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New mothers’ vacation still needs support

There is still time for readers to contribute to The Interim’s Springwater project which will provide women in crisis pregnancies an opportunity for an expenses-paid vacation away from the city. As reported in the May issue of The Interim, the project is for women who have recently given birth, or those who are near delivery, to enjoy a vacation at the 40-acre Springwater Christian Campground, near Barrie, Ontario. The vacations are now scheduled for early August. The new mothers’ project is ... (Continue reading)

New video promotes palliative care

Interim special LONDON, Ont. – The Diocese of London Pro-Life Office recently produced a video and pamphlets entitled Caring NOT Killing. The purpose of the Caring NOT Killing video (19-minute and nine-and-a half-minute versions) and pamphlet is to explain for both a religious and secular point of view, what is euthanasia and assisted, what is palliative care, and what the individual can do to make a difference. The video and pamphlet were produced for the 1997 Pro-Life Awareness Week in the Diocese ... (Continue reading)

Christians see new persecution

Canadian pro-life activists who have been jailed, sued, slandered, attacked and harassed can take some solace in the fact that they are not alone. The persecution of Christians this century is perhaps worse than it has ever been and stands as probably the world’s largest, current human rights issue, according to Paul Marshall, academic dean of the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto. This persecution “is being all but ignored in the secular world and is little better known in the church ... (Continue reading)

Faint pro-life voice in the NDP ranks?

One of the surprises of the 1997 federal election campaign was the number of New Democratic Party candidates who claimed some measure of pro-life sympathy. According to information compiled for Campaign Life Coalition Voters’ Guide, the majority of NDP candidates either skirted the pro-life question or retreated to the party position on “women’s issues.” By election day however, Campaign Life had received 32 pro-life responses to its survey from NDP candidates. It could reveal a small amount of right to life ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life groups not implicated: New leads in Atlanta bombings

Interim special U.S. federal agents investigating two recent bombings against an abortion clinic and a gay club in Atlanta have concluded that both were done by the same person or persons, and some evidence suggests the attacks may be connected to last year’s bombing at Centennial Olympic Park, law enforcement officials say. Sources familiar with the investigation being conducted by the FBI and the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms say the agencies believe they are matching wits ... (Continue reading)

Crown playing games with injunction

Interim Staff Pro-life pastor Rev. Ken Campbell was fined $100 June 16 for his part in the January 22 protest outside Dr. Robert Scott’s Toronto abortion clinic. Rev. Campbell was arrested with pro-life activist Linda Gibbons for obstructing a peace officer in connection with a long-standing injunction against pro-life activity near abortion clinics and hospitals. “I’m not jailing a person for his religious beliefs,” Mr. Justice Scullion said in dismissing the Crown’s call to sentence Rev. Campbell. The reverend later called the ... (Continue reading)

Group seeks apology from broadcaster

Interim Staff TORONTO – The Catholic Civil Rights League (CCRL) is demanding a public apology from Canadian broadcaster Michael Enright for remarks he made about the Catholic Church in an interview with a Toronto newspaper. Enright, the co-host of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio program, As It Happens, called the Roman Catholic Church “the greatest criminal organization outside the Mafia.” “Mr Enright’s comment is a blatant falsehood that cannot go unchallenged,” said Michael Markwick, British Columbia chapter president of the CCRL, speaking ... (Continue reading)

No Knights funding for abortion providers

The Ontario Knights of Columbus, a fraternal organization supporting the Catholic Church and various charities, have approved a resolution not to fund any provincial hospitals that commit abortion. The motion was put forward by North York Council 4393 during the Knights’ state convention in mid-May. The resolution reads: “Whereas hospitals that do abortions are guilty of a heinous crime, the Ontario Knights of Columbus shall not continue to ignore this situation by carrying on supporting them financially…Be it resolved that Knights ... (Continue reading)

Electorate wants real answers: Voters guides making election impact

Interim Staff Voters’ guides and questionnaires are gaining new prominence as a way to determine candidates’ positions on a variety of issues. A number of organizations, led by Campaign Life Coalition, have turned to questionnaires to help voters make a more informed choice at election time. Despite candidates’ reluctance to deal with questionnaires, the experience of the recent federal election reveals their importance in addressing voters’ priorities. For years, Campaign Life Coalition has published voters’ guides to provide additional information about ... (Continue reading)

Hayes’ rocky road to re-election

Interim Staff Reform MP Sharon Hayes won’t forget the ordeal she went through to retain her Port Moody-Coquitlam (British Columbia) seat in the June 2 federal election. In an election marked by Reform’s effort to wrestle Opposition party status away from the separation-bent Bloc Quebecois and by individual MPs need to overcome bigotry charges clumsily placed in Reform’s path, Hayes faced a much more personal struggle. Hard-ball politics took a back seat when Hayes’ husband Doug, suffered a heart attack just days ... (Continue reading)

N.S. leadership bid underway

Former MP Roseanne Skoke, now a candidate for the Nova Scotia Liberal Party leadership, says if the provincial party wants to avoid the sort of collapse that wiped out federal Grit representation in the province on June 2, they’d be well advised to support her at the leadership convention in Halifax on July 11-12. “Enough is enough,” says Ms. Skoke, 43, who warns that “going with the status quo” by selecting an “establishment candidate” like former finance and health minister Bernie ... (Continue reading)

Election preserves sombre status quo

Interim Staff Pro-life supporters can take small consolation from the results of the June 2 federal election, which saw the Jean Chrétien Liberals returned to power with a reduced majority. The election also saw the Reform Party replace the Bloc Quebecois as the official opposition, while the Conservative and New Democrat parties rebounded from the 1993 catastrophe to regain official party status. Canada’s pro-life community will monitor the impact of the New Democrats who climbed to 20 seats in the latest ... (Continue reading)

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