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Help with international adoption

Interim staff Many couples looking to adopt a child have turned their attention to Third World countries. Some are finding success in Latin America, particularly Guatemala. The Stratford, Ontario-based Saint Anne Adoption Centre is doing its part to facilitate adoption from Guatemala. The centre opened its door in July, 1989. It was the first agency in Canada doing adoptions from Latin America, and in just over seven years, the agency has completed nearly 300 adoptions. Today, the Saint Anne Adoption Centre handles 80 ... (Continue reading)

Project offers holiday to women in crisis pregnancies

Interim staff The Interim newspaper and Campaign Life Coalition are joining forces to offer women in crisis pregnancies an opportunity for a vacation at the Springwater Christian Campground near Barrie, Ontario. Women who have recently given birth, or those who are nearing delivery, are eligible for an expenses-paid holiday at the 40-acre Springwater camp. July 14-20 is the scheduled date for the Springwater holiday. Featured in the December issue of The Interim, Springwater is a family-oriented campground offering swimming, nature trails, a trailer ... (Continue reading)

Central control imposed over B.C. health care

Interim special Citizens of Langley and surrounding areas gathered at the Langley Memorial Hospital recently to draw attention to the Clark government’s appointment of Vancouver doctor Tom Ward as public administrator. This follows Premier Glen Clark’s dissolution of the Langley Memorial Hospital Society and the Hospital Board by Order in Council March 26. As public administrator, Ward holds sweeping authority, with the “exclusive right, in consultation with the Ministry of Health, to exercise all of the powers of the society, the board and ... (Continue reading)

Cardinal’s initiative earns high praise

“Cardinal offers women money to cancel abortions” The above heading appeared in the Sunday Telegraph of London recently. The Cardinal in question is Thomas Winning, Archbishop of Glasgow. The Cardinal is outspoken in his opposition to Britain’s shocking abortion policy, and was the centre of a political storm last October, when he attacked Labor Leader Tony Blair’s inconsistent statement that he is “privately opposed to abortion, but believes women should have the right to choose.” The Cardinal’s recent statement is as follows: “Today ... (Continue reading)

Lawsuit over birth-control

Interim special OTTAWA- The eastern Ontario region’s top public health physician is being sued for prescribing birth control pills to a teenaged woman who shortly after suffered a paralyzing stroke. The civil suit, now being heard in an Ottawa court-room, alleges negligence on the part of Dr. Robert Cushman, who became the region’s medical officer of health in November 1996. In May of 1990, when she was 19, Judy Mozersky was prescribed the oral contraceptive Minestrin by Cushman in a clinic operated by ... (Continue reading)

New name for anti-porn group

Canada’s oldest and largest anti-pornography group has changed its name. Canadians for Decency is now registered as CASE – Canadians Addressing Sexual Exploitation. Its president, Dolina Smith, said, “We knew we had to find a name that better described our focus and expertise. The name also had to be easily accepted by the public, media and similar minded associations. The name had to be positive and not sideline us as a narrow-minded, insignificant organization.” From its small beginnings around a kitchen table in ... (Continue reading)

Video in Review: Video notes porn’s addictive side

The Power to Win: Overcoming Pornography Produced by Windborne Productions Available from Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Tel: 905-479-4742 48 minutes, $25.00 Neither graphic nor offensive Power to Win breaks the myth that if you are a Christian, married to an attractive spouse, you should have no problems with porn. In The Power to Win two married couples and one single man talk about their involvement with pornography. For the men it is an addiction and their candid sharing of their bondage and their eventual healing is ... (Continue reading)

A job for life

Proclaim Life… Celebrate Life… Serve Life Ontario Students for Life is a youth pro-life organization which serves to unite pro=lifers across the province, educate students about pro-life issues and put the pro-life message into positive action. Position: Speaker and organizer for Ontario Students for Life (training provided). Qualifications: A firm commitment to pro-life, energetic, self-motivated, organized, public speaking, 20-26 years old, likes young people, ability to work alone and with others. Duration: Total one year (three months summer plus nine-month school year = ... (Continue reading)

Youth element to PEI pro-life meeting

CHARLOTTETOWN- Voices for Life, Prince Edward Island’s dynamic young pro-life group, will host a youth conference here June 26-28, in conjunction with the 1997 National Pro-Life Convention. The theme of the youth conference will be Celebrate Life, in Ourselves and Others. “We are not just against abortion. We are for life! We want to celebrate that great gift that we have been given by the Lord,” says Voices for Life president Jennifer DesRoches, a graduating student at UPEI. The youth conference will be ... (Continue reading)

Young Adults’ Forum

Signs of hope still evident So many of us who are updated on the world of news, either by newspaper, radio, or television, can be very easily discouraged about the moral state of our society. The frequent reports of murder, rape, theft, abortion, euthanasia, and countless other sins against humanity would naturally depress any concerned person. We can see the evidence of a corrupt society right in our own communities: “common law” households, very few children, uncontrollable teenagers, and in general a ... (Continue reading)

Young pro-lifers build stronger network

Students continue to build a stronger network to promote the pro-life message in high schools and universities across the province. While individual schools have long had pro-life groups, many operated in isolation with little interaction with colleagues from other schools. More recently however, students have begun forming new and effective alliances with their peers. Using latest information technology, including the internet and e-mail, students have become a stronger presence on the pro-life scene. This new approach to networking was evident April 5 at ... (Continue reading)

PP invites support from teenagers

Pro-life communities are not the only ones making an appeal young people. A recent item circulated by Pro-Life E News Canada shows that Planned Parenthood of America is also looking to appeal to youth. PP has designated May as National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. To mark the occasion, PP has invited teenagers from across America to discuss “responsible, healthy choices” made regarding relationships and sexuality. According to the report, the international anti-life, anti-family organization has asked teens to relate positive experiences they ... (Continue reading)

New Alliance head faces major challenge

Interim staff The new executive director of the Winnipeg-based Alliance for Life knows she has a tough act to follow in replacing Anna Desilets, a 26-year veteran of pro-life campaigns. In fact, the 23-year-old Michelle Blanchette, who officially takes over May 1, wasn’t even born when Desilets first became involved with Alliance for Life. But as organizations embrace new strategies in protecting the sanctity of human life, Michelle represents the first in a new generation of pro-life leadership. Michelle comes to Alliance for Life ... (Continue reading)

Anti-life message losing ground? STOPP looking to continued expansion

From its humble beginnings in a small Brooklyn, N.Y. clinic before First World War, the Planned Parenthood organization has grown quickly into an international behemoth with tentacles reaching into all corners of the world. With the active support of people in high places, the organization today serves as the world’s leader in a number of areas troubling to persons of faith, morality, conscience and pro-life persuasion: it wantonly provides birth control and abortions; it promotes worldwide population control; it gives birth ... (Continue reading)

Across Canada

Picketing grows in New Brunswick MONCTON- Pro-life supporters in New Brunswick are expanding pickets at provincial hospitals and abortion clinics. A group of seven to 10 activists began semi-regular picketing of Moncton City Hospital in late March. The hospital is noted for committing late-term abortions. The initiative complements ongoing pickets of Henry Morgentaler’s abortion clinic in Fredericton. According to New Brunswick Right to Life president George Gilmore, the pickets are proving effective in increasing awareness of abortion in the province. ... (Continue reading)

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