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Polish foundation assists mothers, families

The (Foundation SOS for protection of the Unborn) in Warsaw, Poland carries out both spiritual and material programs to help people to a better understanding of defending life from conception to death. It also prepares young people to be responsible for family life. Catholic priest Father Ryszard Halwa started the foundation in 1980. He was interviewed by The Interim when he attended the recent Conference on the Alliance of the Hearts of Jesus in Mary held at Our Lady and St. ... (Continue reading)

Polio experience brings respect for all life

When the popular pro-life writer, Frank Kennedy, was three, the obligatory public health sign went up outside his house: Poliomyelitis. Inside little Frank kept falling down and hitting his head against a table. He had contracted polio and had to learn to walk all over again. It was especially hard on his parents since they had already lost their first child to tuberculosis at the same age. His father, who was a semi-invalid, spent hours massaging and then exercising the atrophied muscles ... (Continue reading)


New head for Newfoundland RTL ST. JOHN'S, Nfld. – The Right to Life Association of Newfoundland and Labrador recently chose Lorraine Cole as its new president. She succeeds Philomena Rogers who had led the association for the last nine years. A mother of four children, Cole has been active in pro-life work since 1990. She has served as secretary and member of the RTL education committee. At the national level, Cole served as Newfoundland representative on the Alliance for ... (Continue reading)

Latimer decision held over

OTTAWA – A panel of nine Supreme Court judges has reserved its decision on granting a new trial to Saskatchewan farmer Robert Latimer, the man convicted of murder in the 11994 mercy killing of his 12-year-old handicapped daughter, Tracy. Latimer's defence team has asked for acquittal in the case, arguing that the police and the Crown attorney's office violated Latimer's constitutional rights during the investigation. During the course of the hearings, the Saskatchewan Voice of People with Disabilities organized a special memorial ... (Continue reading)

Deciding in favour of life

For Expectant Mothers Lord, look with special love on all expectant mothers today. Help them to realize the special treasure they carry within them. Touch the minds and hearts of all who are tempted by abortion because of problem pregnancies. As You consoled Your mother at the Annunciation, console these mothers and give them special graces to trust in You. As You sent an angel to Your mother, send someone into their lives who will help them make prudent and ... (Continue reading)

Slippery slope for Dutch MDs

BOSTON – A report in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine reveals the incidence of euthanasia and doctor assisted suicide is rising in the Netherlands, even though both practices are illegal. However the report says Dutch doctors are not willing to assist in patients' suicides for morally unacceptable reasons. The report was designed to see if legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide would lead more doctors to consider casual killing of the sick. Pro-lifers in the Netherlands fear a change ... (Continue reading)

You Were Asking

What, exactly, was the Gag Law? M.S. Nepean Gag Laws are the attempts by Parliament to muzzle "third parties" such as Campaign Life Coalition, at election time. There have been two attempts: one in 1983, and the one in 1993 which was finally defeated in October 1996. In essence the 1993 law attempted to shut out all but the elite of registered political parties from the election process, by threatening citizens with fines and/or up to five years imprisonment if ... (Continue reading)


Part 1 of 11 Did you know… In 1995 there were more than 40,000 Canadian children in care; More than18,ooo were in permanent care; Less than 1,250 were on adoption placement; (Child and Family Services Annual Statistical Report) That of the 32,000 children in care outside Quebec, more than 12,800 are under the age of 12. Between 40-70 per cent are aboriginal. A child who ... (Continue reading)

Signs of new hope after troubling year

The Past year witnessed the usual peaks and valleys for pro-life, pro-family supporters in North America and throughout the world. While there was a measure of success in some areas, number of trouble spots, particularly growing tolerance for assisted-suicide and continuing inroads against the traditional family –continue to present major concerns. Undoubtedly one of the most significant events was a somber one for Canada’s pro-life community. The September 25 passing generated limited attention in the country’s leading defender of unborn children. ... (Continue reading)

Dr. James Dobson

Question: Can you explain why so many North Americans express dissatisfaction and unhappiness with life, despite the fact that we have more of the world’s goods than any other country? Dr. Dobson: The human emotional apparatus is constructed so as to disregard that which is taken for granted. Good Health, delicious food, pleasant entertainment, peaceful circumstances and beautiful homes are of little consequence to those who have had them since birth. But when those greatest of life’s blessings began to vanish, our ... (Continue reading)

Morgentaler lands in hot water

I got the shock of my life recently. The phone rang. I picked it up and heard a very familiar voice. “Is that you ‘Idiothead’ – er I mean Frank?’ With that delightful little nickname that he had for me I knew who it was, old friend Henry Morgentaler, immediately. “Frank, I’m in deep trouble – I’m in jail.” “Jail?” I thought to myself – why that’s the best news I’ve heard in years – Henry Morgentaler on jail! “Where?” “China. I was over here setting ... (Continue reading)

Debased education disservice to all

Educational fads come and go, but some stay long enough to do substantial harm. The education profession was a significant casualty of the “Cultural revolution of the 1960’s and was vulnerable to untried educational experimentation. Seriously demoralized, it became ashamed of traditional cultural values and refused to transmit them. As was the case with stay-at-home mothers, whose essential teaching and nurturing functions were devalued and denigrated by a self-appointed, undiscerning, intellectual elite. In a period of emotional crisis and uncertainty, many ... (Continue reading)

Family guide to surfing the net

If you’re a parent, I have a question for you. Would you ever think of letting your son or daughter spend the night alone on Toronto’s Yonge Street strip? If not, there’s another street-er-highway you should know about that’s just a dangerous, maybe more. It’s called the Information Highway and if you’re not already plugged into it you will be soon. The Information Highway is growing at an exponential rate of more than 2,000 per cent per year. It’s in ... (Continue reading)

Linda Gibbons focus of dramatic presentation

Pro-life prisoner of conscience Linda Gibbons will again be the subject of a dramatic presentation at 7:30 p.m. Gibbons, who has served several prison terms resulting from a temporary injunction against pro-life demonstrations, was scheduled to be released from her latest incarceration the same afternoon. An Evening with Linda Gibbons and Friends will include reading, music and discussion of trends in the pro-life movement. This is a second such dramatic presentation organized by Pastor Roberto Munoz of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran ... (Continue reading)

Late Cardinal’s example leads U.S. abortionist to a change of heart

Interim special The sign outside the building read: Clear Choice Parental Center. Kind of a euphemism, since what went on there and nothing to do with parenting. But “choice” was the buzz word. It told everybody: abortions are performed here. “Hundreds” of them in the two years the clinic operated, according to Dr. John Nwannunu, who runs it, and two others in an around Gary, Ind. That’s what he told Bishop Dale J. McLczek of Gary when he telephoned him recently. ... (Continue reading)

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