACK (Children Requiring a Caring Community). Both Planned Parenthood and the civil liberties unionbelieve that cash in exchange for ... (Continue reading)

Durham parents challenge sex ed

The value of people getting involved to effect positive change at the grassroots level has been demonstrated once again, this time by a group of family activists in the Durham region, just east of Toronto. Citizens were prompted to action by an explicit sex education program directed at public school children with severe disabilities. One observer described the drawings used in the LifeFacts Sexuality program as similar to what ... (Continue reading)

Lax abortion law passed in W. Australia

The lower house of the Western Australian parliament has ended weeks of protracted debate by passing a liberal abortion bill. The legislation still needs upper house approval before becoming law. However, even if the legislation is enacted, criminal sanctions will remain against doctors who perform illegal abortions - much to the chagrin of pro-abortion Labor MP Cheryl Davenport, who put forth the bill. Her proposal had called for abortion regulation to be transferred to the Health Act. The current law, ... (Continue reading)

Blame to go around in Morgentaler liability case

In early May, the Nova Scotia Supreme Court awarded damages of $725,000 to a woman who had crashed her car into an oncoming vehicle on the way home from having an abortion at the Halifax Morgentaler abortuary in 1993. A doctor and nurse at the clinic were found liable for letting her drive home after the abortion in a state of extreme distress resulting from "the intense emotional turmoil of aborting what she described as a baby," as ... (Continue reading)

UN criminal court key to world government

United Nations Watch During its 50th anniversary session in December 1995, the UN General Assembly initiated a Preparatory Committee for the purpose of creating a permanent international criminal court. While it is generally understood that the finalization of the document will be completed by the delegates and 800 participating non-governmental organizations (NGOs) at the final session of the Preparatory Committee to be held in Rome June 17, it is not always understood the document will remain open for amendment over time. The ... (Continue reading)

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