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Colombia’s bishops reject euthanasia

BOGOTA, Colombia (CWN) – The Colombian Conference of Catholic bishops (CEC) May 26 energetically condemned “the embarrassing and absurd” approval of a law that makes this Latin American country the first to legalize euthanasia. Archbishop Alberto Giraldo, president of the bishop’s conference, said: “Such a law is a legal absurdity and a human monstrosity,” since “no one has the right to decide on the moment to terminate life, not even one’s own.” The Constitutional Court, the highest court in the ... (Continue reading)

Battle joined in Philadelphia

Interim special The pro-life office of the Catholic archdiocese of Philadelphia has added its voice to the battle against the gruesome partial-birth abortion procedure in the U.S. In a publication sent to parishioners, Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua of Philadelphia said it is important for Catholics and pro-lifers to educate themselves against “the barbaric procedure known as partial-birth abortion.” He listed a number of facts, including its widespread use I the U.S., its being committed on healthy babies of healthy mothers, and its use during ... (Continue reading)

Ron Gray looks to a revitalized CHP

Interim special In the wake of the June 2 federal election, Christian Heritage Party leader Ron Gray expressed concern about whether the CHP and the pro-life movement have yet succeeded in forming a solid bloc of pro-life voters in this country. “Why are some pro-lifers not voting pro-life?” he asked. “It seems as if some pro-lifers are voting more according to their pocketbooks than according to their beliefs.” Mr. Gray attributed this lack of cohesion among pro-life voters to two things: controversy ... (Continue reading)

Court case to focus on personhood question

Interim staff It’s time for the Supreme Court of Canada to recognize that the right to personhood should be extended to unborn children. That is the position Alliance for Life is taking in a court submission in the case of a pregnant, solvent-addicted Winnipeg woman who was ordered into a mandatory treatment program to protect her unborn child. The woman, identified only as Ms. G., had previously given birth to two children who suffered mental and physical injury due to the ... (Continue reading)

Counsellors buoyed by open adoption

An official with the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Metropolitan Toronto took special note of the recent reuniting of singer Joni Mitchell with her biological daughter Kilauren Gibb. The story, which made national headlines in April, was heart-warming for the happy denouement among Mitchell, Kilauren and the women’s adoptive parent. In its own way the story showed the life-affirming nature of adoption and the potential of completeness it affords the biological parent and child. In 1964, the 19-year-old Mitchell placed her daughter ... (Continue reading)

Curriculum battle rages in York Region

Interim staff A decision by the York Region public school board to encourage discussion of sexual orientation, abortion and other moral issues in classrooms is dividing parents and education officials as the schools break for the summer recess. It is similar to a case in British Columbia where the teachers’ federation, backed by provincial education minister, moved to introduce gay-positive materials into the school curriculum. The action generated a backlash from pro-family groups and has led to calls for the education ... (Continue reading)

U.N. plans to liberate Third World women

The United Nations Population fund has issued its 1997 State of World Population Report. The slick 76-page document, subtitled “The Right to Choose: Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health,” lays out a program for action designed to turn Third World women into feminist “wimmin.” They will be educated, plied with contraceptives, and their unborn children aborted. The report’s subtitle gives the game away. ‘The Right to Choose’ is to abortion clinics what ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ (Work Makes Freedom) was to Auschwitz. ‘Reproductive rights’ ... (Continue reading)

Across Canada

Alert over population body MONTREAL – The leader of Campagne Quebec Vie has expressed surprise and disappointment over plans to establish a Parliamentary committee dedicated to population and family planning issues. Gilles Grondin suggested that the committee, headed by Liberal MP Jean Augustine (Etobicoke-Lakeshore), will eventually attempt to implement UN family planning priorities on a national level. Grondin, who has monitored UN depopulation initiatives at conferences in Copenhagen, Istanbul and Cairo, said the formation of a Parliamentary committee is the ... (Continue reading)

You were asking?

I have seen the part of the Hippocratic Oath which relates to abortion, but what else does it say? F.C., Newmarket, ON. The oath is quite long. It opens by swearing by Apollo and Aesculapius, and first deals with who is to be taught the Art of Healing. It continues: “…I will impart a knowledge of the Art to my own sons…and to disciples bound by a stipulation and oath according to the law of medicine, but to none ... (Continue reading)

Dr. James Dobson

QUESTION: I’m certain that I’m losing my husband. He shows me signs of boredom and total disinterest in me. He treats me rudely in public and is virtually silent at home. And of course, our sex life is nonexistent. I have begged and pleaded with him to love me, but I’m losing ground every day. What can I do to save my marriage? Dr. Dobson: These are symptoms of a condition I call “the trapped syndrome.” More often than ... (Continue reading)

Justice just sprang a leak and sank

Someone said that our courts are often like a stand-up comedy act only you can get in for free. It appeared in the Globe & Mail of May 24, 1997 – page A20 – Sport’s section – for you people that think I made it up. Former hockey czar Alan Eagleson was previously ordered by Mr. Justice Joseph O’Brien to pay Boston Bruin Mike Gillis last December about $87,000 in damages after the RCMP charged Eielson with eight counts of fraud ... (Continue reading)

The Disney role in Ellen’s ‘outing’

Ellen DeGeneres is a likable, gifted, comedienne who, as nearly everyone must now be aware, recently “came out of the closet” as a lesbian. So did Ellen Morgan, the character Ms. DeGeneres plays on her ABC sitcom, “Ellen,” in a much ballyhooed special one-hour episode aired on ABC and CTV April 30. I usually shun sitcoms, but occasionally I used to watch “Ellen.” Ms. DeGeneres can be genuinely funny, given decent material to work with. However, I soon tired of ... (Continue reading)

Election preserves sombre status quo

Interim Staff Pro-life supporters can take small consolation from the results of the June 2 federal election, which saw the Jean Chrétien Liberals returned to power with a reduced majority. The election also saw the Reform Party replace the Bloc Quebecois as the official opposition, while the Conservative and New Democrat parties rebounded from the 1993 catastrophe to regain official party status. Canada’s pro-life community will monitor the impact of the New Democrats who climbed to 20 seats in the latest ... (Continue reading)

Real lives, real responsibility

Alliance for Life hit the nail on the head in its submission to the Supreme Court of Canada in the case determining the state’s responsibility in protecting unborn children. The Alliance argued that it is time the courts abandoned the “legal fiction” that unborn children have no rights until they fully emerge from the mother’s womb. The case came up in response to a Manitoba court of appeal ruling that the state could not force a pregnant solvent-addicted woman into ... (Continue reading)

Of tired Liberals and jaded voters

Pro-life supporters sometimes have a difficult time putting a positive face on what appears to be a steady diet of distressing news. A case in point is the recent federal election which saw the Chrétien Liberals returned to power for at least four more years of middle-of-the-road opportunism. Although the significance of a reduced majority won’t be lost on the government, there is little to indicate the Liberals will deviate from the values-neutral legislative path they have followed since 1993. Another ... (Continue reading)

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